Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A movie and some working out

I bought two movies without seeing them first. One was Running Scared. Not the one with Billy Crystal and the late Gregory Hines, but the new one with Paul Walker. The second was The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada with Tommy Lee Jones. They both had good reviews and write ups, so I figured that it was worth the money to buy.

Running Scared was really good. Which is cool, because I thought that it was just going to be good. I'm hoping the three burials one is also good. It's MODERN DAY WESTERN. That means it takes place in the present. I'm going to watch it tonight.

Today I went with the ice princess to work out again. They upped our workout, which is cool. I'm lifting 90 pounds with my legs. Probably not too good, but it's good for me.

Went to Mrs. H. house afterwards. WHAT A SHOCKER! Gee where else would I go. Mr. and Mrs. H. watched Running Scared and I watched it again. Like I said, I liked it. THey liked it too. They went to bed and now I'm writing this. I have the HD Music channel on on their HD TV, and I love it. Such a good picture. Way cool. How Jealous am I?
Big time. Oh well, I at least get to watch it.


Mrs. H said...

It was a good movie, I was surprised. I get it that it is a modern day western ok. I skim you know this. See you tonight. I think I am going ot bed when Miss Mary leaves. That is my plan anyway. Maybe we will watch real World first and then bed, but I don't want to stay up til midnight. We'll see how it goes.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I hoep to see ya again one of these days!!!! I need your cell phone number again as all my stuff was erased! Love ya!