Friday, April 07, 2006

Sometimes your job sucks and sometimes you suck your job.

I missed the chance to get a killer job. I filled out 90% of my application and was going to redo my resume, but they are only hiring 2 people and it appears that the deadline is today. Well at least I know people that work there. Then again why is it that I felt that I needed to apply for this job, but I haven't applied to Channel 5 yet?

The other day I was asked a question by the owner of the company. He was wondering why a report that I handed in and one that Vince handed in had the same date on them. They were both March 24th, and when I couldn't figure out why (after about 15 to 20 minutes) he looked at them again and said never mind yours is for February. Things were fine and then last night the owner asked if I wanted to work at a place called Arlington Estates. I said that I would but I didn't know it. He said that they could walk me through it. That was all fine, but then he asked how we could fill a hole that had we had in the schedule. I told him how and he said ok I'll cover Arlington Estates and you can cover the Buttes. I agreed and that meant that I wouldn't have to go to work until midnight. I was happy that I could rest and relax at home. FIRST I get a call from them at 3:45PM and the other owner asks me if I know why these two reports are dated the same. I told him that Keith and I already discussed it and he figured out the problem. He said no it's written legibly and I didn't know if you knew why it was the same date. I said no. THEN they asked me to go pick up the patrol car at Embassy Suites and drive it to Arlington Estates and work there until 11PM, then go from there to the Buttes. I informed them that it would be overtime for me, and they said that that was fine. That's the good news, but the bad news is that they want me to figure out how to cover some holes that we have tomorrow. I can do it with no problem, but I don't get paid as much as the other supervisors to put up with this. I am going to ask tonight for either a raise of for them to pay for my phone. Probably a raise.

Now the other thing that sucks is that I have plans with my friend Stephanie, not you Divaprincess, but my other friend Stephanie. I'm supposed to hang out with her on Monday. If I have to work crazy hours, then I may have to sleep or something. I'm going to work it out.

I really need to apply at Channel 5 and get out of this security crap. That would be a relief. I need to go now and get ready for work. I will talk to you guys later. Thanks for listening.

You guys are all cool and I hope you have a wonderful day.


Mrs. H said...

Yes, you really should apply at Channel 5. You really should have applied there anytime in the last 5 years, but you haven't and you probably won't. I hope you do!

Dakini said...

I agree with mrs.H...

Though about the report, did you see it? Is it actually the same date?

What was the job that was hiring for two people?

And perhaps the feelings you were getting about filling out the app for another job is your signal.

I love you and miss you...I hope we get to talk again sometime when I'm not exhausted.

love you --Brig

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ya i know it is not me you had plans with, you never make plans with me just everyone else!

Yes go apply at Channel 5!!!!!

MOVIEMAN said...

Not always everyone else, but I guess mostly. So sorry.

I still love you.