Thursday, June 01, 2006

Haven't done much

I've been trying to get my cell phone fixed. I did go with Mary and sign up for working out. I will be gaining weight and muscle. I have not done much else. Stephanie is coming over Thursday night and we are going to watch movies. She has never seen Die Hard. I am excited to see it with her for the first time. Hopefully I will get my phone fixed. I may get a razr phone from T-mobile because it will be cheaper than paying the 300 dollars for a razr phone at Cricket. I will have to watch my minutes, but all that matters is that my boss is going to pay for my phone. Of course I have to keep the minutes down. I think that I could do it. I won't be getting the new phone until Tuesday.

I have just been relaxing on my days off. Too cool. I will talk to you guys later. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Have a good day and a better tomorrow.

I love you all.


Mrs. H said...

How boring. Just didn't have your usual flair!

Mrs. H said...
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LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

So how did it go with Stephanie? Any more tension?

MOVIEMAN said...

No more tension. Who knows. She still has her boyfriend, and it appears that they are moving to Tucson.