Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ron Jeremy and the chase

Once again, I'm back. Several things happened this weekend while I was at work.

First off, I had a little bit of a problem covering a spot in the schedule, and I ended up working 16 hours. The same guy that I'm waiting on to fire called off again. I worked his shift. Then I got off at 7AM and came back at 3PM to do it all over again. The next day I worked for 12.5 hours. That day was a really good day because I did Supervisor type stuff. The next day was Sunday and I worked 15 hours. That was also a good day, and here's why.

I was working at the Airport Hilton on Sunday. At about 4:30PM I see this guy walk into the lobby with a black man and a young woman. I thought that the guy looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. I had only seen him from behind. I thought that it was a guy that I used to get my pot from. The few times that I would actually try to smoke some. He would give me free joints. I didn't really buy from him. He would just have them and give them to me at the video store. I followed him in to see his face. I thought that it was John. As I walk around to look at the front of him, I see that it's Ron Jeremy. He's a porn star and has been for like 30 years or something. I wanted to shake his hand but I didn't want to bother him while he was checking in. Later on his car came and he got in it and left. I could kick myself for not shaking his hand. He is in the regular movie The Boondock Saints. Oh well. Everyone there at the hotel knew who he was. Well most people did. I walked in the office which is right behind the counter and I said to this 23 year old that I'm thinking of asking out, "Ron Jeremy is in the lobby." She said, "No fucking way!" I was like cool, she knows who he is. She went out and talked with him, but she was nervous. At 7PM I left there and went and helped with South Mountain Patrol. From there I went to the work locking up the church. Then I went to work at the Buttes, and here is that story.

I arrived at work and the security guard Roger and I were talking for awhile and then I ate and we talked some more. The Buttes had the Sheriff's department watching the parking lot, so we were watching the interior. Suddenly at about 2:30 one of the Sheriff's comes and tells us that he just noticed that we were tagged. That means that some people from a gang came and spray painted several thing in the back lot at the Buttes. The Sheriff's department was not doing that good of a job. Several things were tagged, storage containers, a caterpillar, a water truck, and a large dumpster. Then at Tempe Diablo stadium, which is right next door, they had tagged all along this green felt like material that was lining the fence. Roger and I said that we would go look. We were walking down the hill and almost to the bottom when we saw this guy run by with towels in his hand. We hustled down the rest of the way and ran after the guy. He was running for his truck. He had to back it up to get away. He was quickly trying to get the truck in gear and get out of there. We yelled to him to stop, but he backed up and knocked over a stop sign. Then he put it in gear and started driving up the hill. Roger and I tried to read his license plate, but it was a temp plate and we couldn't make it out. We were jogging a little after the guy, but he was already at the top of the hill. I was in front of Roger and I heard the truck sound as if it stalled. I yelled to Roger, "They stalled!" Then without thinking I booked it up the hill. The guy saw me coming and turned to go through the Tempe Diablo stadium parking lot. It still sounded as if he were trying to start the truck. I cut through the gravel and jumped over some bushes. I was running across the empty parking lot, and I start thinking, "what am I gonna do if I catch the guy?" Then when I was about 25 feet away from the truck, it catches into gear and the guy cuts through the cement and a sidewalk and is gone as I run around the building behind him. My adrenaline was pumping though, and it was exciting. We never did catch the guys. The police came and wrote a report and all was done. I went home at 6AM.

I got home and Rob and I talked about a weird dream that he had. He said that I should write it into a movie. Then we elaborated on the idea for about 2 hours. We came up with some good stuff. I drank some beer and then went to bed. I woke up and went to Mrs. H. house. When I got there, Todd and Steph were already there. We hung out and talked awhile. I believe that things are going great for everyone. I played with the kids and then they went home. I messed on the internet a little, and then Mrs. H. and I watched our shows like we do. Then she went to bed. I finished downloading music to my iPod and then I went to Denny's to have something to eat and maybe meet with my cousin Chip.

Everyone have a wonderful day at work. If that's possible after the long weekend.

I do love my job. I get the company car, my cell phone paid for, and 4 days off. You can't beat it. I am feeling better about myself, because my other friend Stephanie gave me some compliments and we had some sexual tension the other night. I am in a good place.

Mary and I are going to sign up with a gym tomorrow. I will have a personal trainer and I will gain weight and muscle. Too cool.

I'll talk to you all later. Have a very good day. Cherish the little moments.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Downloading and being on the down low

It's been awhile since I've written anything. It appears that a few posts back I had upset someone. Well hopefully that's behind us now. I am going to pay my rent on the first of the month as not to cause any more problems of aching and paining. The only thing that upset me was the way it sounded like I wasted all my money and then chose to pay rent. I pay my obligations first and then buy my toys later. Oh well, it's water under the London bridge.

So what's up with me? Well at work several people quit. I am trying to keep a positive attitude about it, but it's a little hard. I am supposed to have Monday through Thursday off. Frank the other supervisor can't work for about 8 days because of the accident. I have arranged it where I am still off Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. KNOCK ON WOOD. Hopefully that will stay the way it should.

I received a check from my bosses reimbursing me for my cell phone bill that I've been paying. They gave me a check for 292 to cover since January. Then about 2 days later I got my regular check for work. So I had a lot of money this week. Yesterday I spent a bunch of it. I bought several DVDs, a bike from my cousin for 50 bucks, a kick ass poster, and an iPod alarm clock radio. Also Mrs. H. and I went out and ate like always. What fun we had. Several shows are ending their season and some are over for good.

Anyway, I'm probably going to go watch a movie. I might go to sleep, being as I haven't slept yet. Like I've said before, there's something about sleeping while it's dark outside. Too cool. I have been downloading all my cds to my iPod. I really love it. I have been up longer than 24 hours. I'm going to go to bed. I'll talk to you all later.

I love Mr. and Mrs. H., Baron and Baroness, Dakini and Yaddoshi, and Rob and Mei.

Have a great day.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Written words and spoken words

I've been busy downloading music from cds to my iPod. I had to work on Monday night. I had Tuesday off, but still received a couple of calls. Then last night I received a call from one of my workers that had misunderstood the schedule that I gave him. He in turn was an hour and a half late for the other post he was to be at. Fucking idiot. Mr. and Mrs. H. and I watched Lost and it was very good. Then I caught up on all my shows. Now I am writing this and copying songs. I will be leaving Mrs. H. house here in a little while.

I love you all.

Mrs. H., Diva Princess, Dakini, Vash, Mrs. Vash, and Dawn.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

3 days off

In 3 days Jesus pushed the rock away and defeated death. How do I beat that? Then again, I'm not Jesus.

Well last night I woke up to my alarm. At the same time Rob's alarm went off also. I got up, took a shower, and got ready. Then Rob turned the alarm off 47 minutes after it started. Which is fine, I just don't know how he can not be woken up by it. Mine is annoying and it would drive me nuts to keep it beeping at me.

Then I went to Mrs. H. house. I plugged in my iPod because it was really needing a charge. Mrs. H. and I messed with it for a bit. I am going to bring over some cds to copy on to itunes tonight. Then we watched 24 which is always good. I am so glad that Mrs. H. stuck with it. I think that she likes it alot too. Next Monday will be the 2 hour season finale. I'm hoping that I will show her season 1, 2, 3, and 4. Not all at once of course, but I'm thinking that the Monday after the finale we can start season 1. We can do like we do now and just watch one every Monday. Too cool.

I ended up having to go wake my dad up last night before I had to go to work. First off, I should be off on Mondays, according to my new schedule. Well the other Supervisor got in a wreck and we had nobody to cover the post. Although, it wouldn't have been him working, but anyway...bygones. I had to leave Mrs. H. house a little bit earlier than I would have. I drove from 35th Ave. and Thunderbird to Indian School Rd. and 7th St. Then I received a call from my dad that he was up. The backstory of that was that he overslept. He was supposed to be to work at 10, but didn't wake up until 12. Then I had to drive all the way back to Thunderbird and 7th Ave. Well while I was at work my cousin Chip texted me and asked if I was going to still by his bike. I informed him that I was going to. He asked if he could get the 50 bucks soon. I said that he could. I had 200 dollars in the bank. I then called the bank to check on my finances and I had 0. I texted my cousin and told him that I had been mistaken, I didn' t have the 50 dollars. What had happened was I had paid the remaining of my rent, which was 150. I wrote Rob a check and he said that he was going to put it in the bank on Friday. I said that was cool. Now part of this of course is my fault for not counting my money properly. When I checked though last night the computer said that the check was from the 15th, which was Monday. It's all my fault I know. Mrs. H. and I had talked last month about me paying my rent with money orders so that they are already paid for. The only sad thing for this is that I was going to take Mrs. H. and I out for dinner tonight. Maybe she can front me the dinner and I'll pay her back next Tuesday.

Now I'm listening to my iPod and writing this. I am going to have a beer, watch some more Superman cartoons, and then go to bed.

Sorry if I bored anyone. I will try to get in adventures, so that I have better stuff to write about.

Take care everyone and have a good day at work.

Monday, May 15, 2006

....and knowing is half the battle.

I fucking LOVE G.I. Joe. I grew up with it as a kid and I still love it today. It's the best thing that I remember from my childhood. Of course my grandma and grandpa were good memories, but there was something about G.I. Joe. I just found this picture on the internet and set it as my desktop. I guess it was a drawn up thing of who would be in the G.I. Joe movie if they did one. I can make out Viggo Mortenson. I know you ladies are like, "Hell yeah, I'd make out with him too." You guys are funny. Anyway, it would be my fucking dream job to write a G.I. Joe movie. That would kick ass, but they probably already have a script. After all they are working on the Transformers live action movie as we speak. If that takes off then they will hopefully do it right. I know that you ladies are like, "Whatever, do it right." Let me put it this way. How is this Dallas movie going to be if they don't do it right? I think that it'll suck no matter what. There was an ongoing story with Dallas, and they can't do that in 2 hours. If they do who shot J.R. in the movie, everyone is going to know who did it. Then again, everyone knew that the Titanic was going to sink but we all still cried like babies. Serjio cried when the kids were being put to bed and the water was coming in. He just could feel for those poor kids. I should go watch Titanic, but alas I have to go to bed. I can't believe that I said alas.

I ordered a book from Amazon for our iPods. It's called, "The Missing Manual". Being as it didn't come with one, that title sums it up perfect. I also found a website that has free e-books and free audio books. They are free domain books that the copyright has expired on or whatever. We can download them on to our iPods or you could just read them off the website. The site is called gutenberg.org. That's all for now. I'll write more tomorrow. I have to pee.

I love you guys.

Friday, May 12, 2006

A sucker, or a good friend?

I've already told you that I bought a black one. Well, this week I came into alot of money. One was just from my check 890 or something. Then I had finally gotten the 400 dollar check from my deposit with the other landlord. So I was sitting pretty. The most money that I have ever had in my posession. Not counting the check that the owners of the company will be writing me for my cell phone bills that I've been paying since January. That will be another 300 and something dollars.

I don't have many bills. I have rent, which is 450 dollars; I have my cell phone bill right now, which is 58 dollars; and I have my car insurance, which is 54 dollars. That is all that I have to pay for the month. I usually have a bunch left after getting paid. Well this time I had about 1200 dollars or more and I wanted to buy my friend an iPod. I offered and she said no that Mr. H. would be mad. I said that I really wanted to do that for her, she said not right then. We then took mine back to her place and hooked it up and started downloading songs. Thats when her and I were joking with Mr. H. that she had already gotten one. Of course Mr. H. did get mad, and then she explained that she really didn't get one.

Cut to: Later that night I really wanted to go and get Mrs. H. an iPod because we both really liked mine. By the next morning though, I knew that if I did that Mr. H. would be angry because her friend bought her one and she always gets things bought for her or whatever. I asked her what I should do. I wanted to go and get it and download all her favorite songs onto it and then give it to her, but I had to ask what we were going to do about Mr. H. She said that she was going to talk to him. I told her that I was on my way to Target. I told her to ask Mr. H. if he wanted like a new video game or something. I didn't like that I was having to change the kind of friend I am to make Mr. H. not be mad. I like to buy people stuff because it makes them happy, and that in turn makes me happy. I am not "BUYING" my friendships. Don't say, "Thou protest too much." I was just saying that so that the couple of people who read this don't try to overanalyze me. Anyway, I standing there in front of the iPods and I'm trying to decide what to get for Mr. H. I had been thinking that maybe I'll get him an iPod nano too. I had even thought of me getting the iPod video one for 250 and giving Mr. H. my iPod nano. Now, the thing with buying him an iPod is that in a way it steals Mrs. H. thunder of her gift. They both get one, but it's not as special as buying Mr. H. something that he really wants. Although, I was sure that he would like the iPod.

Then I started thinking how insane it was that I was thinking of buying them both an iPod. 300 dollars plus the accessories and they were probably sitting at home talking about what a fool Movieman is for buying them both iPods. Now, I didn't mention the price to brag I just wanted to let you guys know how much they are because some people seem to think that they are 300 dollars each.

So then I knew that I was being silly on all counts. I was being silly to buy them both iPods and I was being silly thinking that they were laughing at me. That's when I decided to get my roommate something, and everyone who was going to be at the house something. (Except Linda. SORRY!) I bought Rob the movie Waiting, I bought Rylee a Dora the Explorer book, I bought Mary Lady and the Tramp, and I bought Mr. and Mrs. H. 2 iPod nanos. I bought Mr. H. a black one, and Mrs. H. a white one. That's just because she's racist. HAAHA. I also bought Mr. H. a shirt that has a guy playing a video game and it says, "I'm busy" or something like that. For me I bought a Dane Cook C.D. with a DVD in it, but you guys know my luck and the DVD was missing. I also bought an AC/DC shirt with Bon Scott on it. Most of you are like who's Bon Scott. I picked up 2 gift cards for 30 dollars each that are used to download music off of the internet. Mrs. H. got her colored covers that she wanted for the iPod. She isn't really a racist, but if you want to over analyze her it would be that she is not comfortable being white and wishes that she was colored. PURPLE.

On the way to the H's house I received a call from my Rob. I told him that I had bought him Waiting and that I had bought me an iPod the day before. He said that that's what he heard. He said that I spend money frivolously. I told him that I know that. I didn't even tell him what I had just bought for Mr. and Mrs. H.

Anyway, I arrived at the house and was showing Rylee my iPod and giving her her book. Then I gave Mr. H. his shirt. I gave Mrs. H. the colored covers for the iPod nano and told her that I had decided that they can just buy them one when the save the money, or that maybe they'll get one for their birthdays. She just laughed at me. She knows me too well. I then gave Mr. H. my old cover of my iPod. It was a whole 15 hours old. Then I opened my Dane Cook and that's when I found that the dvd was missing. I hope they believe me at the store. Then I pulled the iPods out of the bag and gave them to Mr. and Mrs. H. They opened them pretty much right away. Mr. H. told me that I didn't have to do that, but I told him that I wanted to. Before we started downloading music, we went outside so they could smoke. Mr. H. said to me that he didn't like that I do that because he feels that I am trying to like buy my friends or something. I told him that I like to make my friends happy and buy them things that they like, and that I had extra money and so I bought them iPods. They will love them.

Now on to something else for a little bit. After we picked up Mrs. H's mother from the airport, I took us all to Taco Bell. Mrs. H. and I downloaded music and she got Mr. H's iPod ready for him in the morning. Then I asked her if she still had my credit card from the Taco Bell purchase. She said that she didn't. We looked in the car and couldn't find it. I tell you sometimes I think that bad luck just follows me like a plague. We called Taco Bell and finally got through to them. They were closing but they did have my card and would wait there so I could go get it. I thought that I would just run up there and get it and be right back. After I picked it up though I wanted to stop at Zia's to pick up an AC/DC CD. So I could put it on my iPod. They didn't have any used and I started to leave and then I recieved a call from the other supervisor. Now I am not supposed to get any calls from work on my days off. Once again, just my luck. It appeared that someone had been caught sleeping and was kicked off of that post and we had to fill it. Well I had explained to him that I hadn't slept yet. I had been up since Tuesday and here it was 11:30 at night on Wednesday. Finally after a couple of calls to the co-owner and some workers we got it filled. I could relax. I then went into Mrs. H. house and we watched Lost and then she went to bed. I watched Alias and then I went home.

I went to bed at 4:30 in the morning on Thursday and was woken up at noon. It was the co-owner and he wanted me to work at a ballroom for 4 hours. I told him that I had been sleeping. He explained that I would be getting overtime. It was an easy gig. I wore my suit and stood in a ballroom hallway and watched to make sure that authorized people were going to the ballrooms.

Let me finally take this time to say that I don't know why I'm telling you guys every detail but I guess it will fill you in on my life. SORRY SO LONG.

At 6PM I was off and I went to the bank to deposit the 400 dollar check because I was down to 10 dollars in my account. I then then went to Blockbuster and bought 4 movies: Zathura, Fantastic 4, Waiting, and a movie called Oldboy. I went to Albertsons and did a little shopping, and picked up some food at Shogun Express. When I got off the freeway I went to Best Buy and bought a movie called Master of the Flying Guillotine which is a movie that Quentin Tarantino likes and some things that he had in Kill Bill were borrowed from that movie. I also bought Tron, which I had been meaning to get for awhile. I then went to Zia and got the Limited Edition of Munich, because they didn't have it at Best Buy. Then I came home and watched Master of the Flying Guillotine. It's a kung fu movie and it was pretty good.

Man you guys must be bored.

Now I will be going to work my 3 days and hopefully have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off.

I'm sorry that I didn't buy you all iPods. The truth of the matter is that I usually only buy Mrs. H. the expensive stuff. I buy my other friends movies or whatever they collect.

Mary said that she wishes that I didn't spend my money and I saved it for my trip that I was supposed to go on on May 1st. I told her that I still can save that money, but I just like doing things for people.

Oh so I was talking to Mr. H. on the phone while I was at Best Buy and I asked him what Rob said when he told him that I bought him the iPod. Mr. H. said that Rob said you should've given it back. Not to be mean, but I didn't see Rob give me the Waiting movie back. SO HA! That's why I had to buy one for myself.

Okay we are finally at the end. It's been great and I have never written the word iPod so much.

Hope Mrs. H. has fun with her mom and daughter in Sedona, I hope Mr. H. likes his iPod, I hope that I only work these 3 days, I hope everyone that I know is well, and I hope that all the mothers reading this have a lovely mother's day.

I love all 3 of you.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Anti anti-consumerism

Big business is taking over. We must have the newest, coolest, and smallest of technology. Fucking people make me sick. With their Late', Gucci, Lexus ways. They don't want to pay 3 dollars for gas, but they'll pay for a 5 dollar cup of Starbucks coffee. They should all go straight to hell as they listen to their ipod nanos and burn for all of eternity. Like I said these people make me sick.

Now I'll tell you what's up with me. I bought a black iPod nano last night. It is so cool. I downloaded about 28 songs into it and it's just barely filled. Too cool. I bought a cool little sleeve thing for it. I wanted to buy one for Mrs. H. but she wouldn't let me. Then when we joked with Mr. H., he thought that she really got one. I can understand that Mrs. H. usually always gets the best of whatever, but I really wanted to get her one. I know that it would make her happy. So why should I have to suffer. If I want to buy my friend something I will. Maybe I can buy him a video game and he'll be ok with it. I just don't know. I can understand his being upset, but then again I can't. Our friends are who they are and shit happens. We will see what happens tonight.

I have to go meet my dad and show him the house I moved into 2 months ago. We are meeting at Country Boys. I am going to show him my iPod nano. I still need to read up on this thing on the website.

Bill Gates sucks balls.

Steve Jobs is the king of my iPod universe.

There's a good movie called Pirates of Silicon Valley. It's all about Apple and Microsoft. It's not nerdy, it's good and easy to understand.

Love you all once again.

And I love you too iPod nano.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wonderful things

Well first I was told that Frank and I will both get to share a company car on the days that we work. That is cool because it takes me about 30 minutes to get to work. That means that 2 hours of gas and wear and tear on the car will be in the company car. Very cool. Also I will not be having to deal with work on my days off anymore. That will all be taken care of by the other supervisor. I will work 3 days with 4 billable hours each day and then just driving around and helping or checking on the other workers each night. I will pick up the patrol car at like 2:45 P.M. and then go to work at the Airport Hilton from 3 P.M. to 7 P.M. Then I will be available in case anyone calls in. If they don't, then I will just patrol around helping and checking on guys. Then I go home about 2:30 or 3 A.M. I will be leaving my phone on all the time in case any of my workers or the bosses want to get ahold of me. They will pay for my phone. Basically I'll be "working" a total of 36 hours and get paid for 40. Hopefully it will never go past 40. If it does though I will charge them for it. They've been wanting me and the other supervisor to go salary, but we've said no. I'm pretty jazzed about it, except that I have to work on the weekends. All of my friends are off on the weekends. Frank, the other supervisor, says that if I want some weekends off to let him know.

I am looking at the postive aspect of it.

I only work 3 days.
I don't waste my gas.
I have 4 days off.
I don't have to deal with work on my days off.
I get my cell phone paid for.

Sounds pretty sweet to me.

Something else that's going on is that my mom wants to pay for me to come out to Kansas. I love to travel. She wants me to fly out there. I would really like to take a train. I have to check on how long a train would take to get there. She is willing to pay 510 dollars for me to fly round trip, so I am going to try and take a train and pay the difference. I think that that would be really fun and cool. Who knows when I would go. She wants me to go soon.

Now for what I did on Monday and Tuesday morning.........
I woke up at about 6 P.M. and turned on my phone to see if there were any messages. You see I haven't got the phone switched over yet, so I can turn it off right now. Now I was thinking that I was going to go to Mrs. H. for a Salmon dinner and then to work. The schedule this week still needed some ironing out. Anyway, on my phone I had 3 voice messages. The first one was from the other supervisor making sure that I knew that I was working Monday night. The second was my father asking what his schedule was for the week. The third was the best news of all, it was from the other supervisor telling me to forget what the other message had said. He said that I was off Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and "it appears that your off Thursday too." FUCKING SWEET! I was so jazzed.

I then went to Mrs. H. (OF COURSE) and had Salmon and a baked potato. Very good. Then Mrs. H. and I watched a little Shipmates, Punk'd, Scrubs, Unanimous, and 24. During our couch potato event Mrs. H. went in the kitchen and came out carrying a box of cookies with 2 glasses of milk on them for us. Very sweet. I love moments like that. So caring.

After watching our shows and her laughing at my clever way to fix her bra, she went to bed. I stayed up and watched Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Medium. By then it was 4:15 so I waited to make sure that Mr. H. woke up on time for work. I woke him up at 4:55. I looked at MP 3 players online and then went to meet my cousin at Denny's for our weekly trip to Walmart for the new releases. I bought Grandma's Boy, El Dorado (with John Wayne), The Princess Bride, and Wyatt Earp (with Mrs. H.'s favorite Kevin Costner). That was a joke, so please don't go buying her Kevin Costner movies. I also bought a small Cylon Raider from Battlestar Gallactica, a princess jump rope for Rylee, a nerf basketball hoop for Rylee, some Pringles, and finally some nose hair trimmers that I've needed for along time. Then I came home and now I'm writing this.

Tonight my best friend and I are going to Red Lobster, but if he can't go then I'll go with Mrs. H. After that I'm hoping that we go to Target so I can buy an MP 3 player for me and maybe Mrs. H. I feel generous and I want to celebrate my new schedule.

Talk to you all later. I love you all and I hope that you have a good day.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Food, drink, and secret agent

I went to the Baron and Baroness' last night. I ate a good salad and some spaghetti. I washed it down with 4 Bud Lights. I talked with Will and played with Kenny. Us adults had good conversation and we found out some interesting things. Thanks for giving me another chance. Sorry I missed the BIG dinner.

After that I went to Mrs. H. house. Gee, go figure, I hardly ever do that. We watched My name is Earl and Will and Grace. Then she went to bed. I watched my shows that she had recorded for me. Alias, The Office, Lost, and Medium. I flipped through the channels for awhile and then realized that it was 5 o'clock in the morning. Dave hadn't come out to the living room yet. He usually is out there getting ready. I called the home phone first hoping that that would wake him up, but it didn't. So then I went in their bedroom and said, "Dave don't you have to go to work?" He didn't answer. I repeated myself. Then I said, "Kris, doesn't Dave have to go to work?" She then woke up and nudged Dave awake. I sat back down and finished watching T.V. Dave then came into the living room and got ready and left for work. He thanked me of course. I finished whatever crap I was watching and then went home.

When I got home I made me a bowl of Honey Grahams, and a cup of coffee. I then put on the movie Zathura that I borrowed from Dave and Kris. It was very good. Lots of excitement. I then called my boss and asked him when he wanted to meet with me. He said that he and the coowner would probably be driving around about 4 or 5 and would give me a call. I then went to bed.

While I was sleeping my cell phone rang a few times. I talked to whoever it was (Dad, Frank, some salesman). Then Stephanie A. called and I talked to her. She is at a crossroads because she was fired from her job and doesn't know what she wants to do now. She had put in her 2 weeks at Subway, but they thought that she was going to quit so they fired her. Now her boyfriend wants to them to maybe move to Tucson, because the construction company he works for is stationed there. I told her that I am also at a crossroads in a way. My job has offered me to work 13 hours and 20 minutes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I would be off on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I wouldn't have to deal with work on my days off. The other supervisor would deal with it. I would deal with work only on the days that I work and the other supervisor would be off. I would love the 4 days off. There in lies the rub. I would be working on the weekends and everyone I know is off on the weekends. The good thing is that I believe that we will be getting a raise because business is picking up. Also, when I do save the money for my trip, I can take 4 months off and go. With a real job like Bestway, I can't take 4 months off. Plus they are going to pay for my phone. If I only have to really answer it on the days that I work that will be awesome, but I am still torn.

Oh well, thought that I'd let you know. Have a nice weekend. I may write something here over the weekend, but I am unsure.

Love you all very much.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dinner with a good friend

Unlike before when I overslept, I will be there on time tonight. I can't wait to see what we are having. I believe it is Spaghetti. We will finally be getting together. Very cool.

I don't have much else to write but just thought that I would write something.

Mrs. H. shocked my feet and then tried to set them on fire. She is very mean, be careful around her. She's dangerous. We watched t.v. and ate a little dinner. It was a good time as always. Plus I played with Rylee. She wanted me to be the Knight and she was the princess. I got on her rocking horse and she got in her castle. I then told her that I was there to save the princess and she would come out and give me a hug. Then I would put her on the horse and we would both ride away. It was fun.

I will now go home and watch either Batman cartoons or Superman cartoons. I may watch Donnie Darko, but I don't really know. I just thought that I'd write something so people have something to read while they are at work.

Have a nice day.

I love you all.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Brokeback Mountain (Not your daddy's western)

Last night while at work, I told Frank that I was going to probably go home and watch Brokeback Mountain. He just grunted. He said, "I do not want to see that movie. It is insulting to me, my father, my uncle, my mother, and my whole family of cowboys." I said that I had never thought of it that way. From the point of view of a real cowboy it may be insulting. Then he said, "It's insulting to John Wayne." I smiled, knowing that I would write that here, or use in a script some day.

Now, the flip side to that argument is, "Why is it insulting? Just because they're gay? You hate gay people? You think that they are an inferior class of people?"

The answer is yes.

Allow me to explain. First though let me tell you that I watched the movie. I almost turned it off. I started realizing that I didn't really care for this movie anymore. I was curious as to how good it was, but then again I've never seen Ghandi and it won an award. The odd thing was that it started out slow, and you are just waiting for them to gay it up. I noticed that I wanted them to get to it. I know some of you will say, "You just wanted to watch the gay anal sex." You got me. No, if I wanted anal sex I would just put in American History X or Pulp Fiction. The thing was that just like Hostel, I was waiting for the hook. In Hostel I was waiting for them to end up in the torture room. In Brokeback, I was waiting for them to fall in love. Well about 30 minutes into it, they have sex. The weird thing is that they are just out there together in a tent, and then all of a sudden one guy makes a move and it's on like Donkey Kong. I don't care how long I was camping with someone, the move would never come. Although, I'm sure that it is some kind of bi-sexual thing that I don't understand. The weird thing was that after the sex then the movie picked up speed. After watching the movie I was not that impressed. It was maybe like any other love story. I thought that it would be phenomenally emotional or something. It was not. You girls may like it, but from what I know of women they want their men to be men.

The good thing that I got out of the movie was this. NICE BOOBS. Natural and nice. I got to see that Michelle chick from Dawson's Creek topless, and the girl from the Princess Diaries topless.

Maybe it's my mood that I'm in right now, but I just think that gays are inferior to us REAL humans, and should be killed and burned.

Tomorrow I may feel different, but then again tomorrow I may be in prison for killing a shit packing, pillow biting, ass pirate.

I'm sure I'll be fine after I sleep.

I don't know what else I was going to write, but I'll leave you with this.

Jennifer Lopez as Sue Ellen.
Luke Wilson as Bobby.

I don't know, I'm just writing. Show me your tits ladies and make sure that I'm not gay. HAHAHA NUM NUM NUM!

Ok, I'm leaving now.

Love you all.

P.S. I'm in witness relocation and sometimes being away really gets to me, and for a good love story watch City of Angels or Romeo and Juliet.