Thursday, November 09, 2006

Getting things filled and missing my friend

Well I'm still trying to get all of my shifts filled. It was almost happening, but then the Hampton Inn needed two security guards every night. I'm sure that I already wrote about that. The thing that sucks is that if I didn't have this shift to fill, I would probably be fine. I have got the positions filled at the condos. All of those are filled. Now I just need to fill the spot that DUMBO Heath left open when he left. He gave his two weeks notice and his last night was Tuesday. The funny thing was that he asked me to write him a letter of recommendation. I told him that I would, but I didn't. Then last night he called and asked if he would have a job if he came back to Arizona. I told him that he might, but I would probably have his position filled. He sounded upset, oh well. I hired another guy last night but he only wants to work during the day. I can maybe use him, but I'm not sure. I had been working quite alot without a day off. Finally on Tuesday night I was able to have a night off. That was very cool. I went shopping at Walmart with my cousin and then we went and hung out with his 18 year old girlfriends. I ate and he talked to them. Then I went home and watched the movie Cars. It was a good movie, except that my friend Joe's wife said that it was better than the Incredibles. It wasn't. The other day I caught up on some of my special features on DVDs that I hadn't watched yet. Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Break-Up. I watched The Break-Up with Mei the other day, and it was quite funny. There were things in the movie that she found that were kind of identical to arguments that her and her husband have had. I found Jon Favreau funny in the movie. Especially in a part where he tells Vince that he can buy a program for like 20 bucks that counts keystrokes. The whole movie is funny and sweet.

Diva Princess called me on Wednesday to ask me a movie question. I helped her out. I always love to help with my useless movie information, but I guess it was useful.

The final thing is that my friend Mrs. H. is gone to Italy. She will be back by tonight, but I will wait to see her until she has time with her family. I am off Friday night, but Mr. H. has off on Friday so that's family day all day. I will see her on Saturday, Sunday, or maybe Monday. Whatever day it is we will hang out and have a good time, like we always do. I hope she had a great time. I will take her out to eat and hear all about it.

Sorry I didn't write sooner, but I don't have a log in at my house to get on the computer, and I haven't been to Mrs. H.'s until this morning. Rob took me off the computer when they moved it into their room. Then it was keeping him up when Mei was on it at night, so he put it in the office. Sucks for me, but oh well. Who cares?

I hope that I didn't bore anybody. Thanks for reading. Good night.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hi sweetie, thanks for your help. I wish I knew someone willing to work nights and on the weekends for you. I ,iss ya and hope to see you soon :-) I know I miss Mrs H so much. I am going to hate it when we move and I cannot see her whenever I want. Oh well I will cross that bridge when I get there. I am babysitting Rylee either tomorrow night or Saturday so that Mr and Mrs H can go out and celebrate their anniversary. Can you believe it has been 6 years??? Crazy! Oh well have a great day sweetie!

Mrs. H said...

I missed you too my friend. THe iPod rocked. Italy was bellisamo! It was the best trip EVER! I need to find where I packed your rock.

I don't know which night me and teh MR are going out for our anniversary, but we will definately hang soon! Love you!