Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This weekend I was asked to be in The Baron and the baroness' wedding. At first I was thinking that maybe I was asked because everyone else was already asked and they didn't want me to feel left out. Then I realized that I was asked because I am friends with the above mentioned people. I guess that since I don't hang out with them as much as everyone else does, that I thought maybe I was not as high up on the friendship ladder. THAT'S ME ASSUMING AGAIN. I should have known better. We have different schedules and I am always working on the weekends. Like the baroness said, "She holds her friends close too." I was so excited when she asked me to be in the wedding that I immediately thought about how I get to wear a tux again. I wore one when I graduated 8th grade, but I haven't wore one since. I love to get dressed up. It will be so cool, and like she said, the bachelor party will be crazy.

Hookers, coke, strippers, and beer. YIPPEE!!!!

I'm sorry, no coke, probably pepsi.

HAHAHA! I'm the funniest guy here.

Anyway, what fun we will have. The wedding will kick ass and the bachelor party will be illegal in at least 47 states. AWESOME!

Now, here's how my evening of work went. Let me set the stage. I arrived at work at 12:20 AM. I was doing the Moon Valley patrol. That means that I have to pick up the patrol car at moon valley at the owners step fathers house. I write down all the vacation watches on a report form and then I patrol the entire area of moon valley. This is from 7th St. to 7th Ave., and from Thunderbird to Coral Gables. It's a cake patrol. While in the car I have the police scanner to listen to (which I only listen to if I see cops in the area.), the patrol phone (which hardly ever rings.), and the car radio (which is always on.) The volume on the radio is always turned at least halfway up. If I really like the song, I turn it 3/4 of the way up. I usually sing to the radio. Car-E-oke is what some people call it. I really get into the songs most of the times. I was singing last night to, "Car Wash", "Pappa was a rolling stone", "I feel like a woman" (Shania Twain), "Angel" (Sarah MacLaughlin), and several others. Part of my happiness was because I am off for the next 3 days, and part of it was just because I'm alive, and have an easy job. It sucks at times, but it's not to shabby. I don't know what would happen if anyone ever saw me dancing around in the car? I'd probably be talked to about it, and I would tell them that it wouldn't happen again. Then I would go back to work and dance and sing away.

Life is good.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks again Baron and Baroness.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Aww good STOP FRIGGIN ASSUMING CRAP! Phillip I have known you almost as long as I have known Mrs H, and I have always loved you. I am glad that we are friends and have become even better friends since last summer. We actually talk (via online most of the time) alot more and I just think you rock! my geek fiance thinks you are pretty cool too!Well the Baron and I are looking forward to having you over tomorrow night! I guess you need directions. Email me at work and I will give them to you! I will text you my email rather then post it here.

Mrs. H said...

You are such an ASSuming ASS aren't you?

MOVIEMAN said...

Too funny.