Tuesday, May 16, 2006

3 days off

In 3 days Jesus pushed the rock away and defeated death. How do I beat that? Then again, I'm not Jesus.

Well last night I woke up to my alarm. At the same time Rob's alarm went off also. I got up, took a shower, and got ready. Then Rob turned the alarm off 47 minutes after it started. Which is fine, I just don't know how he can not be woken up by it. Mine is annoying and it would drive me nuts to keep it beeping at me.

Then I went to Mrs. H. house. I plugged in my iPod because it was really needing a charge. Mrs. H. and I messed with it for a bit. I am going to bring over some cds to copy on to itunes tonight. Then we watched 24 which is always good. I am so glad that Mrs. H. stuck with it. I think that she likes it alot too. Next Monday will be the 2 hour season finale. I'm hoping that I will show her season 1, 2, 3, and 4. Not all at once of course, but I'm thinking that the Monday after the finale we can start season 1. We can do like we do now and just watch one every Monday. Too cool.

I ended up having to go wake my dad up last night before I had to go to work. First off, I should be off on Mondays, according to my new schedule. Well the other Supervisor got in a wreck and we had nobody to cover the post. Although, it wouldn't have been him working, but anyway...bygones. I had to leave Mrs. H. house a little bit earlier than I would have. I drove from 35th Ave. and Thunderbird to Indian School Rd. and 7th St. Then I received a call from my dad that he was up. The backstory of that was that he overslept. He was supposed to be to work at 10, but didn't wake up until 12. Then I had to drive all the way back to Thunderbird and 7th Ave. Well while I was at work my cousin Chip texted me and asked if I was going to still by his bike. I informed him that I was going to. He asked if he could get the 50 bucks soon. I said that he could. I had 200 dollars in the bank. I then called the bank to check on my finances and I had 0. I texted my cousin and told him that I had been mistaken, I didn' t have the 50 dollars. What had happened was I had paid the remaining of my rent, which was 150. I wrote Rob a check and he said that he was going to put it in the bank on Friday. I said that was cool. Now part of this of course is my fault for not counting my money properly. When I checked though last night the computer said that the check was from the 15th, which was Monday. It's all my fault I know. Mrs. H. and I had talked last month about me paying my rent with money orders so that they are already paid for. The only sad thing for this is that I was going to take Mrs. H. and I out for dinner tonight. Maybe she can front me the dinner and I'll pay her back next Tuesday.

Now I'm listening to my iPod and writing this. I am going to have a beer, watch some more Superman cartoons, and then go to bed.

Sorry if I bored anyone. I will try to get in adventures, so that I have better stuff to write about.

Take care everyone and have a good day at work.

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Mrs. H said...

I only care if you get calls on you rnights off because I think sometimes they are taking advantage of you.

We'll talk about dinner when you come over. What about Steph A?