Saturday, September 09, 2006

No help yet, but a trip

I still haven't got any help. I am going to start going to the Walmart's and stuff to ask Security guards if they want to work part time or full time for us. So right now I'm working 7 days straight. We had a meeting the other day and I found out that we, the supervisors and owners, are going to a security convention in San Diego at the end of the month. I am very excited. This will be my first business trip ever. Very cool. We will leave on the 24th and come back on the night of the 26th.

As for other things in my life.

I was supposed to be having a baby when I'm 35, so that when he/she graduates high school, I will be 53.

My trip that I haven't went on is bumming me out a bit.

Not having a girlfriend is also a bummer.

My car not being to great is another thing that brings me down a bit, because I really want to go on trips around Arizona.

I am coping with all of this fine. I know that it's all of my own doing. Nobody can help me but me. I did have a really good conversation with Stephanie. She said that I am a great guy and that I should never change for anybody. She said I'm the most important person in her life. Above all else. Which made my month. I realize that I'm in a good place and I am very happy. Just sometimes I think of these things. Of course other things are that I'm going to a security conference and this isn't my vocational choice in life. I would love to be a writer or director, but this pays very well for now.

I love my friends and I am glad that you are in my life.

I'm sorry to unload on everyone, but I just wanted to let you know what was up.

Mrs. H. said that we may be spending too much time together and I believe that that may be true. I should stay at home more and just be me.

I realize that that may have sounded pathetic or whatever when it was all together, but it wasn't meant to be that way.

Thanks for reading.

I love you all.


Mrs. H said...

I still love you and you are a very important person in my life. "I'd die without you" :) I just know when we get too snippy all the time, that it is time for a little break.

Also, if Stephanie thinks you are the most important person in her life, then why is she w/ Scott? She should be w/ you, or Scott should be the most important. I know I said I'd stop saying she should be w/ you after meeting him, as he was cool, but I still think you 2 should be together. She can hang well w/ all of us.

I don't think you should change for anyone either, I don't know why you would think you should.

It was nice to see you for even that short time today, it was a nice pleasant surprise, for an otherwise crappy ass day. DOn't be offended Steph, I am SOOOOOOOO grateful you guys were here too.

Love you!

MOVIEMAN said...

Thank you very much. You light up my life, you give me hope.

The thing about change was that I was thinking about how Christy and I got along real well. We have alot in common. Now I know that I'm not her type but I just started thinking that maybe I start telling about my family to quick. That might scare a woman off. Then again, that is who I am. SO BE IT!

It's kind of interesting that Christy's boyfriend's birthday is on the same day as mine. It's us damn Virgos.

Thanks again for the kind words.

I love you lots!

Mrs. H said...

People are people and while I really like Christy, she wouldn't be good for you anyway.