Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My life and the natural woman

Whether you like her or hate her I still hope that you can see that she is a beautiful woman.

As is this one.

Now, I wasn't able to put up my favorite pictures of these two. (Not because they are nude or illegal, I just couldn't find them on the internet.) The point is these girls are all natural. I know that you're thinking what the fuck is the point of this fucking blog. I want to read about his EXCITING life. What's with the girls? Well here it is.

A CONVERSATION had this morning.

Me: "Look at this."
I show him an Allure magazine that I bought the other day with a very sexy picture of Scarlett Johansson in it.
Him: "Who's that?"
Me: "Scarlett Johansson from the Island."
Him: "Yeah, the Island."
So then I go in my room and try to start up a conversation about sexy women. I left my door open and I'm looking at my two pictures of Angelina Jolie.
Me: "The question is, who's sexier? I think that she (Angelina) may be sexier. I think Scarlett is hot, but Angelina is sexy."
He comes in and looks at the pictures of Angelina Jolie.
Him: "I don't know. I don't think she's that hot."
Me: "I cut that one out because it was the sexiest picture of a woman that I've ever seen."
He goes back to getting ready in the bathroom.
Him: "You should get out more."
For some silly reason I get defensive of Angelina Jolie. Like he's seen a hotter woman than her.
Me: "Oh you've seen a hotter woman than that."
Him: "Yes, in California."
Me: "Well in California it's wall to wall....plastic."
Him: "They are plastic."
Me: "I mean fake boobs, fake lips, fake everything."
He comes back in my room and points at the Angelina Jolie picture.
Him: "I bet she's not all natural."
I FLIP OUT (on the inside).
Me: "I'll bet you a hundred thousand dollars that she's all natural."
He laughs.
Me: "Ok I don't have a hundred thousand dollars, but I have nine hundred and seventy five dollars that says that she's natural. I've followed her career since she was little."
Him: "You've known her since she was little?
Trying to condescend me.
Me: "I know."
He finishes getting ready and I change my clothes.
I walk out to the living room.
Him: "Sorry I picked on your girlfriend."
Me: "Ha."

I was upset more to the fact that he would think that she is plastic and fake. It's not because I'm a fan of the woman, it's because she is so beautiful that he doesn't see it. Allow me to go off on a tyrade that Mrs. H. loves so much.

WHAT THE FUCK????!!!!! You've seen way hotter chicks than Angelina Jolie. YOU? Hanging out at modeling agencies were ya? I've seen several women in my lifetime. Whether it be on tv, the movies, or in person, and I've only seen one drop dead gorgeous woman in my life. Her name is Jane. She is GLAMOROUS. I tell her that whenever I see her. I told her that, after the first time that I met her. So maybe in California you did see alot of beautiful women, but at least give Angelina Jolie the benefit of the doubt. It's not even about Jolie, it's about stupid guys that I know that can't tell if a woman has fake breasts or not. It's guys that think that Penelope Cruz is hot, it's guy's that love to get lap dances by woman with big fake breasts. YUCK! They make me sick. I know that I am obsessed with breasts, but hey that's who I am. I like breasts. REAL, Fleshy, soft, voluptous breasts.

One of the points of my blog is this......
Do you think that Angelina Jolie has had work done?
Do you see her beauty?
Personal feelings aside, who do you think is hotter, Scarlett of Angelina?
Last but not least, if you DO know anyone who is a beautiful woman, send her my way.

Now about me. I'm meeting a guy today that I am interviewing and probably going to hire. He will work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday on the Alliance Patrol. Gary would like me to try to fill as many of the shifts that I work as possible. That would be cool. Maybe I would work only 32 hours. We talked about maybe me doing 4 days with 3 days off. By the way, I'm making 17 dollars and hour now. I like that alot. Plus I am off tonight. I will also be off on Friday. Things are looking up.

I love you guys and thanks for reading.


Have a wonderful day.


Mrs. H said...

DUDE! You crack me up.

I don't think Scarlett is all that pretty. Yes, I think Angelina is a stupid whore, but she is pretty, no I don't think she is the hottest woman in the world, but I think better than Scarlett. Jane is pretty too. I think that girl that was on Heroes last week was pretty too. The ex girlfriend or something of the dead docs son.

See you tonight!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

LOL ok first off I love the BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.

I think Angelina is absolutely beautiful! I have never thought Scarlett was anything special. Personally the most beautiful women I know are not available, that would be me and Mrs H.

I love you for loving us!

MOVIEMAN said...

Thanks for your input. I love you guys and Happy Thanksgiving.

I love that you guys love me too.