Friday, August 11, 2006

Chillin, workin, and just plain having fun

Hello everyone. I still haven't gotten the weekends off, but I'm working on it. All I need to do is hire one more guy and then I'll be set. This week I will work 35.5 hours. That's fine, because I get paid for 40. I've just been watching DVDs, working, and hanging with my best friend. I'm sure that I bother her alot, but she still puts up with me. We had a good time tonight, as we do every time that we hang out. WOW, we are so full of ourselves. I'm writing this on the laptop that work gave me. I just watched several movie trailers and finished up my shows. Now I am going to go home and watch the Ultimate Avengers 2 and maybe The Bad News Bears. I have a meeting tomorrow with the owners of the company. They want to change the way we watch the Airport Hilton. That's fine with me. I think it's for the best. So far things are going great with work. I enjoy talking with the managers of the properties. I am still working out and loving it. We measured the other day again. My right arm went from 10 and 3/4 to 11 and 7/8, and my left arm went from 10 and 7/8 to 12. Pretty cool. I am still weighing about 128 lbs. Which is still 6 more pounds than when I first joined the gym. I am up on all my measurements. We are supposed to be finished at the end of this month, but I think that I may join for 3 more months.

I am having my birthday party on August 26th (my birthday), and everyone is invited. Bring the kids if you want. There will be swimming, and all that fun stuff. I am not sure about what time it starts, but let's say 6:30pm. It's at Mr. and Mrs. H. house. It should be fun. I may buy some Bud Light, but if you want something else you'll have to bring it. I can't believe that I'm going to be 35. WOW I'm old. Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to go home now and watch a movie. I have to get up at 1:30 so I can meet with an apartment manager, then go train a guy at the Airport Hilton from 3 to 4, then meet with the owners for a meeting, and finally go to work at 11pm to 7am. All in a days work I guess.

Sorry if I bore you guys, or if I'm to all over the map. That's just me. When I die people will say, "Well, I don't know, he was just ........Phillip." SOB SOB CRY CRY BOO HOO.

I know that Mrs. H. is saying to herself, "Does that say S. O. B.? Because he is a son of a bitch."

No, it's Sob, like crying.

See you all, or talk to you soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Mrs. H said...

Thanks for the update, I just feel so out of the loop w/ you sometimes, I am glad you have this blog to keep me posted.

You are and S.O.B. but I love you anyway!

Will you be providing bbq or any food for us at this party of yours? And tell your other friends if they want to swim to bring their own towels. I only have so many towels.

I love you!

Dakini said...

I was thinking the EXACT same thing as Kris as for the B-Day BBQ.

MOVIEMAN said...

Sure I can buy food for the BBQ. I will have them bring towels.

Thank you.