Tuesday, June 27, 2006

For Mrs. H.

I scored on the Fresh meat quiz as Darrell a lay low kind of guy. I tried to cut and paste it but it didn't work. SORRY.

Well everyone, I got a raise at work. I now make 13.00 dollars an hour. Very cool for me. Still no benefits, but I do LOVE my 4 days off. I am still working out 3 times a week and I'm loving that too. The other supervisor is going on a vacation here on July 7th-July 14th. When he gets back I was thinking that I would go on a vacation. Mrs. H. was looking up prices for flights to Maui. It was pretty cheap. I am trying to figure out if I should just go by myself, but then again is that really fun. I mean I went to Disneyland by myself and that wasn't that much fun. I just don't know, because I am supposed to work out every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I don't know how I would work that out. I'll kick the idea around a little more and figure it out. I guess if I let them know in advance then I could just push those 3 days to the end of the 3 month plan.

Other then that everything is going great for me. I am still in a good place and I love it. Mrs. H. degrades me, but that's to be expected. I mean look at me. Who wouldn't pick on me?

They say we pick on the ones that we love.

To that I say, "WHATEVER!"

Have a nice day everyone.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hi honey! Coolness on the raise I am very happy for you! Wow wish I could go to Maui with you, but I do not think the Baron would be happy with that. Not the fact that I go with you but that he can't go LOL I miss you and hope things keep going well. I guess I will see you on the 3rd, that will be fun. I love you and miss you!!!

Mrs. H said...

You are so cool. Hawaii would be cool. I too would love to go w/ you but that wouldn't be acceptable. Maybe you could take the other Stephanie. I am sure her boyfriend wouldn't like it either but too bad. :)

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hey Mrs H told me you could help me so I can join Curves with her this week. Let me tell you THANK YOU I LOVE YOU!!!! That is the nicest thing in the world you are the best!

Dakini said...

I'll go with you :D

awesome on the raise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad your still working out, I can't workout right now due to the second wisdom tooth pull, I'm still in yucky pain :(

Stephanie said...

Hell yeah I'll go to Maui! To hell with whoever stood in my way for that one ;)