Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Weirdest Guy I Know

That would be me. I swear sometimes I amaze myself with my silliness. I'm just being me. Well about 2 months ago I was patrolling an area in the patrol car, and I had to stop and check all the doors at this one kids/pediatric type place. Well while I'm checking the doors, I notice something. A SLIDE. It was just a small spiral slide, but I had to check it out. I was in a good mood and thought, "What the hell." I got on it and slid down. Then I went again. What fun. I was thinking, "Here I am security and I'm fucking playing on the slide. I hope nobody sees me." I didn't care I had fun. Some of you may think that I'm a retarded autistic manchild.

No, I'm just weird.

Then tonight I was at work patrolling and locking up the church. I had done everything that I was supposed to do, but still had to wait until 3 something to leave. I went into the Gym to check things out. I checked the restrooms and made sure nobody was in there. Then I looked for a basketball. Now for those of you that know me, this is unlike me. I am not an athletic person. I was bored and wanted to shoot some hoops. Wow I sound so cool with the lingo. Anyway all the basketballs were locked up, but I found a volleyball. It was a Wilson volleyball and actually had the red hand print on it like "Wilson" in the Cast Away movie. The gym was cool because it had wood floors and I had never played basketball on wood floors. When I did shoot baskets, back in the day, it was all concrete. I started off at the free throw line. I shot a couple from there. I made a basket after about 4 throws. Then I tried from the top of the key. That was harder. For you ladies, that's about 3 feet farther then the free throw line. I kept trying and missing. I would chase the ball and throw it again. Finally I made it from the top of the key. NOTHING BUT NET. I dropped down on my knees and was cheering to myself. It was cool. I just wish that I would have had a basketball. It would have been harder with a basketball. They're bigger. I shot a little more from the free throw line, and then I put the volleyball back.

I had fun tonight. Then again I always have fun. I'm now home and am going to eat my left over chinese food.

Sorry if I bored any of you.

Have a wonderful day/night. Whatever. Have a good one.


Mrs. H said...

WOW! A story I hadn't yet heard. You are fun! I'll save some ham for you.

Dakini said...

Man that rocks Phillip! That's the way we ALL need to live. It is exactly that child like wonder and fun that we somehow loose as adults. MAn, that was just a right on post man! It really made my day! I love you!!!!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

You are so funny! And by the way the little comment "For the ladies" ot all ladies need a sports eductaion LOL DO NOT STEREOTYPE ME!!!! Just cause I am a girl. Seriously I am a sports nut, so I just found that funny. Anyways I was a total geek on Friday playing with Rylee, I was doing somersaults with her and just acting like an idiot. It was so much fun so I totally understand that sometimes you need to let loose and have fun!

MOVIEMAN said...

Sometimes? All the time. HAHA! Thanks Brig yours was good too about the kids escaping out of the house. Even though it was a bad day for you, I liked that it was a story of what had happened during your day. Mrs. H. there are plenty of stories that you haven't heard.

Dakini said...

awe ... dude, I should post more, there is always some whacky ass stuff happeng in our household full of kids, dogs and cats ...


Today was an all day outside day because the girls got in trouble for fighting over Starwars Legos. It's because they watched Return of the Jedi and then the Ewoks cartoon and man by the time they hit the Lego Game it was just tooooo much Star Wars!