Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ron Jeremy and the chase

Once again, I'm back. Several things happened this weekend while I was at work.

First off, I had a little bit of a problem covering a spot in the schedule, and I ended up working 16 hours. The same guy that I'm waiting on to fire called off again. I worked his shift. Then I got off at 7AM and came back at 3PM to do it all over again. The next day I worked for 12.5 hours. That day was a really good day because I did Supervisor type stuff. The next day was Sunday and I worked 15 hours. That was also a good day, and here's why.

I was working at the Airport Hilton on Sunday. At about 4:30PM I see this guy walk into the lobby with a black man and a young woman. I thought that the guy looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. I had only seen him from behind. I thought that it was a guy that I used to get my pot from. The few times that I would actually try to smoke some. He would give me free joints. I didn't really buy from him. He would just have them and give them to me at the video store. I followed him in to see his face. I thought that it was John. As I walk around to look at the front of him, I see that it's Ron Jeremy. He's a porn star and has been for like 30 years or something. I wanted to shake his hand but I didn't want to bother him while he was checking in. Later on his car came and he got in it and left. I could kick myself for not shaking his hand. He is in the regular movie The Boondock Saints. Oh well. Everyone there at the hotel knew who he was. Well most people did. I walked in the office which is right behind the counter and I said to this 23 year old that I'm thinking of asking out, "Ron Jeremy is in the lobby." She said, "No fucking way!" I was like cool, she knows who he is. She went out and talked with him, but she was nervous. At 7PM I left there and went and helped with South Mountain Patrol. From there I went to the work locking up the church. Then I went to work at the Buttes, and here is that story.

I arrived at work and the security guard Roger and I were talking for awhile and then I ate and we talked some more. The Buttes had the Sheriff's department watching the parking lot, so we were watching the interior. Suddenly at about 2:30 one of the Sheriff's comes and tells us that he just noticed that we were tagged. That means that some people from a gang came and spray painted several thing in the back lot at the Buttes. The Sheriff's department was not doing that good of a job. Several things were tagged, storage containers, a caterpillar, a water truck, and a large dumpster. Then at Tempe Diablo stadium, which is right next door, they had tagged all along this green felt like material that was lining the fence. Roger and I said that we would go look. We were walking down the hill and almost to the bottom when we saw this guy run by with towels in his hand. We hustled down the rest of the way and ran after the guy. He was running for his truck. He had to back it up to get away. He was quickly trying to get the truck in gear and get out of there. We yelled to him to stop, but he backed up and knocked over a stop sign. Then he put it in gear and started driving up the hill. Roger and I tried to read his license plate, but it was a temp plate and we couldn't make it out. We were jogging a little after the guy, but he was already at the top of the hill. I was in front of Roger and I heard the truck sound as if it stalled. I yelled to Roger, "They stalled!" Then without thinking I booked it up the hill. The guy saw me coming and turned to go through the Tempe Diablo stadium parking lot. It still sounded as if he were trying to start the truck. I cut through the gravel and jumped over some bushes. I was running across the empty parking lot, and I start thinking, "what am I gonna do if I catch the guy?" Then when I was about 25 feet away from the truck, it catches into gear and the guy cuts through the cement and a sidewalk and is gone as I run around the building behind him. My adrenaline was pumping though, and it was exciting. We never did catch the guys. The police came and wrote a report and all was done. I went home at 6AM.

I got home and Rob and I talked about a weird dream that he had. He said that I should write it into a movie. Then we elaborated on the idea for about 2 hours. We came up with some good stuff. I drank some beer and then went to bed. I woke up and went to Mrs. H. house. When I got there, Todd and Steph were already there. We hung out and talked awhile. I believe that things are going great for everyone. I played with the kids and then they went home. I messed on the internet a little, and then Mrs. H. and I watched our shows like we do. Then she went to bed. I finished downloading music to my iPod and then I went to Denny's to have something to eat and maybe meet with my cousin Chip.

Everyone have a wonderful day at work. If that's possible after the long weekend.

I do love my job. I get the company car, my cell phone paid for, and 4 days off. You can't beat it. I am feeling better about myself, because my other friend Stephanie gave me some compliments and we had some sexual tension the other night. I am in a good place.

Mary and I are going to sign up with a gym tomorrow. I will have a personal trainer and I will gain weight and muscle. Too cool.

I'll talk to you all later. Have a very good day. Cherish the little moments.


Mrs. H said...

You dumbass - don't be chasing people. You have no weapons or protection of any kind!

Steph just needs to dump her boyfriend and be with you.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

A girl named Stephanie, they are the BEST!!!!! Thanks for helping us out yesterday, I appreciate it. The kids were wicked wound up once Uncle Phillip showed up LOL!!!

Love ya!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hey by the way Kris laughed at me when I said you could keep a secret she said no way. Wow not even 24 hours later ya blew it! Damn thanks for making Mrs H ALWAYS right again. Now shut your yapper and do not tell anyone else!

MOVIEMAN said...

So sorry. Thought that it was okay to tell. Being as they all hang out. Sorry again.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Steal our thunder, we were planning on telling Rob ourselves. I still love you have fun with Stephanie!

Dakini said...

Um yeah, I was thinking the entire time, DON'T FREEKIN CHASE HIM WHAT IF HE SHOOTS YOU OUT OF FEAR OF BEING CAUGHT! pLEASE DOn't do that again.

And your talking about Steph, the one who might have gone out with you b4 right?

k love ya! Willow misses talking to you.