Saturday, August 19, 2006

Working a bunch and hoping for less

Well, I just posted a job search on It's free and I hope someone calls me soon. I have 2 shifts available. One is Monday through Friday for 34 hrs., and the other is Friday and Saturday for 16 hrs. When that is filled then I will be able to meet with my clients and work less. I can then check on all my guys. I also put word out with one of my part timers who is a big time manager of another security company called Elite and he said that he will talk to some people.

I have one more week of working out and then I will probably sign up for 3 more months. Although Mary won't be joining me. Also, Larry has a laptop that he wants to sell me. It's a real nice Sony Viao, but I do already have a laptop. This one is real nice, and boy is it small. It's alot quicker than mine. The thing is that that's 1400 dollars. He said that he would take 700 down and 100 dollars a week. The thing with that is that if I want to sign up with his gym then I will have to use that money for the gym. What a dilemma.

The other thing that kind of adds to that is the fact that the owner of the company told me that if I want to buy a better car for myself, that he and the co-owner will help me. It would be a used car, but I would tell the co-owners stepfather what I want and then they would pay for it. I would then pay them back. How cool is that. I do like this job. So now what do I need more. The workout, the car, or the laptop? I think it's in that exact order that my priorities lie. I was thinking of telling the owners that I could get this nice laptop if they wanted to buy it for me. I will then take the one they gave me and give it to Frank. I'll figure it out.

Another thing is this moron that works for me. His name is Heath and he lost the gas card for the patrol car. Idiotic! Then while searching the car for the lost gas card, he hit his head on the windshield and cracked it. A big spider web type crack. Fucker! I can't wait to hire someone and move him to the bottom of the pile.

I went to Prescott the other day and had a good time with my dad and Larry. We ended up drinking too much and my dad missed work. Which then reflected back on me. We decided though that next time we go to a place we won't just hang out in the bars. Although, we did hang out in this old west style saloon. They had an old fashioned piano player. Too cool.

Tonight we are having a get together for Rob and Mei at the house. That will be fun. Except that I have to go to work tonight, but that's not that hard. The bad thing is that on Sunday morning I am supposed to go with dad, Larry, and Larry's aunt and uncle to eat lunch and then watch a movie at Larry's house. The thing that sucks is that then that night I may have to go to work. I am still waiting on one of my workers to call me about that.

The big thing is my birthday party on Saturday August 26th. Everyone will be there. Shawn, Mike, Serjio, Yvette, Talia, Serjio Jr., Rob, Mei, Dawn, Steph, Todd, Kenny, Stephanie, Scott, Mary, David, Kris, Taylor, and Rylee. Plus maybe some friends of Serjio and I's. I can't wait, I'm so excited.

Well I guess that's all. I was going to write something about the Jon Benet Ramsey case, but I am going to go to bed.

Like always, I love you all and have a good day.


Rylee said...

It was great hanging out with you tonight. You are always so much fun Uncle Phillip!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hey Phillip there is a cute picture of us on my blog from your party! Thanks again for inviting us I had a great time! Todd and I were not having a blow out like everyone thought, we were messing hardcore with each other and we can see how some may have thought different. I love ya! My surgery is tomorrow so I will not be on here until next week! Have a great one!