Friday, July 28, 2006

Time for change and good things to come

So I trained Chip for the 4 day patrol, which left me with a 3 day patrol to fill. Well the saints they are a shining down on me. Tuesday night after my work out, I was on my way home and Heath called me. He is a guy that had worked with us for about a week. He was a good guy, but ended up quitting when he felt that we were disorganized. One of the co-owners kept telling me to call him and see if he wanted to help out on the Alliance Patrol. That's what I call it because the three properties are owned by Alliance. So now it's Tuesday and I'm getting a call from Heath. I'm thinking that maybe his check was messed up or something. I asked him what the problem was. He said that nothing was wrong but he heard about the patrol that we have. I said that we started a new patrol and explained it to him. I told him that Gary had wanted me to ask him if he was interested. He said, "Well I think you know the answer to that." Now I'm thinking that it's got to be no, because of what he said about us being disorganized. So I say, "Yeah I figured." He says, "When can I start?" I was so excited and I explained that I thought that he wouldn't want to work for us. The reason I was excited was because after I would train him on Wednesday, then I can have off Thursday and Friday. How cool is that? The other thing is that I covered all of my west side properties. I have everyone in place. That means that I can now focus on doing supervisor type managerial work. That means that I can work maybe during the day or earlier at night. That would keep me available for work stuff during the day. Very cool.

Now I have that all figured out, and I am pretty much covered at the Airport Hilton. Then I just have to worry about maybe 2 other properties and all is right with the world. Once again, things are going great.

As for other things in my life........
There isn't anything else. All I do is play with Rylee and hang out with Kris. Which is a blast and don't get me wrong, because I love it. I did go see Clerks II with Joe tonight. Joe is my friend of 28 years. We had fun. In fact we are going to see Miami Vice tomorrow. Well on Friday. I'm writing this early. That should be cool. Joe stopped at his old work and Casey, an old friend of ours, said that he would like to go to the movie with us. He is wishy washy though. He's bailed on us before. If he goes cool, but if he doesn't that's fine. We will have fun. I am still enjoying my ipod immensely. I saw a cool preview for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that's coming out. It looked awesome. It's all CGI and stuff. I've got Rylee now addicted to movie trailers. She keeps telling me that she wants to see Superman save the plane. We also watch Pirates and other trailers. I think that I am going to bring over the original Superman movies for her to watch. I think that she would enjoy them. I may do that tomorrow. Well on Friday. I guess that is all. On Friday I have to go see Teresa a manger of North Ridge apartments. She is supposed to give me keys and some other things for the patrol of her property. Then I have to make a copy of the key for the patrol car. After that I am free to go to the movie or watch Superman with Rylee. Should be fun. Then to the movies with Joe. I am going to go home right now and watch a movie or some Superman cartoons. I'm sorry that this whole thing is so long, but Mrs. H. wanted me to write something so I did.

Hugs and kisses everyone!


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Oh sweetie I am so happy everything is falling in place for you! That is wonderful. You really are a great person who deserves good things. I know mushy mushy but I do love ya. We have no kids all next week if you are off on Thursday would you like to come over? I love ya!

Mrs. H said...

Thanks again for bringing over the Sprite for my sick baby girl. Now don't go thinking just because you have all these shifts worked and more free time, that you can be at my house EVERY night. I love you man, but I cannot have you there 7 days a week - you'll have to start paying rent. :)

Dakini said...

Sounds good Phillip :D I'm so excited that you got to see clercks 2. Man, We want to see it bad! Willow loves Jay :P Autumn likes Silent Bob. ;D

Call me back when you have free time.

We love you! Oh, sorry I woke you the other day. It was a crazy as wing I was taking. I hate asking for shit, but you know how that goes. I decided to post it in my lj because other than you and Kris being the only family I have that would understand my need for the clothies there really weren't any blood family members I could ask, Though, I also know that none of us are rich soooo, I took my chances and posted it there.

Anyway, love you.

MOVIEMAN said...

Thank you for that ya all.

I love you guys.