Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My ancestor was Charlemagne and I'm a fucking account manager for a security company

WOW, how the mighty have fallen. I was supposed to have the weekend off and all I got was Friday. Then I started thinking well I don't necessarily need the weekend off, I could take some days in the middle of the week. So I arranged to have Monday and Tuesday off. I was happy for about 2 seconds. I thought that I would get to finally hang out with Mrs. H. and watch our shows and just plain have fun. Fat chance. I received a call from the President of the company telling me that I had to get someone to cover the Buttes for a ballroom function. They had covered 1030PM to 630AM, but needed someone to cover from 6PM to 1030PM. Keep in mind that they called me at 340PM to tell me this. I tried to figure out a way, but it was no use. Everyone was already working. That meant that I had to work it. I got ready and went to work. The bad thing was that I wasn't going to be able to hang out with Mrs. H. When I showed up at the Buttes they told me to watch the parking lot. Which is a fucking easy job. I sat at the entrance of the property in my car. I was parked strategically so that I could see everyone who came onto the property. I played Tetris on my ipod, watched an episode of It's always sunny in Philadelphia, watched some music videos, read a Premiere magazine, and listened to the Howard Stern show. It's times like that that I think, "Wow, I'm getting paid 15.50 an hour to do this? What a job." Granted that there are the times when I have worked over the 40 hours and I don't get paid for it, but mostly it's about like this. Everyday that I do work I think about how pretty easy the job is. It only sucks when I get called away from my plans to fill a spot or whatever.

Now the other thing that sucked tonight was the fact that my guy misunderstood me about what he was supposed to work on Monday night. I had told him that he was going to work 12 hours on Monday, and 9 on Tuesday. He told me that he had written down what I gave him, and it was 7 hours on Monday, and 12 on Tuesday. I straightened it out with him except that then I had to work 2 hours at Morgan Park apartment complex after I left the Buttes. The good news is that on Tuesday I will only work 2 hours instead of 5. That is cool. Now the next thing to worry about is getting someone to work on Saturday at the Airport Hilton for 16 hours, and Sunday for 8 hours. Like always, I'm sure that it will all work out.

Other than that, I watched all of MY shows and now all Mrs. H. and I have to do is watch her and I shows. Now I'm going to go home and either watch a movie or go right to bed. I will then hang out with Mrs. H. and watch t.v. All is well.

Once again, Love and kisses on all your pink parts.
I love you.


Mrs. H said...

Blah, blah, blah - you've got it so rough!

Can't wait to watch the challenge tonight!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hey silly man! Maybe I will see when we come over to do dinner with the Rheaume's Love ya