Saturday, October 21, 2006

Write something!

Diva Princess and Mrs. H. told me that I haven't written on my blog in awhile. I realized that it has been along time. I am glad that my groupies are eagerly awaiting my writing. So here it is.....

Well the last time that I wrote anything I was trying to get Saturday off. Here it is a week later and I'm still trying to get Saturday off. I am short a guy or two. This guy Casey that was working for me said that he was available to work more hours. Then the next day, he didn't show up for work. I called him that night and the next day to give him one more chance and all I got was his voice mail. Oh well. Tough shit for you kid. I also have to cover the Buttes again this week. That's not that big of a deal because I have another supervisor helping me out. I almost wouldn't have had Friday off, but Keith helped me out and made the guy work. That was cool. I also found out today that I will probably be getting a new account. That means another 50 cents to a dollar raise. How fucking cool. The owners gave me a fax machine today. I will be using that to send one of the property's reports. Also I can send in my payroll without worrying about trying to get to Keith's house on the other side of town.

Other than that Mei had a job interview this week in Maryland and Rob wants me to move my tv into my room. That's fine with me because then I don't have to put up with questions or small talk while I'm trying to watch a movie. The only bad thing is the sound. I've told them that I like watching movies when I get home early in the morning. They are still asleep, and I would hate to wake them. Who knows.

Other things are that I haven't spoken to my friend Stephanie in awhile. She called me when she broke up with her boyfriend, but then she didn't call me anymore. Her cell phone is turned off and I was talking to her at her mom's cousin's house. Well I finally heard from her through myspace and she is fine. Good to know.

I also got a lovely text from Mrs. H. the other day that said that she missed me. We used to hang out all the time and she told me that maybe it was too much, but we do miss eachother. I hang out a little here and there, but nothing like what we used to do. I am trying to really work it out to where I will be available more. I am going to try and knock my work week down to 32 hours or something and do all my client stuff during one day. That will be much better. I need to just hire more people and focus more on my clients then on my days off. It is the end of the fiscal year and this is when other security companies are trying to bid for our work. I need to be talking with the clients and making sure that they are happy. If I lose accounts, I lose money.

So now we are caught up to Friday. I went to bed at about 5:30AM and was going to wake up at 11 AM so I could go work out at noon. (I didn't work out all week.) Well my alarm went off, I thought about for a second, and then I rolled over and went back to sleep. I then woke up at 2:30 and had a message from Gary the president of the company. He informed me that one of the security vehicles was ready to be picked up. It was in fact the one that Heath wrecked when he ran over that huge rock. I drank my coffee and then Gary and Keith picked me up. We talked about the upcoming account and my other accounts. Then we waited for the car. Gary had to go get tires for another vehicle. Keith and I stayed at the mechanic's shop. He told us the car was ready, but when he got in to turn it on, it wouldn't start. He tried working on it and then told us that we would have to wait until Monday. That meant that it was useless for me to have even went there because the car wasn't ready, but who knew. Anyway, Keith and I go to meet with Gary at a diner that is next to discount tire company and I have coffee and fried zuchinni and mushrooms. Then Gary takes me home. At home I put on one of my DVDs that I got from Blockbuster while I'm making calls for work. The movie is a weird sexploitation movie called ILSA: She wolf of the SS.

It has naked women being tortured in a Nazi prison camp. I know that it doesn't sound funny, but it an exploitation film. It was made in 1974 and meant to attract the guys that want to see women naked. Granted I do love that they all have natural breasts. This was the 70's after all. Although, I do believe that this was meant for the weirder crowd of guys who like to see their women's nipples clamped and pubes shaved. Plus other weird stuff that I won't get into, and I haven't even watched half the movie yet. Then Mrs. H. calls me and asks if I'm coming over. I said yes, because I missed her as well. I knew that Joe and I had plans for later that night to go watch Flags of Our Fathers. I then got ready and went to Mrs. H.'s house. When I arrived they were on the way to McD's and I went with them. After eating we headed back to Mrs. H. house. I stopped at Blockbuster along with Todd and Steph and rented two movies. The Proposition and District B-13. I arrived at Mrs. H. house and we talked a bit and then I had to go meet Joe at the Cine-Capri. (My favorite movie theater.)

I met Joe and he had already bought my ticket. I buy his alot so he returned the favor. I then went to the concession stand to get some candy and a drink. As I was in line one of the workers yells out that he can help me where he is. As I begin to go over to him, he makes like he's fishing and is reeling me in. I jog over to where he is and I make a stupid little gesture as if the hook is in my mouth. Then I order a Pepsi and Bunch a Crunch. He then sees my shirt and says, "Are you going to blog this?" I said, "Yes, I will now. What's your name?" As I look at his name tag and find out. I say, "Ben.", just as he says his name. I said okay, I'm going to blog about you. So there it was. Joe and I talked a bit and then the movie started. It was a good movie. It showed that the men that put this flag up weren't necessarily heroes, but everyone was in there own way. They were just doing a job. It was expaining that, "hero" is a name that we put on people. Although, the definition of hero is different for each person, some are deserving and some are not. Some of the greatest heroes we will never hear about.

Speaking of heroes. The movie United 93 is very good. One of the best movies of 2006. It is powerful and heartwarming. I had seen all the documenatries about flight 93, but this was the best.

Mrs. H. I miss you very much.
Diva Princess it was nice seeing you and your family tonight.
If anyone else reads this I hope you are in a good place in your life.

I love you guys.
I'm sorry that I assumed on my last post that people loved me.


Mrs. H said...

Good to read your blog again. Nice seeing you these last few nights. It would have been even nicer if we had more alone time to bitch about my husband. HAHAHAHA oh the fun we have. I love you!

MOVIEMAN said...

And I love you. I have just got done with my schedule for this week and I believe that I will be off on Monday and Tuesday. I may only have to work half of a shift Sunday night. I won't know until after I go to work. I wish we had more alone time myself. We better be careful or people will talk. I am tempted to spread that rumor at my house. Just for shits and giggles.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I do love you! I gave you crap about not posting on your blog because I DO actually like reading your blog :-) It was fun seeing you more the usual this weekend. Burger King was fun, I was only teasing I really do like your stories. have a great week!

MOVIEMAN said...

I am glad that you enjoy my blog and my stories. Thank you.