Saturday, August 19, 2006

Working a bunch and hoping for less

Well, I just posted a job search on It's free and I hope someone calls me soon. I have 2 shifts available. One is Monday through Friday for 34 hrs., and the other is Friday and Saturday for 16 hrs. When that is filled then I will be able to meet with my clients and work less. I can then check on all my guys. I also put word out with one of my part timers who is a big time manager of another security company called Elite and he said that he will talk to some people.

I have one more week of working out and then I will probably sign up for 3 more months. Although Mary won't be joining me. Also, Larry has a laptop that he wants to sell me. It's a real nice Sony Viao, but I do already have a laptop. This one is real nice, and boy is it small. It's alot quicker than mine. The thing is that that's 1400 dollars. He said that he would take 700 down and 100 dollars a week. The thing with that is that if I want to sign up with his gym then I will have to use that money for the gym. What a dilemma.

The other thing that kind of adds to that is the fact that the owner of the company told me that if I want to buy a better car for myself, that he and the co-owner will help me. It would be a used car, but I would tell the co-owners stepfather what I want and then they would pay for it. I would then pay them back. How cool is that. I do like this job. So now what do I need more. The workout, the car, or the laptop? I think it's in that exact order that my priorities lie. I was thinking of telling the owners that I could get this nice laptop if they wanted to buy it for me. I will then take the one they gave me and give it to Frank. I'll figure it out.

Another thing is this moron that works for me. His name is Heath and he lost the gas card for the patrol car. Idiotic! Then while searching the car for the lost gas card, he hit his head on the windshield and cracked it. A big spider web type crack. Fucker! I can't wait to hire someone and move him to the bottom of the pile.

I went to Prescott the other day and had a good time with my dad and Larry. We ended up drinking too much and my dad missed work. Which then reflected back on me. We decided though that next time we go to a place we won't just hang out in the bars. Although, we did hang out in this old west style saloon. They had an old fashioned piano player. Too cool.

Tonight we are having a get together for Rob and Mei at the house. That will be fun. Except that I have to go to work tonight, but that's not that hard. The bad thing is that on Sunday morning I am supposed to go with dad, Larry, and Larry's aunt and uncle to eat lunch and then watch a movie at Larry's house. The thing that sucks is that then that night I may have to go to work. I am still waiting on one of my workers to call me about that.

The big thing is my birthday party on Saturday August 26th. Everyone will be there. Shawn, Mike, Serjio, Yvette, Talia, Serjio Jr., Rob, Mei, Dawn, Steph, Todd, Kenny, Stephanie, Scott, Mary, David, Kris, Taylor, and Rylee. Plus maybe some friends of Serjio and I's. I can't wait, I'm so excited.

Well I guess that's all. I was going to write something about the Jon Benet Ramsey case, but I am going to go to bed.

Like always, I love you all and have a good day.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Chillin, workin, and just plain having fun

Hello everyone. I still haven't gotten the weekends off, but I'm working on it. All I need to do is hire one more guy and then I'll be set. This week I will work 35.5 hours. That's fine, because I get paid for 40. I've just been watching DVDs, working, and hanging with my best friend. I'm sure that I bother her alot, but she still puts up with me. We had a good time tonight, as we do every time that we hang out. WOW, we are so full of ourselves. I'm writing this on the laptop that work gave me. I just watched several movie trailers and finished up my shows. Now I am going to go home and watch the Ultimate Avengers 2 and maybe The Bad News Bears. I have a meeting tomorrow with the owners of the company. They want to change the way we watch the Airport Hilton. That's fine with me. I think it's for the best. So far things are going great with work. I enjoy talking with the managers of the properties. I am still working out and loving it. We measured the other day again. My right arm went from 10 and 3/4 to 11 and 7/8, and my left arm went from 10 and 7/8 to 12. Pretty cool. I am still weighing about 128 lbs. Which is still 6 more pounds than when I first joined the gym. I am up on all my measurements. We are supposed to be finished at the end of this month, but I think that I may join for 3 more months.

I am having my birthday party on August 26th (my birthday), and everyone is invited. Bring the kids if you want. There will be swimming, and all that fun stuff. I am not sure about what time it starts, but let's say 6:30pm. It's at Mr. and Mrs. H. house. It should be fun. I may buy some Bud Light, but if you want something else you'll have to bring it. I can't believe that I'm going to be 35. WOW I'm old. Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to go home now and watch a movie. I have to get up at 1:30 so I can meet with an apartment manager, then go train a guy at the Airport Hilton from 3 to 4, then meet with the owners for a meeting, and finally go to work at 11pm to 7am. All in a days work I guess.

Sorry if I bore you guys, or if I'm to all over the map. That's just me. When I die people will say, "Well, I don't know, he was just ........Phillip." SOB SOB CRY CRY BOO HOO.

I know that Mrs. H. is saying to herself, "Does that say S. O. B.? Because he is a son of a bitch."

No, it's Sob, like crying.

See you all, or talk to you soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Everything's coming up roses

Ok, so here's the situation. My parents went away on a weeks vacation aaaaaaaaaaand they left the keys to their brand new porsche. Would they mind mmmmmmmm well of course not. I'll just take it for a little spin....... Sorry, that was "Parents just don't understand".

Here's the REAL story.

On Sunday, the supervisors had a meeting with the owners. Now, there's me, Frank, and John. John has worked for the owners since they started the company. He just now decided that he will be a supervisor. So we have this meeting and the owners start by saying that there will no longer be a golden day program. We ask what that is and he tells us that it means that we will not be having our set days off. Plus they say that I am taking all of the work for this side of town. Meaning that I do the schedules and try to cover other properties myself. They said that that will stop. "No offense, but it's not working out." I explain that that is fine. They then lay it on us, the new plan.................

John will take care of South Mountain Patrol and some other properties. I will take care of Alliance Patrol, Embassy Suites, Airport Hilton, the Buttes (when they need us), Moon Valley, Cavan Commercial, and possibly a new account out on Dysart and I-10. Then Frank will get all the guard houses, and Sunscape Villas. Now Bryan who is a supervisor on the East side of town covers everything himself, and the owners never get a call from him. He doesn't even work 40 hours a week, but he gets paid 40 hours a week. Basically Salary, but for me, 40 hours at 14 dollars a week. So basically if someone calls off, then I will work for them. Or if I was short on people I would have to work until it was filled. The cool thing for me is that I have pretty much everything filled. The way I figure it, I'll work about 17 hours and get paid for 40. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT SHIT? Of course I'll have to take care of the patrol car, and maybe meet with the mangers of the properties every once in awhile. Very cool. I will have the weekends off, unless someone calls off, and will be able to hang with my friends.

Now here's the kicker.

If we do get that parking account, then it will go to me because it's on my side of town. If that happens, I will get another dollar raise. That will take me up to 15 dollars an hour. What ever accounts they add to my side of town, I will get another dollar an hour raise. The bad thing is that if I lose an account, then I will get a dollar deducted from my pay. Very good incentive. I am happy and thankful for a wonderful job like this. The best thing of all is if I fill that 17 hours a week, then I don't have to work at all. I will get paid 40 hours no matter what. I just maintain the properties and keep the guys in line.

Also the bosses gave me several comments about how Frank leaned on me alot when we were both supervisors of the same property, and how much I was doing before. That made me feel good.

I am a happy camper.

Speaking of camping. I could do that if I want on my days off.

I still have to answer the phone 7 days a week. What price FREEDOM?

No to answer some people.

Diva Princess- I may be hanging out with my friend Joe on Thursday, but I will see. I will have to work 6 hours on that day, but it can be anytime between 6PM to 6AM. Oh, that was a little sappy, but it always makes me feel good to hear people talk good about me.

Dakini- No problem. You didn't wake me up. I was just killing a kitten when you called. IT'S A JOKE! I'm sorry that I couldn't help you. I would've liked to.

Mrs. H.- Don't worry, I know that you have family. I can respect that. I'm an only child, I can think of something to do.

Love you all and thank you for the kind words.