Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mrs. H. thinks that I should have a goal of looking like Bret Michaels. I told her that I was more going for Tobey McGuire in Spiderman.

That's what I'm going for. I think that Tobey has more meat on his body. I understand that her rational is that Bret is hotter. I'm still thinking my goal is the above picture. I would like to have a stomach like Bret's though. Anyway, I'm excited about how I'm going to look in 3 months. I've already gained 5 pounds after a week. Too cool.

I'm very happy. I'm in a good place right now.

As for work, I haven't gone to salary yet. I may soon. The owner did get me a new phone. I didn't get the RAZR like I thought, but I got a NEW slider phone. It's cool. It takes pictures and video. I am happy about that.

That's about all there is for me.

My cousin Exorcised an apartment. It just strikes me as funny that they would even consider asking him to help them. His friends ended up asking him to get the spirits out of the apartment. It is just funny, because he thinks that he is all that, and he's not. That's all I have to say about that.

I am now going home to watch one of the DVDs that I bought the other day. I will eat, go to sleep, and then go work out again.

I'll think of some other things that I was going to write about and forgot.

Stephanie is moving to Tucson, in case I didn't mention that previously. Not Diva Princess, but Chip's ex.

Oh yeah, Mrs. H. and I went and saw the Break-up last night. It was good. We laughed and had a good time. Then we came here and watched some t.v. shows.

I love you all and hope that your lives are going good.

Catch ya later.


Mrs. H said...

Toby does look pretty good in that pic. That video was even better than that pic of Brett though. It is your body and your goal.
Last night was fun. Thanks again!

MOVIEMAN said...

I had fun too. I'll have to find the video to see what you mean. I know it is my goal, but I just wanted to check on the Bret thing.