Friday, April 28, 2006

A rotten poopy head

This is not an escuse, it is my story.

Yesterday I had been up all night. I was supposed to drive my dad to his car at the mechanic Thursday morning. Well, I stayed up and watched some movies until the mechanic opened. I waited to pick up my father until this one movie was over. Then I went and picked him up at around 11 A.M. I took him to the mechanic and everything was fine. My dad asked if I wanted to have a beer at the bar that was close by. I said that I would could share a small pitcher. We were hanging out and talking. Having a good time. Sometimes I think that I should embrace these moments with my dad. Some people don't have a dad to hang out with. So we kept drinking and talking. After we had drank 4 small pitchers, I went home. It was now 3:30 and I set my alarm for 6:30. I was very excited to hang out and talk with the Baron and the Baroness. Next thing I know, I wake up at 9:03. Mother fucker! I was so fucking pissed. I started to get ready and check all my messages. I was thinking well maybe I can still make it over there. That's when I got the message that said that she was exhausted and was going to sleep. I FEEL SO BAD! I try to be on time for things, but it just doesn't work. On rare occasions I am on time. I was late for my grandfathers funeral. I'm thinking of arranging it in my will to have myself be late for my own funeral. I know that I need to change this, because my dad is that way. I need to nip it in the bud.

So to Diva Princess, I'm deeply sorry for all of the trouble that you went through to arrange such an awesome meal and then I shit all over the evening. I have appologized to you already, but I am doing it again here.

That is what is up with me. I am a shitbag, fuckwad, assface, loser that fucked up a very nice moment.

I love you all. I am sorry again. I will try to be early or on time for everything from now on.

We will talk about when we can reschedule it. If you'll still have me?


Mrs. H said...

I think that would be awesome to be late for you own funeral, it would be so YOU!
Man, I never get such heartfelt apologies when you don't show up for me. Maybe that is because as we discussed last night, I don't get all excited and happy for you to come over because I don't ever count on it due to your sleep schedule. You suck! I love you!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I still love you anyways! But Mrs H is right you do suck! You can still be in the wedding by the way.

Dakini said...

yeah I agree that sucks man, as much as you went on about Kris not being AS excited as you about your anniversary friendship date. Now someone is super excited to have you over and fixes you a special dinner in accordance to what your grandma used to make for you and you fuck it up. Oh well your lucky everyone still loves you sooo much, because I love you too. Next time try harder man. Poor Steph.

Or like Kris said she doesn't get excited because she can't count on it due to your sleep schedule. Perhaps Steph will be like that to after a few more years. Like Kris I mean.

k- anyway enough of my lecturing ass. I love ya.

MOVIEMAN said...

So what I got out of all that everyone wrote is that I SUCK.


Yeah I'm thinking of having a video play of me getting ready, and saying, "I'm sorry, I over slept." Then I would climb in my coffin and say, before I shut the lid, "I'm on my way now."

On cue the hearse would show up with my body.

Love to all my bitches.