Friday, May 05, 2006

Food, drink, and secret agent

I went to the Baron and Baroness' last night. I ate a good salad and some spaghetti. I washed it down with 4 Bud Lights. I talked with Will and played with Kenny. Us adults had good conversation and we found out some interesting things. Thanks for giving me another chance. Sorry I missed the BIG dinner.

After that I went to Mrs. H. house. Gee, go figure, I hardly ever do that. We watched My name is Earl and Will and Grace. Then she went to bed. I watched my shows that she had recorded for me. Alias, The Office, Lost, and Medium. I flipped through the channels for awhile and then realized that it was 5 o'clock in the morning. Dave hadn't come out to the living room yet. He usually is out there getting ready. I called the home phone first hoping that that would wake him up, but it didn't. So then I went in their bedroom and said, "Dave don't you have to go to work?" He didn't answer. I repeated myself. Then I said, "Kris, doesn't Dave have to go to work?" She then woke up and nudged Dave awake. I sat back down and finished watching T.V. Dave then came into the living room and got ready and left for work. He thanked me of course. I finished whatever crap I was watching and then went home.

When I got home I made me a bowl of Honey Grahams, and a cup of coffee. I then put on the movie Zathura that I borrowed from Dave and Kris. It was very good. Lots of excitement. I then called my boss and asked him when he wanted to meet with me. He said that he and the coowner would probably be driving around about 4 or 5 and would give me a call. I then went to bed.

While I was sleeping my cell phone rang a few times. I talked to whoever it was (Dad, Frank, some salesman). Then Stephanie A. called and I talked to her. She is at a crossroads because she was fired from her job and doesn't know what she wants to do now. She had put in her 2 weeks at Subway, but they thought that she was going to quit so they fired her. Now her boyfriend wants to them to maybe move to Tucson, because the construction company he works for is stationed there. I told her that I am also at a crossroads in a way. My job has offered me to work 13 hours and 20 minutes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I would be off on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I wouldn't have to deal with work on my days off. The other supervisor would deal with it. I would deal with work only on the days that I work and the other supervisor would be off. I would love the 4 days off. There in lies the rub. I would be working on the weekends and everyone I know is off on the weekends. The good thing is that I believe that we will be getting a raise because business is picking up. Also, when I do save the money for my trip, I can take 4 months off and go. With a real job like Bestway, I can't take 4 months off. Plus they are going to pay for my phone. If I only have to really answer it on the days that I work that will be awesome, but I am still torn.

Oh well, thought that I'd let you know. Have a nice weekend. I may write something here over the weekend, but I am unsure.

Love you all very much.


Mrs. H said...

We just watched under the Tuscan Sun, finally! It was ok.
Nice seeing you for a few minutes -between you playing w/ Rylee and then running off to meet Joe.
A raise would be sweet, and not answering the phones on your days off, even sweeter, if it erally happened that way.

MOVIEMAN said...

Yes I am now off Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have told my guys not to call me on my days off. Frank will take all the calls. I also will get a company car in a way. That will rock. I only work about 11.5 hours each day for 3 days. I will get paid for 40 hours. Got to go now and eat some Salmon. Love you all.