Friday, June 09, 2006

New cell phone and new eating habits

On Friday, my boss is getting me a brand new cell phone with bluetooth technology. I am excited to get a new cell phone. It will be nice, especially after mine has been acting up recently.

What with me working out now, and trying to gain weight, I am going to have to eat more frequently. I am supposed to eat every 3 hours. That is almost insane for me, because I don't eat that much as it is. I will do it, but it'll take some getting used to. I have been drinking my shakes and eating, but not as frequently as the trainers would like. The funny thing is that I recently bought a new bike from my cousin for 50 dollars and the trainer told me today that I shouldn't do any cardio. I am supposed to gain weight, not lose it. So basically they said that I can eat whatever I want, except for sugar and processed crap. They said that Mary and I should see results in about a month. I can't wait to see my results.

Sorry it's so boring, but nothing is really going on.

Love you all.


Mrs. H said...

Can't wait to see the buff Bret bod!

Dakini said...

Dude. EAT keep eating, your metabolism is high as it is, so you will need to eat like the trainers say. Are you drinking weight gainers shakes?

Dakini said...

you know, I just remembered, when i first lost all my weight and was down to that size 2, I did some weeks of just the weight training and you know my body changed, it was more muscular than thin and muscular, it was..well it was awesome to be honest, dang i miss that. I haven't bought my eliptical yet, but I've been lifting weights and that feels great. Though there are some weight training things I miss from the gym that I can't do on my home system yet. Because of my cerebral palsy, my adductor and abductor muscles are fucked, I need serious gym equipment for that. I mean the two actual little stations meant for just those muscles. you might have to copy paste this in the browser window to open it up,

Dakini said...

abductor machine

MOVIEMAN said...

Yes I am eating protein shakes and eating. I already gained 5 lbs. in a week.