Friday, May 12, 2006

A sucker, or a good friend?

I've already told you that I bought a black one. Well, this week I came into alot of money. One was just from my check 890 or something. Then I had finally gotten the 400 dollar check from my deposit with the other landlord. So I was sitting pretty. The most money that I have ever had in my posession. Not counting the check that the owners of the company will be writing me for my cell phone bills that I've been paying since January. That will be another 300 and something dollars.

I don't have many bills. I have rent, which is 450 dollars; I have my cell phone bill right now, which is 58 dollars; and I have my car insurance, which is 54 dollars. That is all that I have to pay for the month. I usually have a bunch left after getting paid. Well this time I had about 1200 dollars or more and I wanted to buy my friend an iPod. I offered and she said no that Mr. H. would be mad. I said that I really wanted to do that for her, she said not right then. We then took mine back to her place and hooked it up and started downloading songs. Thats when her and I were joking with Mr. H. that she had already gotten one. Of course Mr. H. did get mad, and then she explained that she really didn't get one.

Cut to: Later that night I really wanted to go and get Mrs. H. an iPod because we both really liked mine. By the next morning though, I knew that if I did that Mr. H. would be angry because her friend bought her one and she always gets things bought for her or whatever. I asked her what I should do. I wanted to go and get it and download all her favorite songs onto it and then give it to her, but I had to ask what we were going to do about Mr. H. She said that she was going to talk to him. I told her that I was on my way to Target. I told her to ask Mr. H. if he wanted like a new video game or something. I didn't like that I was having to change the kind of friend I am to make Mr. H. not be mad. I like to buy people stuff because it makes them happy, and that in turn makes me happy. I am not "BUYING" my friendships. Don't say, "Thou protest too much." I was just saying that so that the couple of people who read this don't try to overanalyze me. Anyway, I standing there in front of the iPods and I'm trying to decide what to get for Mr. H. I had been thinking that maybe I'll get him an iPod nano too. I had even thought of me getting the iPod video one for 250 and giving Mr. H. my iPod nano. Now, the thing with buying him an iPod is that in a way it steals Mrs. H. thunder of her gift. They both get one, but it's not as special as buying Mr. H. something that he really wants. Although, I was sure that he would like the iPod.

Then I started thinking how insane it was that I was thinking of buying them both an iPod. 300 dollars plus the accessories and they were probably sitting at home talking about what a fool Movieman is for buying them both iPods. Now, I didn't mention the price to brag I just wanted to let you guys know how much they are because some people seem to think that they are 300 dollars each.

So then I knew that I was being silly on all counts. I was being silly to buy them both iPods and I was being silly thinking that they were laughing at me. That's when I decided to get my roommate something, and everyone who was going to be at the house something. (Except Linda. SORRY!) I bought Rob the movie Waiting, I bought Rylee a Dora the Explorer book, I bought Mary Lady and the Tramp, and I bought Mr. and Mrs. H. 2 iPod nanos. I bought Mr. H. a black one, and Mrs. H. a white one. That's just because she's racist. HAAHA. I also bought Mr. H. a shirt that has a guy playing a video game and it says, "I'm busy" or something like that. For me I bought a Dane Cook C.D. with a DVD in it, but you guys know my luck and the DVD was missing. I also bought an AC/DC shirt with Bon Scott on it. Most of you are like who's Bon Scott. I picked up 2 gift cards for 30 dollars each that are used to download music off of the internet. Mrs. H. got her colored covers that she wanted for the iPod. She isn't really a racist, but if you want to over analyze her it would be that she is not comfortable being white and wishes that she was colored. PURPLE.

On the way to the H's house I received a call from my Rob. I told him that I had bought him Waiting and that I had bought me an iPod the day before. He said that that's what he heard. He said that I spend money frivolously. I told him that I know that. I didn't even tell him what I had just bought for Mr. and Mrs. H.

Anyway, I arrived at the house and was showing Rylee my iPod and giving her her book. Then I gave Mr. H. his shirt. I gave Mrs. H. the colored covers for the iPod nano and told her that I had decided that they can just buy them one when the save the money, or that maybe they'll get one for their birthdays. She just laughed at me. She knows me too well. I then gave Mr. H. my old cover of my iPod. It was a whole 15 hours old. Then I opened my Dane Cook and that's when I found that the dvd was missing. I hope they believe me at the store. Then I pulled the iPods out of the bag and gave them to Mr. and Mrs. H. They opened them pretty much right away. Mr. H. told me that I didn't have to do that, but I told him that I wanted to. Before we started downloading music, we went outside so they could smoke. Mr. H. said to me that he didn't like that I do that because he feels that I am trying to like buy my friends or something. I told him that I like to make my friends happy and buy them things that they like, and that I had extra money and so I bought them iPods. They will love them.

Now on to something else for a little bit. After we picked up Mrs. H's mother from the airport, I took us all to Taco Bell. Mrs. H. and I downloaded music and she got Mr. H's iPod ready for him in the morning. Then I asked her if she still had my credit card from the Taco Bell purchase. She said that she didn't. We looked in the car and couldn't find it. I tell you sometimes I think that bad luck just follows me like a plague. We called Taco Bell and finally got through to them. They were closing but they did have my card and would wait there so I could go get it. I thought that I would just run up there and get it and be right back. After I picked it up though I wanted to stop at Zia's to pick up an AC/DC CD. So I could put it on my iPod. They didn't have any used and I started to leave and then I recieved a call from the other supervisor. Now I am not supposed to get any calls from work on my days off. Once again, just my luck. It appeared that someone had been caught sleeping and was kicked off of that post and we had to fill it. Well I had explained to him that I hadn't slept yet. I had been up since Tuesday and here it was 11:30 at night on Wednesday. Finally after a couple of calls to the co-owner and some workers we got it filled. I could relax. I then went into Mrs. H. house and we watched Lost and then she went to bed. I watched Alias and then I went home.

I went to bed at 4:30 in the morning on Thursday and was woken up at noon. It was the co-owner and he wanted me to work at a ballroom for 4 hours. I told him that I had been sleeping. He explained that I would be getting overtime. It was an easy gig. I wore my suit and stood in a ballroom hallway and watched to make sure that authorized people were going to the ballrooms.

Let me finally take this time to say that I don't know why I'm telling you guys every detail but I guess it will fill you in on my life. SORRY SO LONG.

At 6PM I was off and I went to the bank to deposit the 400 dollar check because I was down to 10 dollars in my account. I then then went to Blockbuster and bought 4 movies: Zathura, Fantastic 4, Waiting, and a movie called Oldboy. I went to Albertsons and did a little shopping, and picked up some food at Shogun Express. When I got off the freeway I went to Best Buy and bought a movie called Master of the Flying Guillotine which is a movie that Quentin Tarantino likes and some things that he had in Kill Bill were borrowed from that movie. I also bought Tron, which I had been meaning to get for awhile. I then went to Zia and got the Limited Edition of Munich, because they didn't have it at Best Buy. Then I came home and watched Master of the Flying Guillotine. It's a kung fu movie and it was pretty good.

Man you guys must be bored.

Now I will be going to work my 3 days and hopefully have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off.

I'm sorry that I didn't buy you all iPods. The truth of the matter is that I usually only buy Mrs. H. the expensive stuff. I buy my other friends movies or whatever they collect.

Mary said that she wishes that I didn't spend my money and I saved it for my trip that I was supposed to go on on May 1st. I told her that I still can save that money, but I just like doing things for people.

Oh so I was talking to Mr. H. on the phone while I was at Best Buy and I asked him what Rob said when he told him that I bought him the iPod. Mr. H. said that Rob said you should've given it back. Not to be mean, but I didn't see Rob give me the Waiting movie back. SO HA! That's why I had to buy one for myself.

Okay we are finally at the end. It's been great and I have never written the word iPod so much.

Hope Mrs. H. has fun with her mom and daughter in Sedona, I hope Mr. H. likes his iPod, I hope that I only work these 3 days, I hope everyone that I know is well, and I hope that all the mothers reading this have a lovely mother's day.

I love all 3 of you.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Wow that was a lot!I can understand how you like to buy Mrs H stuff and I can also understand that it bothers Mr that evertime Mrs H mentions something she would like to have either you or her mom buy it for her and he does not feel like he is given the opportunity to do something special for his wife. Man what a tough position to be in Mrs H, I want to know where I can find friends to buy me stuff LOL all my friends are broke :-) So like I said I totally understand why you do it Movieman, it is the same reason that I buy the Baron and the kids stuff and rarely myself anything, you get joy in giving. I am like that too. No matter what it is between you, Mrs and Mr H and I do not feel like it is my place to say what is right or wrong, just that I see both sides. I love you and hope to see you again soon!!!!

Dakini said...

I agree with Diva ... have a pee pee diaper to change ...:P

Mrs. H said...

First of all, I always thought it was Von Scott, but I wasn't a big headbanger like you.

Second of all I like how close you and Rob have become that you call him "my Rob" that's sweet.

Third of all - I would have to disagree w/ Diva that Mr H is mad because he doesn't get the chance to buy me cool stuff. Nowhere in our conversations did that come up. He is just pissed that I do get cool stuff all the time from My Phillip and My Mommy and he can't buy himself cool shit, 'cause we are always broke.

Lastly, I do love my iPod and I am off to play w/ it now!

Dawn said...

you are just like me - I LOVE to buy my friends stuff and when I have money I spend spend spend!

Hey - the Hedwig PLAY is playing right now. Like the whole month - let me know if you want to go! I know most of the cast (ok like 3 of them) it's Fridays and Saturdays at 8 and Sundays at 7.

I know you work odd hours so i dunno if you could make any of the shows but we should try!

MOVIEMAN said...

Diva princess- I understand his side of the argument as well, but I felt bad that I couldn't just buy her something just because. He also told me the other day that the iPod didn't fix the problem, he still feels the same way. I said then give me the fucking iPod back. hahahahaha.

Dakini- You are always changing diapers it's like you had a kid or something. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Mrs. H.- Somebody else told me that once. I think it was Chip. He said that Dave is probably upset because I don't give him the chance to buy you anything. I said, "Obviously you've never met Dave." LOL! I am glad that you love the iPod, because I love mine too.

Dawn- I would like to maybe go to that play, but I work now Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm so sorry. We do need to get together so I can give you your movie and cd back, and then maybe we can borrow from eachother this time.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I was just stating what Mr H had told the Baron at work that is where I came up with that LOL Oh well water under the bridge enjoy the iPods! My mom just got one and is loving life!

MOVIEMAN said...

They are fun. It is weird I feel like an iPod commercial come to life. When ever I listen to it I want to dance. I find myself walking to the music. It's like a built in soundtrack for the movie of your life.

I'm sure you know because you just got that MP3 player. Did you get the one that Mrs. H. was saying was perfect for you. The princess one?

Dawn said...

Ok- well if things change let me know!

Whenever you want to hang out just lemme know :)

Vashinaz said...

Well, well, well Mr M you've created quite a stir amongst friends here.

Yes it's true. I did not give back DVD #282, but if you recall I did trade the new one you gave me for the used one because we all know your obsession with virgins...Uh DVDs that is. I really don't think there are any...wait I take that back...Oh nevermind.

I might touch on the disturbance a tad. I was asked by my dearest, after reading this, why a certain someone could not pay rent on time but has all this money....Hmmmm I said I did not care, but it came up again this morning and my resoning for not returning the DVD was quicky dismissed. This tends to grind down my nerves when I really don't want to get involved to this extent and I have to answer to it by my loving wife. It appears to have created a ripple effect...Don't you think?

I would Recommend considering your audience next time. Delicate eyes are reading this and they manifest/effect everyone involved.

Nevertheless, I can see how Mr. H would feel put-out as it were since he has no control over the purse stings at his house and has to call accounting for petty cash.

And I can see how it is with Mrs. H and too. After all they are her friends.

Some where here is a middle ground....
My recomendation?...Share your toys...

That is all...Carry on...

I love all of you kids! Now go to your room!


Mrs. H said...

Yeah, I have such a tight rein on him - that is why he has 100's of dollars in Xbox games and Anime. :)

Vashinaz said...

He he...yur funny ;-)

BTW my wife is the best and she can have my money all she wants as long as she doesn't stop being her loving, unselfish self... He he

I still love you "My Phillip"


Mrs Rheaume said...

Hey Babe

You still owe me some money for the mahjong game...he don't have much money....only have your second wife (your house)


Dakini said...

"I would Recommend considering your audience next time. Delicate eyes are reading this and they manifest/effect everyone involved."

I think that I tried to state this before in the past, but I got bagged on.

Mrs. H said...

Totally different scenarios here. You were offended and didn't want your kids seeing obscene images.

Phillip talking about how he spends his own money AFTER he pays his rent should not be affecting anybody.