Monday, May 15, 2006

....and knowing is half the battle.

I fucking LOVE G.I. Joe. I grew up with it as a kid and I still love it today. It's the best thing that I remember from my childhood. Of course my grandma and grandpa were good memories, but there was something about G.I. Joe. I just found this picture on the internet and set it as my desktop. I guess it was a drawn up thing of who would be in the G.I. Joe movie if they did one. I can make out Viggo Mortenson. I know you ladies are like, "Hell yeah, I'd make out with him too." You guys are funny. Anyway, it would be my fucking dream job to write a G.I. Joe movie. That would kick ass, but they probably already have a script. After all they are working on the Transformers live action movie as we speak. If that takes off then they will hopefully do it right. I know that you ladies are like, "Whatever, do it right." Let me put it this way. How is this Dallas movie going to be if they don't do it right? I think that it'll suck no matter what. There was an ongoing story with Dallas, and they can't do that in 2 hours. If they do who shot J.R. in the movie, everyone is going to know who did it. Then again, everyone knew that the Titanic was going to sink but we all still cried like babies. Serjio cried when the kids were being put to bed and the water was coming in. He just could feel for those poor kids. I should go watch Titanic, but alas I have to go to bed. I can't believe that I said alas.

I ordered a book from Amazon for our iPods. It's called, "The Missing Manual". Being as it didn't come with one, that title sums it up perfect. I also found a website that has free e-books and free audio books. They are free domain books that the copyright has expired on or whatever. We can download them on to our iPods or you could just read them off the website. The site is called That's all for now. I'll write more tomorrow. I have to pee.

I love you guys.


Mrs. H said...

I really don't have anything to say about G.I. Joe, I know he is "the greatest American hero" but that's about all I know.

Will be nice to have some instruction manuals for our rocking ipods. See you soon and you better not get any phone calls tonight!

MOVIEMAN said...

Real American Hero, but that was good.

The manual will be cool. I'm bringing over a bunch of cds tonight. Sorry about the phone calls.

Vashinaz said...

"...America...Fuck Yeah!...America...Fuck Yeah!..."

MOVIEMAN said...

Here to save the fuckin day yeah. Too funny.