Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Memorial went well and things are getting better

I miss my mother.

The memorial went very well. I am very glad that everyone showed up. Even my boss Keith showed up. Everyone made me feel so good. I thank you all for that.

Mary said to me the other night that I said that I didn't know my mother that well, but that she lives on in me. In everything that I do and who I am, that is my mom. That was very sweet. It made me a little choked up.

Now for what's up with work. I did the schedule for this week and I didn't have my self scheduled. It was very cool. So far I only worked on Sunday for 8 hours, Tuesday for 4.5 hours, and now tonight I will work about 6 hours. Also today I was able to meet with my clients and find out how we are doing. That isn't really billable hours, but it's my job. I don't have my self scheduled for next week either. Very cool. I love it. Hopefully it will last. I only have 3 shifts that I have to fill. Saturday 3-11, 11-7, and Sunday 3-11. I am working on it.

Now for the real cool part. Serjio and I are going out of town for the weekend. Last week Serjio told me that he was off this next week and wanted to take me out of town for a mini vacation. We are just going to head East and then North. We don't really have a destination figured out. It's all about the journey. I'm so excited. We are going to have so much fun. We are leaving Saturday early morning. Such fun to be had.

Sorry that I didn't write more stuff, but I'm hungry. I will talk to you all later. I am doing fine and feeling better. I do miss my mom and I'm sure that that will never change. I have several people inviting me to their houses for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I think that I am going to Joe's house on Christmas Eve, and Mrs. H.'s house on Christmas. My aunt invited me to their house on Christmas Eve, but it's so far away. It's in Chino Valley.

Thank you all for everything. I appreciate it ALL.

I love you guys.

Cherish the moments.


Mrs. H said...

The memorial was lovely.
What Mary said was lovely and this is not near as lovely, because I still don't know how you turned out as wonderful as you are w/ the parents you have, but somewhere they must have done something right and for that I am thankful.
I love you!

Stephanie said...

Hi sweetie, good to see you post again.I agree with Mary, she will live on in you and it is your choice what parts of her you want to live on. That is the great thing, I parents may mold us when we are little, but as we get older we decide what traits of theirs that we really wnat for ourselves. I hope you have a great time on your mini trip. I also hope that you can come to my birthday party, please do not feel obligated to get me a present. Just having my friends there is all I want! I lvoe ya!

Brigitte said...

I just have to tell you again that I love you!

My Dad sent me a Christmas card! I'm excited but fearful, I don't want to be hurt again.

But I'm trying to learn from you...I will do my best to forgive him and be in contact with him.

I love you Phillip! I miss you!