Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Anti anti-consumerism

Big business is taking over. We must have the newest, coolest, and smallest of technology. Fucking people make me sick. With their Late', Gucci, Lexus ways. They don't want to pay 3 dollars for gas, but they'll pay for a 5 dollar cup of Starbucks coffee. They should all go straight to hell as they listen to their ipod nanos and burn for all of eternity. Like I said these people make me sick.

Now I'll tell you what's up with me. I bought a black iPod nano last night. It is so cool. I downloaded about 28 songs into it and it's just barely filled. Too cool. I bought a cool little sleeve thing for it. I wanted to buy one for Mrs. H. but she wouldn't let me. Then when we joked with Mr. H., he thought that she really got one. I can understand that Mrs. H. usually always gets the best of whatever, but I really wanted to get her one. I know that it would make her happy. So why should I have to suffer. If I want to buy my friend something I will. Maybe I can buy him a video game and he'll be ok with it. I just don't know. I can understand his being upset, but then again I can't. Our friends are who they are and shit happens. We will see what happens tonight.

I have to go meet my dad and show him the house I moved into 2 months ago. We are meeting at Country Boys. I am going to show him my iPod nano. I still need to read up on this thing on the website.

Bill Gates sucks balls.

Steve Jobs is the king of my iPod universe.

There's a good movie called Pirates of Silicon Valley. It's all about Apple and Microsoft. It's not nerdy, it's good and easy to understand.

Love you all once again.

And I love you too iPod nano.


Mrs. H said...

I'll have you know I slept on the couch last night I was so pissed! More on that tonight. Good thing my Mommy is coming to spoil me and take me away for a few days to Sedona.

MOVIEMAN said...

Wow. Didn't know that it was that bad. So sorry.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Holy crap that does not sound good. I am out of the loop lol have not a clue as to what is up! Glad you like your iPod. Todd bought me an MP3 player for Mother's day :-) WOW for the first time ever I get a Mother's Day present and it is not even from the father of my kids!

MOVIEMAN said...

That is way cool.

Dakini said...

Very cool to Diva getting the sweet present from Baron.

Kris..slept on the couch because of the ipod?