Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Scratch comedian and mark down writer

That would be what I should do. I am a good story teller and writer. I should stick to that. All I know is that I just came here to write something down so that Mrs. H. has something to read on her break. I don't know what else to write. I did have lunch today with my aunt and uncle. Then I went and worked out. I then went and ran errands with Mrs. H. and we went to eat. I bought her some shoes (like she needs them) but they were really cheap. We'll have to go back and see if they have her moms size. We ate at Country Boys, which seems to get more and more white trash every time we go. It's crazy. We then came home and watched our shows and then after she went to bed I watched mine. I am now writing this and then I am going to go to the auto parts store and then home to watch a movie.

I need to see about getting my dvds back from Christy. I had lent them to her son to watch. I really want to get my Superman movies back so I can watch them before the new movie comes out. I have the first 2 and the new one takes place after the second one. I can't wait. I also lent her several other movies. The Matrix collection, Tremors, and so many others that I can't even think of what they are.

I also need to see about taking my iPod alarm clock back to Target. It isn't working.

That is all for now. Sorry that I bore you all with my rants, but hey that's me boring.

I'll write more later,

and that's not a threat. Smart ass.


Mrs. H said...

You have her number call her.
Last night was fun. Thanks again for the shoes and dinner. :)

Dawn said...


What days do you have off again? I have the 3rd, 4th and 5th of July off. We should get together one of those days! Maybe you & me & Mrs. H could go to a movie or something :)

Mrs. H said...

Hey ya. I have that whole week off. Being my bday week and all. My Mommy will be in town, maybe we'll bbq one of those nights w/o Phillip. Kidding. We'll do it on a night he is free.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

WOW what am I chopped liver???? LOL Just kidding I will see you sometime or another. hey Mrs H I want to see your mom while she is here. Maybe bring by the wedding dress for her to see. She is on my guest list by the way!

Dawn said...

That would be awesome! Give me a call or whatever~!