Friday, July 28, 2006

Time for change and good things to come

So I trained Chip for the 4 day patrol, which left me with a 3 day patrol to fill. Well the saints they are a shining down on me. Tuesday night after my work out, I was on my way home and Heath called me. He is a guy that had worked with us for about a week. He was a good guy, but ended up quitting when he felt that we were disorganized. One of the co-owners kept telling me to call him and see if he wanted to help out on the Alliance Patrol. That's what I call it because the three properties are owned by Alliance. So now it's Tuesday and I'm getting a call from Heath. I'm thinking that maybe his check was messed up or something. I asked him what the problem was. He said that nothing was wrong but he heard about the patrol that we have. I said that we started a new patrol and explained it to him. I told him that Gary had wanted me to ask him if he was interested. He said, "Well I think you know the answer to that." Now I'm thinking that it's got to be no, because of what he said about us being disorganized. So I say, "Yeah I figured." He says, "When can I start?" I was so excited and I explained that I thought that he wouldn't want to work for us. The reason I was excited was because after I would train him on Wednesday, then I can have off Thursday and Friday. How cool is that? The other thing is that I covered all of my west side properties. I have everyone in place. That means that I can now focus on doing supervisor type managerial work. That means that I can work maybe during the day or earlier at night. That would keep me available for work stuff during the day. Very cool.

Now I have that all figured out, and I am pretty much covered at the Airport Hilton. Then I just have to worry about maybe 2 other properties and all is right with the world. Once again, things are going great.

As for other things in my life........
There isn't anything else. All I do is play with Rylee and hang out with Kris. Which is a blast and don't get me wrong, because I love it. I did go see Clerks II with Joe tonight. Joe is my friend of 28 years. We had fun. In fact we are going to see Miami Vice tomorrow. Well on Friday. I'm writing this early. That should be cool. Joe stopped at his old work and Casey, an old friend of ours, said that he would like to go to the movie with us. He is wishy washy though. He's bailed on us before. If he goes cool, but if he doesn't that's fine. We will have fun. I am still enjoying my ipod immensely. I saw a cool preview for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that's coming out. It looked awesome. It's all CGI and stuff. I've got Rylee now addicted to movie trailers. She keeps telling me that she wants to see Superman save the plane. We also watch Pirates and other trailers. I think that I am going to bring over the original Superman movies for her to watch. I think that she would enjoy them. I may do that tomorrow. Well on Friday. I guess that is all. On Friday I have to go see Teresa a manger of North Ridge apartments. She is supposed to give me keys and some other things for the patrol of her property. Then I have to make a copy of the key for the patrol car. After that I am free to go to the movie or watch Superman with Rylee. Should be fun. Then to the movies with Joe. I am going to go home right now and watch a movie or some Superman cartoons. I'm sorry that this whole thing is so long, but Mrs. H. wanted me to write something so I did.

Hugs and kisses everyone!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Weird days

I started the new patrol on Thursday. It is a real easy patrol. I listened to my Dane Cook cds. Then on Friday I started to head to work. I was supposed to be there at 3. Well Frank called and said that I didn't have to go in. They had someone else to work. I was like cool. Then I thought, "Well, hell, I'm going to stop and get something to eat." I stopped at my favorite diner, Country Boys. I went there and got a dinner for 4.49. It was country fried steak, mashed potatos, cottage cheese and a dinner roll. What a deal. During that the co-owner called me and said that he would like me to meet with the managers at the properties that I patrol. I agreed to do it. This is what I wish that I could do all the time. This is what they would like us to do instead of working the properties. That would be fine with me. Anyway, I met with all the managers and then met chip to train him for the patrol. It was an easy training job, because it's so easy. It's one of those patrols that you say, "I can't believe that I'm getting paid 14 dollars an hour to drive around and listen to the radio." Very cool. After the patrol, I went home and went to bed. On Saturday I was up and at work by 3pm. I then went and finished my shift at the Embassy Suites. That day I worked 14 hours. I got off at 5am and went to Walmart to buy some movies and some strawberries for my protein shakes. I have been bad and not drinking my shakes this weekend like I should. I feel bad. After that I went home, talked to Rob, had a beer, and went to bed. I came to work on Sunday at 3pm and ended up working until 7am. A 16 hour shift. Now I am finishing that.

Now the pretty cool thing is that I'm on my laptop right now writing this in the lobby of the hotel. How swanky. The company gave me a laptop and it has wyfi or whatever and can get internet in hotspots. There are hotspots in the hotel, but you have to pay to get online. I paid 10 bucks for the day. I surfed the internet earlier, but now after I write this I am going home and that will be the end of the 10 dollars. I guess that I could go to coffee houses or bookstores and get online in a hotspot. Now the cool thing about working 30 hours in the first 2 days of the week is that I still am scheduled for 3 more 10 hour days. That means 60 hours this week. That's 20 hours overtime at 21 dollars an hour. How fucking cool is that.

I spoke to my old friend Shawn the other night. I was telling him how things are going my way and all that stuff. He is the one that used to be the drug dealer. He was making alot of money a dealing to big people like Korn. He was big and muscular and he felt cool. Now he's fat, drunk, and feels like somewhat of a loser. It was quite funny the way we were picking on the way he used to be. He invited me to Thanksgiving and I accepted. He said that I have an open invitation. It'll be nice to see those people again.

It appears that I won't be having my 4 days off like I used to. I will get 3 days off so that's okay. Soon when I have all the schedules filled I will be working during the day in more of supervisorial type of way. I can't wait. I just have to fill some spots.

Okay, well it's 7:21 and I was off at 7. I will talk to you all later. I hope you enjoyed the update. I am off Monday and Tuesday of this week. Then next week I am off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That will be awesome to be off on a Friday. I can actually hang out with Serjio.

I love you all. Everyone take care.

To all you women......I give your boobs a squeeze. ;)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pretty fucking sweet

I got another raise after only a month. I am now making 14 dollars an hour. Also the company gave me a laptop to use for work. It has some kind of thing in it to get online if I find a hotspot. I like that alot. It also has a DVD rom in it. Then they gave me a new account to take care of. It's 3 apartments and I just drive around there for 10 hours. I like that alot, because it's closer to my house. I have to go get the patrol car tomorrow and possibly run the patrol out of the house. I have to ask Rob if it would be okay to keep the patrol car there. Things are looking up. I just have to figure out a couple of more things and fill some positions then I can have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. That would be very sweet. If anyone knows anybody that has a guard card and needs a job, let me know, we pay 10 dollars an hour to start. I am of course still working out and feeling good about it. Very exciting. I am also excited about the movies that are opening this Friday........Clerks II, Lady In The Water, and Miami Vice next week. Too cool.

Saw Superman Returns at IMAX in 3-D. I had seen it already in a regular theater. It was so FUCKING AWESOME in 3-D. I'm still loving my Video Ipod. I have It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1, and Stacked Season 1 and 2, plus a whole lot of music. I guess that's what's been up with me. I bought some movies (go figure). I bought Secret of My Success, Money Pit, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Bloodsport, and a video game called From Russia With Love. That's about it. I am now going to go home and watch a movie and go to sleep.

I love you all and I will see or talk to you guys later.

P.S. I have to work Wed. to start up this new account. I will then hopefully be off early morning Monday. It should all be good. I am a happy person.

Love, Kisses, and Hugs all around.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Don't feel much like writing

I was going to write about the moons of jupiter that I guy at work told me about, but I changed my mind. I don't think you would care that much anyway. A funny little thing about that was that the guy was telling me that there were these glaziers that would go off every once in awhile. I was thinking, "Did he say lasers?" Then it was like he could hear my thoughts because he said, "You know like at yellowstone." He obviously meant geysers. HA HA.

Then I heard about a thing that happened in Iraq with American soldiers. Three soldiers dressed in all black went to a house close by their base, and killed a father, mother, a 5 year old girl, and then they raped and killed the 14 year old girl. They then burned the entire house and the bodies. They dumped the AK-47 in a river and hoped to not get caught. These men are sick fucks and deserve everything that happens to them. Although, the only good thing that could happen to them is if they were raped, killed, and burned. That's the way it should be.

Speaking of crimes. There is another crime that angers me. There was a nine year old girl who had disappeared from her home. Well they ended up finding her days later, 155 yards from her house. She had been raped, starved, and buried alive in a plastic bag. Before the cops found her they interrogated a sex offender that lived near by. He asked for a lawyer. The cops said okay, but kept asking him questions. They were hoping that maybe, if he did do it, that she was still alive. So he answered and confessed to the whole thing. He even told them what and how he did it. Now that the case is going to trial his confession is inadmissable. He had asked for a lawyer and anything he said after that does not count. They have plenty of evidence against him, but still it just sucks. I understand that we can't change the constitution, but there should be exceptions for losers like this. The girl was found with her stuffed dolfin that she had asked for. It was her favorite. The man had already been in trouble with the law years before when he masturbated in front of a 5 year old. SICK FUCKING PEOPLE.

Here I didn't feel like writing and now I've written a bunch. Oh yes, there was an American guy that had been held captive in Korea until recently. That was an interesting story. He had deserted back in the Korean War and ran to them. In a way he is a traitor, but the story was interesting. It was on 60 minutes, so if you look it up online I'm sure you'll find it.

Other than that, I'm watching this show about Navy Seal training and it makes feel better about any thing that I have to do, because at least I don't have to do that.

Now I'm done. I will write more tomorrow maybe.

Have a good day at work.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Where to begin...............

Well last Thursday Mary and I got weighed and measured to see our progress. I gained an inch on my biceps and a little bit on my legs and thighs and chest. That is so cool. I feel so good. I have slowed way down on my sugar intake and I'm feeling good about that too. I like working out and I can't wait to see how I'll look at the end of August.

We had a party that you were all at on Monday. I had fun. I thank you Mrs. H. for having it on Monday so that I could make it. I am glad that Mrs. H. has finally been turned on to Dane Cook. I thought it was cool that we all watched it together. It was good night had by us.

Tuesday was a blast with the kids and the fireworks. Very cool and fun.

I worked on the weekend, as usual, and I had a guy quit on me. It really sucked because then I had to do the South Mountain Patrol. He said that he thought that we were too disorganized. I said well that was just that first week. We are in the second week now and your schedule is set. He still quit. Oh well. It just sucks because the sooner that we get enough people to cover all the shifts then we can hang back and supervise. The owners got us a laptop now that we can use to make schedules, check emails, or send messages back and forth between supervisors. It will be in the car and we will just find a hotspot and get online. Very cool.

Now this week the other supervisor, Frank, went on vacation for a 7 days. The owner of the company already went on a vacation to New York, and he's still there. The other supervisor, Bryan, is leaving on vacation tomorrow. I haven't been on vacation or missed a day of work in the 3 years that I've worked for the company. I think that I deserve a vacation.

My dad wants to go on a vacation also here soon. He also wants me to go with him. We would save money on hotels, a rental car, and gas. I just have to figure out if it's possible for me to do. I would love to go. Then again that price on that ticket to Hawaii was very cheap. I would LOVE to go there.

Who knows what I'll do, or where I'll go. I need to get my car fixed so that I could go on trips during my 4 days off. Well, right now it's late and I should go home. I was going to go earlier, but I didn't. Hell, I didn't even watch the shows that I was going to watch. I did shop at itunes.

Oh that's what else happened. I BOUGHT A VIDEO IPOD. It is very cool. I know that Yaddoshi may be saying that apple sucks or something of that nature, but I love the technology. It is a great invention. Mr. H. had the idea to give Vash my ipod nano for his birthday, so we did. He liked it alot and kept thanking me. Then when he got home from work he told me that he loved the music that I had on there. I thanked him for that and told him that it made me feel good. Anyway, I'm leaving now. I am going home and maybe watch a movie.

I will write more tomorrow. Very interesting stuff.

Jupiter's moons
Child molestors
Rape and killing in Iraq
and maybe a little about me.

Have a good day and a wonderful evening everyone.


Hug yourself. That's from me.

Oh, and your welcome.