Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Don't feel much like writing

I was going to write about the moons of jupiter that I guy at work told me about, but I changed my mind. I don't think you would care that much anyway. A funny little thing about that was that the guy was telling me that there were these glaziers that would go off every once in awhile. I was thinking, "Did he say lasers?" Then it was like he could hear my thoughts because he said, "You know like at yellowstone." He obviously meant geysers. HA HA.

Then I heard about a thing that happened in Iraq with American soldiers. Three soldiers dressed in all black went to a house close by their base, and killed a father, mother, a 5 year old girl, and then they raped and killed the 14 year old girl. They then burned the entire house and the bodies. They dumped the AK-47 in a river and hoped to not get caught. These men are sick fucks and deserve everything that happens to them. Although, the only good thing that could happen to them is if they were raped, killed, and burned. That's the way it should be.

Speaking of crimes. There is another crime that angers me. There was a nine year old girl who had disappeared from her home. Well they ended up finding her days later, 155 yards from her house. She had been raped, starved, and buried alive in a plastic bag. Before the cops found her they interrogated a sex offender that lived near by. He asked for a lawyer. The cops said okay, but kept asking him questions. They were hoping that maybe, if he did do it, that she was still alive. So he answered and confessed to the whole thing. He even told them what and how he did it. Now that the case is going to trial his confession is inadmissable. He had asked for a lawyer and anything he said after that does not count. They have plenty of evidence against him, but still it just sucks. I understand that we can't change the constitution, but there should be exceptions for losers like this. The girl was found with her stuffed dolfin that she had asked for. It was her favorite. The man had already been in trouble with the law years before when he masturbated in front of a 5 year old. SICK FUCKING PEOPLE.

Here I didn't feel like writing and now I've written a bunch. Oh yes, there was an American guy that had been held captive in Korea until recently. That was an interesting story. He had deserted back in the Korean War and ran to them. In a way he is a traitor, but the story was interesting. It was on 60 minutes, so if you look it up online I'm sure you'll find it.

Other than that, I'm watching this show about Navy Seal training and it makes feel better about any thing that I have to do, because at least I don't have to do that.

Now I'm done. I will write more tomorrow maybe.

Have a good day at work.

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Mrs. H said...

You probably didn't even watch any of your shows because you were too busy writing about sicko freaks!

Love ya and see you tonight!