Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thoughts that go bump in my head

I am very greatful that Kris put the picture up of my car. It made me smile. Although, my car always does that. I know that you are all tired of hearing about it, but I love it so.

There are a couple things that I've been thinking about lately.

The first thing is how our lives are made up of choices. The other day I was about 10 minutes late meeting a new employee of mine. Her name is Jessica. Anyway, I arrived at the QT where we arranged to meet and then I told her to follow me to the location where we were going to work. I went to my car and I slowly pulled out and watched her to make sure that she would be behind me. As I watched her she backed right into a car that was pulling around behind her. I thought oh shit. Then I started thinking that had I been on time, the guy wouldn't have been there yet and she wouldn't of hit the guy. I knew that it was useless to blame myself, but it made me think.

From the way I have it figured, my life would have been different had I never flunked 7th grade. When I flunked so did my friend David M. That made me more aware of him. I didn't really start hanging out with him until about 8th grade and in high school. Next thing I know we are best friends. He got a job at the drive in movie theater and I thought maybe I'll apply. I did, and I got hired immediately. That is when David M. met this girl named Kris. We hung out together drinking and all but I was shy. One day I had a real bad hang over and asked if I could go home from work. I was waiting outside for my ride and she approached me, and tried to talk to me. I didn't say much because I was shy, and I wouldn't remember the moment because I was sick and out of it. I will be tortured for not remembering meeting my best friend in the whole world for the rest of my life. The point being that here we are 18 years later and Dave M. is not really in our lives. In the adventures of Kris and Phillip, we have met all kinds of nice people. Steph, Dawn, Rachael, Brig, Barb, Dobbie, Shawn, Serjio, David, Taylor, Ginger, Rob, Mei, Rylee, and several others that are too many to name.

Had I chose not to hang out with David M. or stayed friends with him when they broke up, I would not know the people I know. Maybe I would be totally different. Maybe I would have a degree in something, or my own house. It's the road not taken. WHAT IF? That's the big question. Kris's life would also be different in a way. Had I not got along with Brig, and her and Kris not got along, then we would have never went to Rocky Horror and in turn to Fighter Practice. Without that there would be no Rylee, no David H. and Kris married, and everything would be different. That's a very weird thing to think about, but it's true none the less.

I am happy with the way my life has turned out. I am glad that I get to know a person like Kris that makes me smile everyday. We do stupid shit together that makes us happy, and that's all that matters. Tonight we had milkshakes. YUM! It's little things that are wonderful in life. THANK YOU KRIS FOR BEING PART OF MY LIFE.

Now for something that happened last night that was very cool. I went to my dad's apartment after work to borrow 20 dollars. He asked me if I wanted to go have a drink at the bar with him. I said that I would have one drink. Well, we drove in my car to the bar and he paid the cover charge to get in. The girl at the front knew him so she only charged him for 1 person. We ordered a Large pitcher of Bud Light and listened to the blues band that was playing. On the television they had Jackson Barrett auto auction stuff on. They were showing all these old cars and muscle cars. They had some nice cars on the show. I would point out certain old cars to dad and he would admire them. He loves old cars. I started talking to him about the motor in my Mustang and just different motors. I asked him what certain things meant. He took automotive engineering in College and explained everything to me. We talked about firing order, crankshafts, hemispherical heads, rocker arms, pistons, and all other father and son type of things. It was very cool for me because I have never been that into cars, but I always wished that I was. Now here I am asking him questions and telling him what I've learned about my mustang motor. After that we went outside with these people that dad knew, Reuben and Sylvia. I spoke to Sylvia about my mom's wreck and the aftermath of that, and at the same time dad is talking to Reuben about pretty much the same thing. Anyway, they invite us back to their place, and we have some great discussions. Dad drank wine. I had a small beer and then water. We stayed there from when the bar closed until 6am. It was a good night.

Now, I realize that it's been awhile since I've filled you in on..........


A little less than a week ago we just sat on the couch and talked. No TV. It was a nice time. Tonight I went and picked up some Burger King for me and milkshakes for the both of us. David and Rylee were sleeping and we had no shows recorded to watch, so we put on a DVD that we had wanted to watch called Dirty Sanchez. It's basically Australia's version of Jackass. They had some gross stuff on it. A guy got Lyposuction and then his friend drank that fat that had came out of him. Before it was over Kris went to bed because she was tired. She missed the best part. One of the guys cut part of his pinky off with a cigar snipper thing. Then another guy got his tongue stapled. That same guy also had a nail hammered through the webbing by his thumb. Crazy. That's the weird shit that my friend Kris and I like.

Thank goodness I flunked 7th grade.

Have a good day everyone. I love you all.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Here is an actual picture of Phillips car. He keeps whining that I won't take pictures of his car. Like it's my fault that his camera got stolen.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Truth Will Set You Free

Meet Gina.

I am sorry that I lied, but I thought that it would be awhile before Kris would take a picture of my car. Unfortunately she was ready today. She told me that we couldn't lie to our friends. I told her not to steal my thunder. She told me that she wasn't stealing my thunder, but pulling the curtain back to reveal the Wizard. I asked her to let me just live in dream land a bit more. She said no. I asked her if I could at least pick the place where we would take the picture. She said, "It should be the dump, that'll make your car look better." I gave her a mean look. We then drove to a nice park that I know. I parked it in the grass and had her take a picture. The picture came out very good, as you can see.

We then came home and she uploaded the picture. I was still upset.

Not only was I upset about my fantasy being ruined, but I was upset from before Thanksgiving when I didn't get approved for the car. They sold me this wholesale. I never liked these cars, but all the windows work and it does play am/fm cassette. I have some tapes.

It's just that I always wanted a fucking Mustang. Like the ones in the movies Bullit and Gone in 60 Seconds. Kris, trying to be funny, said, "Yours looks like it came from a movie." I said, "Right." She said, "The Jetsons!" Then she laughed and ran around the house telling David and Taylor and trying to explain it to Rylee.

What a bitch my friend is.

Oh well, I guess I feel that a weight was lifted. In a way I thought that you would all see through my lie. I was going to pick a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but I knew that that was stretching it. I still felt that a Mustang was bit much, but I guess you fell for it.

I am sorry. Although, it was an interesting experiment in a way.

Sorry again. Don't hate me. Have a good day please.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gina not Gena

I still don't have any pictures of my car, but they are coming. Trust me.

After my last blog, Kris said, "I thought you named your car Gina after Gina Gershon. You like her and she's cool right?"

I said, "Well yeah. I didn't even think of her. She is way cooler than Gena Davis."

She said, "I know."

I said, "You bitch. Now I have to change the name and tell everyone why."

She laughed.

Anyway, the other day I asked Kris if she wanted to go drive around in my car. She said that she did. So we headed to Carefree Highway and I-17 where those pools are that I work at. I was delivering some blank report forms. On the way there I told her to open it up and go fast. She was tentative because she didn't want to get a ticket. I looked all around and told her that there were no cops in sight. She went a little fast but not much. Then we passed the turn off because she was making fun of my music on my ipod. When we were on the ramp getting onto the freeway she floored it. The motor revved up and got loud. I was getting excited because she was finally going to drive fast. Then almost as quick as it started, it stopped. She let her foot off the gas. My boner wasn't even fully erect yet and she fucking stops. I said, "What a fucking tease." She laughed and then we went to the pool to deliver the report forms.

After delivering that we got back on the freeway.

Now I want to remind you that the fastest I had gone in my car until that point was 105 mph. Well she finally opened it up on the freeway and I looked at the gauges and she was going 110 mph. I sat back in my seat and said, "You bitch." She chuckled. I looked at her face as we were defying the law and she had the biggest smile on her face. It was for several reasons.

1. She later told me that when I called her a bitch she went 5 mph faster. That made it 115 mph.

2. Maybe out of nervousness.

3. Going that fast in a mustang just makes you smile.

The next night I was heading back from the pools, and I had a stretch of highway with no cops in sight. So I floored it and did 120 mph. Now I know that Kris will be the death of me or I to her, but it was so much fun. I understand how extremely dangerous this is. For any kids reading this please don't be reckless. We are stupid and can do that.

Tonight I did 100, 110, and 118. I was on the 101 and no cops were around. I know that that's no excuse. Anyway, once again, I love my car.

David took Taylor for a ride in it the other day and Taylor loved it.

Just for Kris I made a SONGS TO DRIVE FAST TO playlist on my ipod.

Thanks for reading I have to go to bed now.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Her Name Is Gena

Well, I got it. This is not my ACTUAL car, but it is the exact color, model, and year that I got. The wheels are different. This looks like it's got those skinny racing tires on it or something.

Anyway that beautiful beast is mine.

I am so fucking happy about my car that I can barely contain myself. There's so much to try an explain. Let me start with the excitement in the middle and then I will go to the beginning.

It's 3:40 A.M. on Saturday morning. Nobody is on Interstate 143, except a little 4 door Honda that's way ahead of me. I look around to check for any police. I check the entrance ramp, my rearview mirror, my blindspots, and I look for any photo radar cameras. There is nothing. Just me and this guy. Like Jerry Reed said in the song East Bound and Down, I "put that hammer down and gave it hell" In no time at all I was doing 105 mph. That's where I slowed it down. I had caught up to the guy and was approaching the end of the interstate in about a mile. TOO FUN. I know that you are all saying JESUS be careful. I am all the time. This now is my car, that I am making payments on, and I don't own it out right. The difference is incredible. I am so careful with this car. I park far away from anybody else. I am one of those assholes. Ok now back to the story.

I was supposed to be getting money from my bosses for the firewatch that I had done and they owed me for. Well they took the prices of both cars that they sold my dad and I, and then gave me the remainder. Plus I had asked for my Christmas bonus early. After they taxed all that and cut me a check. I got 1277 dollars. That is not bad, but not what I was expecting. I had told the dealership 2000 dollars down. Gary one of the owners of my company asked me about my financing and all these numbers that I didn't know. He was just trying to look out for my best interests. I however didn't care. It was getting late. I had already put the MUSTANG on my insurance, and was going to get this car no matter what. Gary told me not to sign anything, because they may screw you, or something like that I wasn't listening. LOL!

I arrived at the Saturn dealer and walked by my car to speak to my dealer Ed Hartman. As I walked by the car it was like something out of a movie in slow motion. I smiled big and shook hands with Ed. He led me inside to the finance office and asked me what I wanted to drink. Wow, I am a big wig now. Look at me getting drinks brought to me. I ordered everything on the beverage menu. No I asked for a Pepsi. I informed them immediately that I did not have the 2000 dollars down, but I did have 1477. The manager asked if I could come up with 700 dollars in 2 weeks. I said that I could. Everyone was happy, especially me. That meant that I would get the car right then and they would take the money later. I made sure to get a receipt for that. I signed several papers and put down references. It all took about 15 minutes, and here Gary and Keith said it would take all night to do the paperwork. Ed took the TRP and put it on the back of my car. I was so close I could taste it. Then he pulled it around for me. I shook hands with the manager and then went out to talk to Ed and get MY car. We spoke about my Warranty and how I can get all the things fixed that aren't working right now. He informed me that I could leave my POS by the building and pick it up later that night. I left it, but dad didn't pick it up until Friday morning. I bought the car Wednesday night. When I got in the car and was talking to Ed, I looked at the guages and they were purple. I said that I really liked different color guages and he said that he liked it to. To set this up I have to explain two things. One is that Ed is a Saturn dealer and doesn't sell Fords. Two is that the owner's manual was not in the car, I had to order it. Now I leave Ed and head to Kris and Dave's house. On route John, the supervisor that's below me, calls and I tell him that I just picked up MY MUSTANG. I tell about the dash lights and he says, "Oh yeah, they change colors." NO FUCKING WAY, I say. I hang up with him and am extremely excited because I have always liked different dash lights like I said. I get to Kris and Dave's and check it out before I tell them that I am there. They turn Green, blue, purple, white, orange, red, and mycolor. That means that you can make your own color. Is that fucking awesome or what?

Anyway, I figure that I will let everyone drive my car once and that's it. So I let Kris drive my car, and then Dave drives with Kris. They love it. Then I head over to the bar to show my dad. HE LOVES IT. He said that he always wanted a mustang, and now his son has one. The whole thing about my dad is that usually if I have a car of some sort, he will say that he wants to borrow it. "I'm you father god damnit. I've done alot for you." I usually say fine just be careful, but not this time. Although I was waiting for him to say that he wanted to borrow it on his weekend off. He didn't ask. He kept patting me on the back and saying what a good job I did. He was not drunk, just very excited about my car. Then as I was ready to leave I said, "Now you know nobody drives this car, but me. You can drive it once, but that's it." He said, "That's what I figured. I totally understand." I about fainted. I've known my dad for 36 years and he has never been that way. It was a great day. I had bought myself a muscle car like I have always dreamed of and my dad treated me like a man. Very cool.

Oh don't think that you guys are out of the woods yet. My story is not done.

I left dad and went to work. All I could think of at work while I was driving the security vehicle was how much I wanted to drive my Mustang. After work, which was Thanksgiving, I went to the Saturn dealer to take my Sirius radio off the cradle so that nobody would steal it. No rear passenger window in the POS, remember. As I was walking back to my car, I just stood and admired it for a bit. I was so proud and happy. Then I thought about whether I wanted to meet my dad after work at a bar in Scottsdale. I thought, "What the hell. I will be able to drive my car again, before I go to bed." So I went and met him. He got to see the car in the daylight and he still loved it. He hadn't drank anything yet so I asked him if he wanted to drive it. He got very excited and said that he did. We drove down the road and dad opened it up pretty good. That's when we noticed how smooth it shifts. We hung out there for awhile and I had a beer or a beer and a half. He told the barmaid about my car and he took her out to start it up and let her hear how powerful it was. He liked her, but also enjoyed showing off my car. She came back in and talked about how cool it was. Then she asked dad and I about my mother. Dad and I told her that my mom had died a year ago. I then explained what happened that caused her death and we talked about life and things of that nature.

Then in a very sad moment dad turned to me and said, "You ever think of what your mom would think about your car?" I said, "No I didn't, but she'd love it." He said, "Yes she would."

Then we just sat there for a bit in silence.

After that I left to show Yvette and Serjio the car. They loved it. Serjio drove it, and got it up to 100 mph. That was before I could. RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! They both told me how proud they were of me. Then Yvette asked what I was going to name the car. I told her that I wasn't sure if that was stupid or not. I asked what they thought. Yvette told me that the name would come to me. As I was stuck in traffic on the way home, the name came to me. I thought who's a strong female person or persona or whatever, and I thought of Gena Davis. She is a strong female, she kicked ass in The Long Kiss Goodnight, she's in Mensa, and she is a champion archer.

So her name is Gena.

Some very cool things are......
1. I fucking smile everytime I start the car. Such power. That V8 roaring to life is amazing.
2. A friend of Shawn's said that there was no way that I could have bought a 2006 Mustang GT for 19,999. It was sure that it had to be a V6. He searched online and found cars like mine for 25,000 and 28,000. I got a great deal. Shawn explained to him that I don't lie and that I am usually the one who gets screwed.
3. I am so into this car I can not explain it. I'm sure that it's a regular man type thing, but I have never had a new car like this. So much fun. Not only that it's new, but it's just so much fun to drive.

I'm sure that you are all tired of hearing about my car. Well I'm happy.

I took her in today to get the horn, the loose trunk light housing, and a squeaky lumbar driver's seat fixed. It was under warranty and they fixed it all for free. Very cool.

I love and miss you all and am sure that I will see you soon.

I am going to have Kris take pictures of me with my new car and i will post them here.
Thanks for reading, sorry so long.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Get out of my dreams and get into my car

Ever since I was a little boy I remember wanting a muscle car. Whether it be the 69 Dodge Charger on the Dukes of Hazzard (I am a Duke boy you know), the red and white 74 Ford Torino that Starsky & Hutch drove, the 78 Pontiac Trans Am that the Bandit drove in Smokey and the Bandit, or a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback that Steve Mcqueen drove in the movie Bullitt. I have always loved muscle cars.

Well, my dream may be a reality. The above car is one that I am looking to get for myself right now. I only need 3000 dollars down and it's mine. I am so excited. I know that you're saying, "Phillip that's not a 70's muscle car." Oh I know that, but it's a retro style mustang. Retro of what, you may ask?

The 1968 fastback.

Anyway I took it for a test drive and I fell in love instantly. The salesman asked if I wanted to take it for a test drive and I said that I did. As soon as I turned the key in the ignition the V8 motor roared to life. OH MY GOD. The equivalent of what I felt is what Tim Allen made famous in his stand up and on his show. That would be the grunting like an ape from my pleasure of the manly sound of the motor. I sat there and revved the motor a bit. It was so awesome, all that I have always dreamed was at my fingertips, LITERALLY. Then after I checked out the interior, asked some questions, and brought up tons of movies with cars in them, I then took it for a spin. The salesman had a route already laid out and we drove through the residential neighborhoods. I barely heard a word he said because I was so focused on how cool and powerful this car was. I was going 30 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone and I could feel the power of the car wanting to open up. Very cool feeling. I have only had crappy cars and never anything with balls. When we got back the salesman asked if I wanted to see the motor. HELL YES!!! I said yes I do. He opened the hood and it was so nice and clean under there. Nothing taped up, tied together, or just laying there loose. Ed, the salesman, told me about how he had the same motor in his Ford TRUCK. That's when I came on Ed and the car all at once. Kidding, sort of. Yes I'm kidding. We then went inside and talked about finances and stuff like that. They were very nice at the Saturn dealership just like Kris and Serjio said that they would be.

They called today to tell me that I am approved. It will be monthly payments of 400 dollars, which I can afford. The only catch is that I have to come up with 3000 dollars down. I am working on getting that from money that my bosses owe me. The thing that is funny is that I thought out of everyone, my dad would flip out that I was buying a new/used car. On the contrary. I said, "I'm probably going to be getting a 2006 Mustang." He said, "Oh I love those." Not that it would have mattered, but it's good when people are on board.

There are some cool things about me getting this Mustang.

1. I have always wanted a muscle car.
2. It's a Mustang and the name Phillip does mean lover of horses. (That just came to me tonight)

For those of you who are wondering. The above picture is exactly what my car looks like. It is not a picture of mine but of a 2006 Mustang. I know that I said MY car. Well I can hope can't I?

I love you all very much.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kicking back by the pool

This is one of the pools that my company watch. There are two. We watch them from 10pm to 3am Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It is the easiest gig in the world. I bring my laptop and my itouch, and I am set for the night. Plus I have time to catch up on my work. The only thing that sucks is that I have been stuck working it several times and it fucks up my weekend. Oh well, I can't really complain. I'm making my 18.50 and that puts a big smile on my face.

The other thing is that my friends Steph and Todd had their baby boy. I am so HAPPY for them. I hope all is well, and I'm sure the baby will be loved SOOOOOOO much. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing that I wanted to write about is something that bothers me somewhat. I know that I've written about it before, but it bothers me a little. It's the feminization of America and perhaps the world. There aren't any real men any more. I know that you're all saying, "Gee Hercules, tell us more." I am not saying strong buff men are fading away. I am saying that REAL MEN are fading away. We used to have stars like John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, and Richard Widmark. Then we had Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone. Suddenly that changed and we had Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, George Clooney, and Josh Hartnett. Now we still have Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Josh Hartnett, but they are the everyman. We don't have the manly real man. The guy that will punch you out if you talk bad about his girlfriend. The kind of guy that will stick by his friend's side if shit gets heavy. I don't know where the fuck I am going with all of this, but it's not just hollywood that's gotten pussified. I doubt you people even care. I like to write and sometimes I think that I write some good shit, and then the only response is, "Wow that was long." I guess I kind of hope for some dialogue between people reading this. I think this........ Oh that's interesting. Whatever I don't really care, but now the people reading this will try an patrionize me. DON'T!

Anyway, I'm getting my bed. It comes on Monday. I can't wait. I have been sleeping on a Futon mattress that is about 3 inches thick. It will feel so good to sleep on a real fucking bed. It's been so long.

As for getting a new car. Well, I am still looking and have to get my 2 Nissans together so I can take those in on trade. That will also be nice to have a good fucking car. So sick of all the bullshit of piece of shit cars.

Now as for work. I am trying to hire more people so that I can be out of working all the time. Right now I have Monday and Tuesday off. I am getting a guy hired for Moon Valley and then I will be off Wednesday and Thursday. Still need to find someone to work these pools. It's close to me so I work one of them right now. It's on Carefree Hwy and I-17. Tomorrow I have to train a guy at 3pm at Firesky Resort and Spa. Then back to the pool tomorrow night at 10pm. Then Sunday I work 3PM to 11PM at Firesky. It should all be changing for the better. I know that I keep saying that. It will happen and when it does it will be glorious.

Sorry if I bored you all. I just find that all I do is write updates to my life and I have other thoughts in my head. I know that some of you who are not here like to read about what's up. That's mostly why I do it. I don't know I try to be funny or interesting, but nobody cares. That is fine. Don't pity me, I'm just stating a fact. I'm in somewhat of a funk. I try to not let work drag me down, but sometimes it does. Sorry to be a buzz kill. Just dealing with lots of stuff and trying not to let it consume me. That is how John imploded and that's how I stressed out back in the day. Oh well that's all for now. I just have to take a deep breath and relax. I am off work in 12 minutes. I will go home, and go to bed on my Futon. I will rest nicely and tomorrow is another day. Maybe my friend and I can go shopping or to eat? That's all for now.

"Every rose has it's thorn."

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dreams they are but a reality

I don't really know what I'm going to write about, but I do know that some people think they can immediately become rich. How is that you say? Well some have a certain way to gamble that they believe will make them money. My mom's boyfriend used to say that he could bet the come line on the craps table and always win. He would stay up for hours betting with pennies on a piece of felt that had markings on it like a craps table. It's called a craps table for a reason.

"Oh crap, I just lost a shit load of money."

Anyway, my moms boyfriend didn't die rich. Others think that they have the next great idea. Some really do and some don't. How many times in the early eighties did you keep your bag of chips closed with a clothes pin? PAPER CHIP CLIP!!!!! Ingenious.

Some are tired of working and see money being made in freelance work. Whether that be writing for a magazine, video taping weddings, or just plain being a guinee pig for science. My friend used to do freelance writing for magazines and she made some pretty good money. The problem that she had was that she didn't know how much she was supposed to ask for. It worked out. She would get like 300 dollars for writing like a one or two page thing on NASA. She's pretty smart. She didn't make loads of money and she didn't really stick with it. She is content like I am with writing stuff that nobody will ever see. Sad but true. As for the video taping weddings....

That may be all good and pay well, but it is going to be a pain in the ass to get established as a pro right out of the gate. It will be hours of taping weddings of people that you don't know, before you will make a dime. For some people this may be good, but for me it is not. I know that there is no money or joy in it. I myself would pursue something that interests me, like movies or commercials. I know that I can't just go make a movie and become rich over night, but I also know that I would have a blast doing that as opposed to the other. If it's a passion that fuels you to do it, then by damn, do it. Don't do it for the money. I see too many people doing things they hate just to make a buck. Do something you love and then you'll be twice as happy. I write scripts because I love being creative and creating my own world. I do not want to tape something that has been the same for hundreds of years. I want to create new things.

The third thing in that was being a guinee pig for science. I almost did that. I had just read a book about this guy who sold his body to science for a month, and then took the money and made a movie with it. I went and met with the doctor at the Maryvale Hospital on the third floor and he explained to me how they would have me ride a stationary bike for awhile and then they would cut open my leg and take a piece of my tendon, or ligament. I was interested, but more for the story and the money. After that they said that I would be locked in a room and they would monitor me and see what I ate. The room was like something out of a horror movie. Like a cell for a hostage. I really wanted to do that part for the story of it. After the meeting I went home and thought about if I really wanted to do that for 700 dollars. I decided no. ALTHOUGH, maybe I should have done it. Because that director who sold his body to science for the month made several great movies afterwards. He made El Mariachi, Desperado, From Dusk Til Dawn, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Sin City, Shark Boy and Lava Girl, and Planet Terror. He then left his wife and is now with Rose McGowan. Maybe I should have done it?


I am happy where I am. I make enough money to make my own movies if I want. It took years, but Serjio and I are able to make our own movies. In fact I called Serjio just the other day to tell him that I had a breakthru on a short script that I had written about a year and a half ago. I am now going to rewrite it and we will make it. We have not FINISHED a project of our own yet, but we will.

I do and I don't know what all this was about. I hope you got something from it.

By the way, MY BESTEST FRIEND put 700 dollars down on a bed for me. I am so excited. I sleep on a futon mattress on the floor right now. Whenever I sleep in her bed when her and David are away I get the best night sleep. One day out of the blue she calls and asks if I want to meet her at the roomstore. I said ok. We met and I put a bed on layaway. I should be getting it on Tuesday when I get paid. Also I am going to Pinnacle Nissan to meet a finance whatever to see about getting a 2006 Mustang. I have always wanted one, and now maybe I will get one. Who knows?

"Things are going great, and they're only getting better."
Lyrics from a song the Kris despises.

I love you all and I thank you again Kris.
Have fun you guys. Go have some Clam Chowder at Fisherman's Village. The best ever. It's in the middle of all the shops. Damnit. I can't think of the name of it. It's blue. There's a picture of it on my Florida pics. I am wearing the green lantern shirt. ARRGGHH!

Oh well love and kisses on everyone's boobies. (EVEN TODD'S)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The world is at my fingertips

This new program is working out fine with being John's boss. He calls me everyday and asks me where he is supposed to be for the night. It's awesome. Here lately I've pretty much been off of work. We have some new properties coming online and it's very cool. I just received another dollar raise. That means 18.50 an hour. HOLY SHIT that is cool. I am typing this right now while I watch a pool in the middle of nowhere.

I spoke to my old good friend Rachael tonight and she is doing great and it was like no time had passed when we spoke on the phone. To cool. I am trying to rush this because the pool watch is over in 2 minutes and I have to shut down my computer. I had a flat today and this week may be a little hectic, but I think it will all iron out. I hired a guy for 2 shifts on the weekend and that was a major assache that I had. Now it is gone.

I love you all have a good weekend.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Way Things Are.

Still loving the itouch. I don't mean to anger anybody but it is very cool. I am now in charge of John the other supervisor. I am in charge of scheduling and Bryan is in charge of sending me the guys that I will then put into the secedule. It is a whole new way for us to do the voodoo that we do so well.

I should be totally off the schedule. John now will do all the fill in work and training. It has only been 2 days on this new program, but things will be alot better next week. I love the possibility of everything working out great. I would go into more detail, but I am a little tired right now. I will tell you more later. Just wanted to tell you what was up for now.

I love you all, and to my old friend Beau, WELCOME.

Have a good day everyone.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Way cool

Very cool that I can type this on my itouch. I don't mean to brag or piss anyone off but I just can't get over how cool this is. Technology is awesome. I am typing this on a small key pad with my thumbs. I suggest that u check out the itouch guided tour on the apple website. I love u all and am sorry that I can't afford one of these for everyone. I love u all and have a good day.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

What happens in Vegas.......

So I went to Vegas. It was Keith, Gary, Brian (the other supervisor), and me. John did not go. He was going to stay back here and take care of everything while we were gone. Plus it was a little bit of punishment for him going away for the last two weekends.

We drove in Gary's Excursion. It was a nice drive. We stopped for the night in Laughlin and then went to Vegas the next morning. When we arrived in Vegas we stayed at a hotel that is Circus circus but it's next door to it. It was a nice cheap room. We went to the convention center and walked through the expo. All kinds of cool things that we saw there. GPS, Scheduling programs, and all kinds of stuff. I saw an Astin Martin Vanquish at the trade show, but I didn't have my camera. Too bad for me.

When we were done with the expo we went to our hotel room and relaxed for a bit. Then some work came up and Keith had me deal with it. I did and then we headed to the strip. First off was to find a place to eat. We headed to Mandalay Bay. Several swanky places there but then we found a place called Red, White, and Blue. It was a nice place. We ordered Steaks. The steaks that Keith, Brian, and I had cost 31 dollars, but my god was it good. THE BEST THAT I HAVE EVER HAD, or damn near close to it.

Great now I'm hungry for a steak.

After we ate, we went to a russian bar and drank. Brian, Gary and I had already been drinking at dinner. After we drank there we went walking down the strip. I saw the Luxor, Excaliber, and New York New York. We went into the Excaliber because I had to take a piss. I ran on in there only thinking of how bad I had to piss, but not thinking of how the guys were behind me and I may lose them. Which I did. When I came out, I looked all around and could not find them. I went to New York, New York across the bridge and still nothing. When I came back to the Excaliber I saw Brian walking around. Then we all went to a place in there called Dick's Last Resort. I got more beer and I was able to keep the glass. We talked about John, the company, football, and baseball. I zoned out after baseball. I can't stand baseball. I wish I could. Sometimes I wish that I knew all the players, past and present, like some guys do. Then again I guess my thing is knowing all things Hollywood.

Anyway then we went to New York, New York. We bought more beer and whatever they were drinking. We hung out in front of a bar and listened to these guys play piano and sing. Very nice. We talked about John again, and Keith gave me his phone and told me to call him. I did. I told john what a wonderful time we were having and asked if he was working hard. I'm an asshole that way. When I was done I took the phone back to Keith. Then I went with Brian to the slots because he needed more booze and was waiting for the waitress. After I went to the restroom I watched him play slots for a bit and make nothing at it but the drink in his hand. We were having a blast though. We then went to another bar. I was already pretty drunk. We all were. We watched a couple of different bands perform and laughed at the 50 year old women dancing like they were 20 year olds. Then we walked all the way back to the hotel. It was a long walk, but we bullshitted and had a good time.

Then next day we ate at a breakfast buffet and Brian and I didn't feel to good. Gary didn't drink much at all. Keith was fine, but he was pretty drunk the night before. What a trooper. Then we headed back into town.

On the drive back we talked about a whole different way for us supervisors to do things. More organized and less headaches. Plus they are talking about demoting John, or at least having him take on less responsibilities. I am up for everything, but I do feel bad about John in a way. We are having a meeting on Monday I think that that is when they will tell him. Although he has done good this week. Although, it may be too little too late.

Now I think that I was going to write this before but everything got deleted.

I am buying Kris and I an Itouch. See picture below.

I know that some of you, or one of you, is sick of hearing about my love of all things Kris. HAHA! NOT! Let me tell you a story. I know what your thinking? Oh God one of his stories again. This blog has already taken up too much of my time. Please keep reading. Well you don't have to, but I find the story semi funny. Then again I'm my own best friend. One day after or around Christmas of 2005 maybe. I had an extra 1200 dollars. Kris and I were at Target and I informed her that I was thinking of getting one of these things the hip people call an ipod. It cost 150 dollars. I said like I often do. Do you want one? She said that she would buy herself one later. I told her that I really wanted to buy one for her. She said that it was too much and that David would be pissed if she got one because she always gets new stuff and he doesn't. I said I'm not going to not be me. I'm going to buy you one. She said let's get you one and then we'll see. I'll get one later. I asked her if I should get the Video ipod or just the nano. She said are really going to use the Video ipod? I said no I don't think so. I'll just get the nano. So I did. When we got back to her house she jokingly told david that I bought her an ipod. He was angry without saying anything. Later as we are downloading stuff on this thing called an ipod nano, she asks david what is wrong. He tells her that he is upset because she got an ipod. She always gets the cool stuff. She informed him that we were joking and that she didn't let me get her one. He was still upset. The next day I guess he was better. I called or texted Kris and told her that I was going to buy her and David an ipod. He is my friend and I don't buy him as much as I buy her. She said that that was stupid. I told her that I had money and was going to spend it how I wanted. I bought them each an ipod. A black one for him (like mine) and a white one for her. I then went to their house and gave david his ipod and explained why. He informed me that he was still mad about me and her mom buying her things. I informed him that that was because we really loved her and he did not. LOL! Kris then arrived home and I gave my sister her FIRST ipod. We then went online and spent more of my money buying songs.

Cut to: A couple weeks later. I keep checking out the video ipods. I start really wanting one. They can play movies, tv shows, and more songs. I have to figure out what to do with my ipod nano. David says that he would like to give it to rob on his birthday or something. Dave pays me half of what I ask for it and we give rob the white one and kris, my black one. I then buy a video ipod. And I love it.

Cut to: A couple weeks or months after that David leaves his ipod on his desk for a second too long as he is getting ready to leave for the day. He searches high and low and never finds it. Kris and I had recently heard that apple had just came out with the new nano and it had 4 or 8 gigs of memory as opposed to the original nano that had 1 gig. The other cool thing was that they came in a variety of colors. I told Kris that I would buy her a pink one and she could give David her 1 gig black one. I ordered it and had it engraved. Something sappy I can't really remember. Maybe she knows. She loved it. (The pink nano, not the engraving) LOL! She loved both. David got his 1 gig black nano and I had my 30 gig video ipod. We all loved our ipods.

Did I say LOVED?

Cut to: One night, maybe a year later, from the previous events. I was patrolling moon valley and having kind of a busy night. I wasn't going to be able to play with Rylee. Suddenly I get a call from Kris and she's very excited. She tells me that apple has just announced several updated versions of the ipod. First the Ipod nano is now bigger and plays videos like the video ipod. I said well that's cool. She said oh you have to see them, they are so cute. I said I'll have to check them when I get home. Then she says that they have the coolest ipod EVER. She tells me it's called the iTouch. (See above picture.) It's a touch screen ipod that surfs the internet and you can buy the music from the store and have it download directly to your ipod. She said actually these words, "They have a new ipod. It's like the iphone, without the phone." I said no way. Then I said well looks like we'll have to get rid of ours some how. Then I hit her with the big question. What's David going to say when I buy you one of these. She said I don't know I will talk to him. After I hung up I could help but think of this new ipod. I wanted to see it. I pulled my laptop out and slowly drove down the street looking for a hot spot. When I found one I spent 20 minutes watching a guided tour of the itouch. I WANTED ONE SO BAD. She talked to David, and in a very clever way. "Phillip wants to buy me one of these new ipods that just came out. If he does what do you want?" He says, "Camo." She says, "really?" He informs her that he wants a whole outfit in camo. She says, "OK." Then she calls me and says, "Ok David just told me what he wants if you are going to buy me an itouch." I said, "What?" She told me just a camo outfit. I said has he seen how cool this itouch is?" She said, "No it's too late. That's what he said that he wanted. I'm going to show him right now." She did and he was like oh man, but still really wanted camo.

When I think about I believe David and Kris worked me way back in the day. I think she told david to get upset and then told me that he was so upset that she slept on the couch. So then I bought them one. What a sucker I was. LOL!

Cut to: We buy David his camo. Now I have to figure out what to do with my video ipod.

In between the time that I had bought my video ipod and the new ones came out. I was showing my friend Joe how cool it was. He thought it was cool too. So one day I said let's go get you a video ipod. He said no you don't have to buy me one. I said I want to. After awhile of talking to him he agreed and we went and bought one. I took the new one and he took the older one.

I have to buy these two cars that the bosses sold to me and my dad. So it wasn't looking like I was going to be able to afford the itouches for awhile. Then one day Jan was here and she asked me how much an ipod costs and if they play audio books. I informed her that they did. I then told Kris that when we get the itouch that we should give her mom the pink one.

About a week later she is on the phone with her mom and I jokingly ask are you going to buy us itouches. Her mom says yes. Kris and I get very excited. Her mom tells her to put it on her credit card. Kris informs her that I will pay her back and we will give the pink ipod to her. So Kris and I order them right away and we have eachothers engraved. (Nothing sappy.) Now they are supposed to arrive on Monday. We are following the tracking as if we are supervising the load ourselves.

What do I do with my video ipod? Well, I am giving that to David. David is giving his ipod nano to my father. My dad loves music. I already gave it to him full of music. He loves it. Everyone should own an ipod.

When I think about it, I think Jan used me too. All of a sudden out of the blue she's going to come up without Kris and say, "How much for an ipod? Do they play audio books?" I know what Kris' words sound like coming from her moms mouth. Then they make this elaborate thing where not only will I pay her for the itouches, but also I end up giving her a 200 dollar ipod nano. Man I'm being used. LOL

Truth of the matter is that I love buying things for people. I love my Friend/Sister more than the letters of the alphabet will let me write. You are everything to me. I know that you have David and the kids, but I only have you. You are the best and I love every quirky thing that we do. I don't know if ours is a special friendship or something totally different that nobody has ever seen. We are 98% unique.

I would hope that everyone has someone like you. I could write sappy shit all day, but I have to go to bed. I miss you and I love you, but maybe you know that.

Itouch rocks.

Stephanie I love your kitten it looks cute. Your pussy's not bad either. I would love to come down there again. I had a wonderful time. I'll have to go there to get that fried ocra. I love and miss you too. I will try to write more blogs. I've just been busy.


Don't worry be happy.

Monday, September 24, 2007

What the fuck, you don't write anymore?

Here I am sitting and waiting for the call to go to Vegas. Very awesome. We are going to a security convention. My job is going well. Ever since I went on vacation things have been well. John is not.....

(And that is all he wrote. His internet crapped out in him during his post and this is all it saved. He asked me to check on it for him and I am sure he will finish when he returns from Vegas. -Mrs. H)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

There's No Place Like Home (But it sure is nice to visit)

I am sitting here at the Tampa airport writing this while my computer is plugged in and I am sitting in front of a pay phone. I mean RIGHT in front of a pay phone. I drove the car back to the rental place and then took a shuttle here. I then bought a Maxim magazine and Juicy fruit. I headed to the Chili's and was going to get my favorite Salmon, but I realized that I had better get something faster to eat. I ordered Chicken Crispers and a Margarita. Next thing I know my flight is bording. I told my waitress that I had to go because they were bording my flight. She gave me my bill and I rushed to flight. I had just seen everyone get on the flight. I was the last one. I scurry up to the gate and hand the gentleman my boarding pass. He says, "Oh you're going to Phoenix that hasn't boarded yet. You have an hour and a half." I informed him of how stupid I was and headed back to Chili's for more Alcohol. I was sat in my same seat after a slight explanation to the hostess and then I ordered a tall beer from my waitress. I informed a couple that was sitting across from me what had happened. They laughed, probably out of pity.

I then drank half my beer because I was getting a good buzz on. I went to the restroom and am now writing this. I should head over to my gate so I can be seated as soon as they call me.

As for Nina,
It is too bad that I couldn't visit you while I was here. There's always next time. Thanks for reading my blog. I didn't go on the cruise, but I did have a hell of a vacation.

As for Kris,
It was a nice breakfast even though I wasn't hungry, but it was my birthday and that was cool. I enjoyed showing you my ass. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY BABY. I'm sure you were blinded by the light. Also you are right, I was sooooooooooooooo privelaged to dance with you. The highlight of 2007 for me. Conceded much. LOL!

As for Steph,
It was a blast hanging out with and your family. I enjoyed very much. I am sorry that I didn't write in the blog that you and Kris joined us at Sharky's. You did and we all had fun. So sorry.

As for everyone else,
Too bad you weren't there.

I love you all.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Vacation Starts Now

I don't have the pictures downloaded yet, but this is about what it's like.

It all started when Kris, David and I flew here. I love flying, but dave hates it. Kris and I watched Will and Grace episodes while david slept. Then after we landed we went to the rental car place. I had a hell of a time there. It was a bad time, but it was because I didn't have enough money on my cards. That really sucked because I thought that I had enough money in the account. I had asked the woman at the counter about getting a special car for my vacation. Like a sports car or convertable. Turned out she told me to pick whatever convertable I wanted. She worked it out after awhile and I got a good deal. I am driving a 2006 Volkswagen Bug right now. Very cool. I love it.

After we got our rental cars we headed to Todd and Steph's house. That night we just hung out and talked. The next morning David, Todd, and I headed to Venice, Florida to fish for sharks. David actually did the fishing I just watched, but then again I am on vacation. Some other guy caught a shark, but still David had fun trying. I relaxed and enjoyed my vacation. After that we went to the beach and had a beer. Then we went to Sharky's and had lunch. After that we went back to the beach and just relaxed. At least I did. It was very nice. Then we headed to Steph and Todd's house.

I took a bath and then we watched some television. I watched t.v. and then went to bed. It was very nice to rest without having to answer the phone whenever it rings.

I woke up and had some coffee. I enjoyed that, while watching T.V. Shortly after that we all headed to the wedding rehearsal. That was nice and then we had a toga party. Very cool. I met some new people and had a few beers. Shortly after that they revealed to people that it was my birthday. Very cool. Every one sang, "Happy Birthday". I then went to a bar with Todd and David. It was very nice.

Now I am here in the Hotel writing this and hoping that you all understand what I am writing. Todd and I stayed at the bar. It was a very nice time.

I will write more tomorrow. I am on vacation and I fucking love it. Really cool. I have to figure out where I am going to go after the wedding. I haven't decided where to go after the wedding. There are some cool places but I don't know which one I will go too.

I will write more soon. I love you all.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, August 06, 2007

It's Been Awhile

This is the new laptop the bosses just bought me. Real nice. My own actual laptop. I know it's a little old, but it's mine. I can write on it, and write on it. Very cool. It's kind of heavy, but I look at it as a workout.

Always look on the bright side of life, right?

I am kidding of course. This is my new laptop. Very nice, big screen, and NEW.

Now I can get online again at my house and don't have to always surf the net at Kris' house. Yippee I am so excited and I just can't hide it. I know I know I know I know I know I want you I want you. Sorry I got carried away.

Several things are going on right now in my life.

1. I am going to my friends' wedding in Florida and then I am going to stay for five days and take a little vacation time for myself. It will be nice. I will have a rental car, so I don't know what I'll do. I do know that I will relax on the beach for a day or two. Maybe a nude beach.

How dare you guys shiver like that. My nude body is exquisite. Oooops I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

2. As for work, I almost have everything covered work wise. I only really work about 3 days, but I'm working my way out of that. The fire watch has ended and we sent in the bill for that. Gary said that it was a 20,000 dollar bill so I can't wait to see how much out of that I get. That's after paying the guys that worked it, workman's compensation, and minus the hour and a half that we normally do there. Should be a good chunk of change. Happy day for me. Hopefully the woman that pays the bill will be back from her vacation soon and pay it.

3. I am in a good place in my life. I am having a good time and enjoying life. I love my friends and they hopefully love me. Part of that happiness is that my cousin Chip GAVE me his XBOX 360. He bought another one because his messed up, but was covered by Microsoft. He couldn't wait for the replacement of it so he just bought another one and gave me his old one. Very cool. I am hoping to get more into video games. Except now I have to buy an HD TV. Hopefully that money will come soon.

I am hoping to take a cruise next year to Alaska. That sounds and looks so cool. One day at a time though. First I have to hurry up and hire someone to work my days while I'm on VACATION.

The cool thing about my vacation is that a couple of weeks after I get back, we go on our business trip to Vegas. AWESOME.

Then a couple of months after that...............Christmas BONUS. It was 600 dollars last year. That was 400 dollars more than it was the year before.

Don't worry, be happy.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Hard Cock on a Warm Summer's Day

Did I get your attention? I thought that I would. Anyway, my asshole was sweating as I beat my dick like it owed me money.


No, I'm kidding. Well as the 3 people that read this know, a sad thing happened recently. I was very sad and wanted to do whatever I could to make it better for my friend. I am here for her whenever she needs me. It really fucking sucked what happened, but I feel that nature or GOD intervened for a reason.

Now for those of you who think that GOD or some supreme Burrito of a being would come down and put life into a baby that has been deceased for a month. YOU ARE CRAZY, with a side of NUTS! Today when I was taking a bath I saw a dead moth on the floor. Now according to this rationale, that if we wait nature will find a way, I should be able to wait a month and the moth will miraculously spring to life and fly out the window. In that same argument you could say that if we wait a month then all the dead American soldiers will be alive again. THANK YOU JESUS! Come to think of it how come my mom hasn't called me yet? It's been more than a month. Oh, I know, because she's DEAD. There are two things that are guaranteed in life, DEATH and TAXES. If someone dies you have a chance of bringing them back to life. RIGHT THEN. Not a month later. If my kidney fails, I am not going to leave it in my body and hope for a miracle. I will have it taken out. I will not keep it, and I will not think, "What if I would've waited just a little bit longer? Maybe it would have started working." NO! I would know that my kidney was as dead as my mother. They say 'death is finite' for a reason. I rest my case.

America is a great country because we are free to make choices. If someone chooses to make a certain decision, that is all there is to it. As humans we are free to do whatever we want to our own bodies. Just because someones decision is not the one that you would make, don't get angry or upset. Be glad that they are at peace with the choice that they have made.

As for me, I stick behind my friend on her decision. YOU GO GIRL!

Ok, now for an update on what's up in my life. Well I am working kind of alot right now, but not that hard. I am planning on going to Florida for my friends wedding and then I am going to go on a cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. I am excited. That will be my birthday present to myself.

Right now I am driving my dad's 1983 Chevy Cavalier while he uses my 1999 Nissan Altima to go to Colorado. Well it broke down on him while he was in the Rockies. Turns out there's a problem with the heads. Now he and I may have to pay between 1200 and 1500 dollars to fix it. We will go halves on it. So it won't be that bad.

Other than that things are good in my life. I am alive and well. I am kicking around a new script idea that will incorporate all of my different story ideas that I've had through the years. I am happy and in a good place in my life. No girlfriend, but I'm extremely happy.

Thank you for listening.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

What am I doing?

Let me answer that. I'm sitting here in Kris' living room after hours of searching the internet. Did I look up what troubles was brewing in the middle east? Maybe I tried to increase my knowledge of history by looking up something on John Wilkes Boothe? NO I DID NOT!

I looked up movie trailers, boobies,,, and more boobies. This is what angers me. I think, "well I'm going to go home and watch a movie or just relax at home." Then I end up sitting here half watching Mob documentaries, forensic files, and a George Carlin stand up act while surfing the internet for porn or any other non brain stimulating thing that I can think of. It always starts out innocent just looking up regular things of interest, but then the naked pictures start. Nothing that bad just naked women. Anyway, I basically just wrote this so that you guys would read it, and as you do, look up in the corner of the screen where my picture was. OH MY GOD! What is that?

That's funny is what that is. I found a friend of mine on myspace. His name is Beau McNutt and we used to go to grade school together. I always wondered what he was up to. That is where I found the Burger King thing.

Nothing much to talk about other than I will be working on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It won't be that bad because it's at a guard house. That means that I monitor the gate and watch movies at night. Pretty cushy gig for 17.50 an hour. I like it very much. Well I must be going, as I have to get a little bit of sleep before I get woken up with any calls for work.

I love you all. Talk at you later.

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Haven't Written in Quite Awhile

This is what a child sees either in their room or outside. A child's imagination is a wonderful thing. It amazes me when I talk to a child and they tell me an amazing story that they've just made up or they are making it up as they play. Simply wonderful.

Now the above picture signifies what Rylee sees whenever we are in her room and we are playing, "The one where Wonder Woman is hurt and all the superheroes are there." She played it for the first time by herself. Then she told me about it, and now I am the one that calls all the superheroes to her room. Sometimes she asks for me to call the Power Rangers. I don't much like to do that, but it is her imagination and who am I to say no. She will mix the Marvel and DC universes or invent a new superhero.....Plastic Girl. She will tell me that I am Spiderman and she is Black Cat. Something that I showed her once while reading a Spiderman comic and she remembers. Same thing with Donna and Diana Prince. Wonder Woman's sister is Donna and Diana is Wonder Woman.

A cute story from that one was that one time after her and I had read a Wonder Woman comic, her father was on the phone with a business woman.
He said, "Thanks Diana."
Rylee, "Was that Wonder Woman?"
He said, "No it wasn't"

I've been showing her Venom from the Spiderman movie and trying to make her be okay with "The black stuff".

The other day in her room she said, "Duck Spiderman."
I ducked and she said, "That was close."
I said, "What was it?"
She said, "Venom just threw something at you."
I said, "Whoa!"
She said, "Hide here and I'll get him."
So I climbed under her bed (it's raised off the ground about 4 feet).
She then stepped out and said, "NOT TODAY!" Then she punches, kicks, and rolls on the ground wildly.
Then she said, "It's okay now. I broke him into squares."

It's so much fun to hear her make up the situations as we sit there or change the situation half way through explaining it to me.

The other day we played a game that she invented. The game belonged to Superman and we borrowed it out of his room. She grabbed all these miscellaneous toys to be the game pieces. When I asked her how to play she proceeded to read the instructions on a toy pull out bed. She made up the rules as she was pretending to read them. It was so cute and amazing. Sometimes I don't feel like playing, but then I know that someday she will be too old and not want to play with Uncle Phillip. I do love that I've got her into the superheroes and she knows alot of their names. We have several games we play.
1. She climbs up my body while holding my hands and flips over.
2. I have her sit on my hands and I swing her.
3. My hand is the plane that superman saves in Superman Returns, and her hand is superman.
4. She is Lois and I'm Superman and I save her when she falls from the helicopter in Superman the movie.
5. Pretty much the same as 4 except we swing on webs. She's Mary Jane Watson and I'm Spiderman and I save her from falling.
6. I'm Batman and she's Wonder Woman and I have to take her to the hospital after she gets beat up by the bad guys.
7. She is Black Cat or Wonder Woman and she goes up into the sky where I can't see her and then she jumps down, suprises me, and gives me a hug.
8. The one that she really loves right now is the one where all the superheroes come to her room to make sure she's okay and then she ends up saving us all.
9. The newest one that I really like right now is the one where I make a coin disappear and reappear behind her ear. She loves it. I love it to, because it makes me that uncle who does that.

We are always inventing new games to play and it's always fun. She can get cranky at times, but it's usually because she sees it a certain way in her head and I don't understand it properly.

The other day we were sitting in her room playing and she said that there was a giant pig man that ate people, but Black Cat beat him up. So then later I grabbed my sides and said that the Pig man was eating me. Then when she got close I tickled her sides and said that the Pig man was trying to eat her. I then would punch at my hands and then tickle her again. "Ah the Pig man." Sometimes I tickle her too much and she doesn't like it.

All in all we have a blast and I love her.

There is now a new baby that is coming into this world and I am afraid that I will be getting too old to lift, flip, carry, or swing it around the house. I'm sure that I will do it anyway, because I love kids.

Infact tomorrow I am wearing my FLASH t-shirt to go to an event for Rylee. What other 4 year old knows about Green Lantern, The Flash, Black Cat, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. Too cool.

Next up: Maybe I'll get her into Indian Jones.

That's all for now. Have a wonderful Sunday. Laugh, play, and be merry.

Once again, I love you all.


Sunday, May 06, 2007


I am sitting in the driveway of one of my accuaintance. Her name is Kris.

The important thing is that I'm writing about my friend Diva. That is Stephanie the best friend that anyone could have. She will do anything for you. She made me fried Okra once and I thought that that would be okay if I happened to not show up. For some STUPID reason I thought that it didn't matter. Oh it mattered all right. I was in the DOG HOUSE for several weeks. I am hoping to have fried OKRA again soon. I won't fuck it up this time. My friend says that I don't write about her anymore. Well I do. She makes me feel important when I write my meaningless shit like I do. She is very important to me. I know that she may feel that I was told to write this or whatever but I was not. I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART. It means everything to me that you read my blog. You are the only person that can pretty much give me a unbiased oppinion. You are too cool and I love your pussy. I mean I love you. If I could I would tug on your nipples with my teeth. My hard cock would slip into your.........


I love you my friend and that is a FACT! Don't know what else to say other than I will miss you very much. I feel so needed when you are around. I think everyone else takes me for granted or something. Kris will tell you that that is not true, and that she just doesn't care what I do. We should definately get together and eat OKRA or whatever else you want me to eat. LOL!

What a fucking pervert! You suck!

I'm sorry that I haven't written it in awhile, but I do love you. You mean the world to me.

Please forgive me that I haven't said that I love you. I do very much love you and hope that someday you will suck my cock and swallow my........



What has two thumbs and needs to get laid?

This GUY!

I am of course kidding about everything except the fact that I love you an will always love you. You will be in Florida and I will still love you. You will be like, "GO DOLPHINS!" and I will be like, "I love Stephanie!"

SO sorry that I haven't been able to hang out lately. We will hang out before you go out of town.

Love and kisses on your Clit....

I mean have a good day, and of course I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Free Internet so I should write something

Just got off of work. I thought that I should write something because Kris was slightly upset because I didn't write anything yesterday when I was sitting here in her driveway stealing her internet. So instead of going home and going to sleep, I came here to her driveway to write a blog.

I can't think of what to write. I guess I would write about how the owners said that it would really be best for me to be off of my schedule. Then if anyone called off, I would be available to work. I also got a new post and possibly another one on May 11th. I'm excited. I have to hire several people, but I do have several names to call and hire. That would be awesome. I have to interview people on Friday or maybe Monday. I'm going to be seeing Spiderman 3 on Friday morning with Joe and his kids. Then hopefully I will be seeing the DeLahoya fight on Saturday night. That would be cool. That's all I can think of right now. So sorry.

I will write more later. I love everybody and I hope that you are having a great week.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Crazy Mixed Up World and Other Shit

The killings on Monday at Virginia Tech are being blamed on violent games and movies. That's Bullshit. I think CRAZY may have alot to do with it. Fucking fucked up. That's where it came from. Hong Kong Fuey, as Howard Stern calls him, was a lonely fucked up individual. He was a stalker and a loner. He kept to himself. The teachers knew that he was OFF because of the things that he wrote and the way he was. Nobody did a damn thing about it. Well they told somebody, but it didn't go any further than that.

I was listening to CNN last night on satellite and Glenn Beck said that FAMILY is the cause of these things and not Video games or movies. I agree, but then again I believe the Columbine killer and his family were close. He ended up killing them, but I believe that they were close. The point is that Hong Kong Fuey was crazy and it wasn't the media that made it that way. Although, I do believe that youtube is a smudge on human society. People are trying to be noticed on youtube by doing crazy stuff. Not necessarily killing people but doing crazy stunts or singing silly songs. In a way it could be a good thing because there are people with talent out there. The bad thing is that everyone is doing weird stuff to be noticed. It's mostly the Republicans that are saying it's video games and movies that are causing the violence. I heard something today about the Columbine shooters and how they had trench coats and guns and must have gotten that from the Matrix. The point was that they had the image, but not the content. Anyway, enough of that.

Today I heard a good thing on the news. A Bradley tank was going around a parked car in Bagdad and accidentally knocked over part of a brick wall. They went to the house to pay the owner for the damage, but he was gone. Turns out he was making IUDs and other bombs in his house. They found remote controls for the IUDs and several other instuments of evil. I'm glad that they found it, but the bad thing is that they accidentally found it.

Now about my life. I went to Chino Valley last weekend. It was a nice drive and a cool little town. I hung out with my aunt and uncle and then hung out with Brad and Sara (My cousin and her husband). It was so quiet up there. I really enjoyed myself alot. I played with Sinjalee and got to hold Sedona (Sara's kids). They are so cute. Sinjalee loves slides so I made a slide out of my legs and my body. She loved that. She would throw her hands in the air and clap. She even did the high five thing. Very cute. I want to go back. I am going to either buy her a little slide like Rylee has, or buy Rylee's. I think Sinjalee would love it. I have to make sure that I have someone taking my calls while I'm gone. That's what I did for the weekend that I was out of town. I looked through several photos with my aunt and heard some good stories of the family. That was nice. So quiet up there. The bad thing is that they may be moving to either Florida or Pine. That would be cool, but right now it's a nice place that I have to go to when I want to get out of town.

Now for today.

Last night I hung out with Kris and her family and watched shows. It was nice. I couldn't stay too long because I had to work at 7am. I watched an episode of the Office and a show called Thank God you're here. The office was funny, but I have to give Thank God you're here another chance. The one I watched wasn't that funny. Then I went home and was going to take a bath. It was 4am and I felt that that would be good for me to relax, take a bath, and then go to work. I made the mistake of laying down and resting. Then I got up and was going to take my bath at 5am, but didn't feel like it. I laid down and set my alarm for 6:05am. My alarm went off and I turned it off. I of course meant to get up right away, but fell back to sleep. Next thing I know it was 7:41am. I HAD OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!!! That sucked. I had to rush over here to 64th St. and Camelback. I got here at 8:15am. 1hr and 15 minutes late. Luckily there were no messages or lines of people to get into the gated community. It just sucks because now I have to tell Keith and Gary on Monday and the Officer in charge of the guardhouse when he relieves me at 3pm. Oh well. I really need to work on being on time for shit. It pisses me off. Things like this could lose us this account.

Now Kris will be gone for several days. I just don't know what to do. I'm sure I'll figure something out. The good thing for me right now is that I only work on Wednesday and Thursday for 10 hours each day. I still get paid for my 40 hours so that's nice. Kris said that I could come by today and watch some more of our shows, but then I have to go when Dave gets back home. I will be able to catch up on all my movies that I haven't watched yet. The new ones.

Speaking of movies. I just watched World Trade Center. It was very good. Of course not as good as United 93, but it was good. Before that I watched a japanese movie and some other stuff that I can't remember. As I sat here writing this I watched some I love lucys, Charlie's Angels movie, and now one of my favorites.....The Mexican. This guardhouse not only has internet but also cable t.v. That is all for now. I believe you are all caught up now.

Oh one more thing. The picture at the top of this post is from the movie Grindhouse. It is 2 movies in one and it is really cool. It's like the exploitation movies of the 70's and 80's. Very cool.

I love you all. Have a very good day and a better weekend.

Friday, April 13, 2007

My friend

I know that you are all going to say that that's all I do is write about my friend. I can't help it we are close. I am here to appologize.

The other day out of sillyness I said that she was heartless for making jokes of my dead mother. That is totally not the case. I've told her that I was joking and that I didn't mean it. She said that I was half joking. I KNOW that she cares very much. I also understand that the way we joke is the way we joke. Nothing is too taboo. I love her very much and she knows it. We have been friends for 18 years and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I want to say that I was NOT serious about you being heartless. I was going through mixed feelings the other day and I am over it now. We had a talk and you are right as always. I appreciate everything you do for me. I enjoy that you let me be part of your family. That means so much to me. I love you and I would DIE FOR YOU. LOL!

I have to go now. I'm running low on battery power sitting in your drive way using your internet at 6:54 in the morning. I believe that I am going to finish getting the car legal, the oil changed, and then I will go to Chino Valley. Who knows though. Maybe I'll go tomorrow. I'd love to take you out to eat tonight. Let me know.

You are not heartless. Your love is immeasurable.
Thank you for always being you. I love it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Something's wrong with the world today. I don't know what it is.

Where to start. I finally had some days off which I told you guys about. That has been real nice. I will probably go out of town next weekend to see my aunt and cousin. My cousin just had another baby. I can't wait to just get out of town. It will be so nice. I work this week on Wednesday and Thursday. I will be meeting with my clients tomorrow. Regular supervisor type of stuff. Right now I'm relaxing at Kris' house with a beer and I'm writing this. I will then go home and either watch a movie or go to bed. So now here's what I've wanted to talk about.

The other day on satellite radio on CNN Headline news they were talking about the way Rosie O'Donell is talking bad about the way the government is ran. She says these things on a show called the View. Now the view is a show where women talk about their views on things. She talks about how Bush isn't doing a good job or how Guantanimo Bay isn't being ran right. She tells how she feels about these subjects. I happen to agree with most of the things that she says. Now on the radio a guy was calling her a traitor for saying what she says. Oh excuse me mister head in your ass, but we live in the United States of America. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave. If you don't like it then move. The problem is that most people are so into their own political group that it can't be any other way. The man speaking was a Republican and Rosie obviously is a Democrat. Maybe you don't believe in any of the things she says, but still I would hope that you would fight for her right to say it. There is never a middle of the road type person that can say that they believe in one group or the other. One bashes the other and vice versa. It's crazy shit. We should be able to say what we want, when we want. We don't live in a repressed society that governs what we think. Fuck these people who don't believe we should go against the grain, but HOORAY for them for having the right to say it. Although, words are nothing without the actions behind them to do something.

The other thing is religion. I am not a "religious man", but I am spiritual. I believe that we are living creatures. Do onto others as you would have done to you. If you are good of heart then you are a good man. What I don't like is that you can't talk to one religious group about another, because they will shoot down their ideals and stand by their own. They are always the right and proper way to think. I am more of a Buddhist at heart. I think that if you have a faith, it can not be shook. Your convictions should be so great that you will never faulter from what you believe. Therefore you could go into another groups church or have a theological discussion with somebody of the other faith and all would be fine. That is not the case. Fucking ridiculous. When my mom died I had a memorial service. One of my good friends could not show up because she is Johova Witness. She was not allowed to step foot in a church, or whatever. That was fine and I knew that she cared and sent her love. The next thing that happened was that that persons father died and a friend of both of ours came to the memorial service, but he couldn't come inside because he is Jewish and is some sort of high priest and is not allowed to see any dead bodies unless they are his parents or something. We met him outside and he shared his love and that he cared as well. My thought on the subject is this. If GOD all caring, all knowing, and all loving then I think that he would allow you to pay your respects to the deceased by going into any type of denominations church or building. WWJD? From what I've read and heard, Jesus was a caring and kind man. If you were to ask Jesus what to do, I believe that he would say to go and care for the grieving person. You would all have great hearts and be at one with faith. That is the way that I see it. This is why I do not care for organized religion. I am still on that search in my life for the one that speaks to me. Don't know if I believe in GOD, but somethings really make me wonder. Such beautiful things that in a way, could not be created by a big bang. WHO KNOWS?

Here's the other thing.

Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, and our fathers. These are, and were, real men. There was just something about the way things were. The 50's, 60's, 70's, and from forever men were men. Now I'm all for equality, but somethings may be melting into eachtother. Hence the Metrosexual. It's ridiculous. A few months ago I was talking to my dad about how I wanted to watch this movie called Brokeback Mountain. I said that I hadn't seen it but heard that it was good. He said, "that movie about the faggots?" I said that it was suppose to be good. He then said, "John Wayne would have never done a movie where he played a faggot." I asked, "Well what if it was real good script and a good part?" He said, "John Wayne would never play a faggot. Nobody would go to see that movie." I agreed that John Wayne would have never done that movie. The movie sucked anyway. Another story that I heard on a making of Close Encounters of the Third Kind was Steven Speilberg saying that he wanted to have Steve McQueen in the part that was played by Richard Dreyfuss. He sat down and talked about the movie to Steve McQueen. McQueen read the script. After reading the script, McQueen said, "I can't do this movie." Speilberg asked, "Why not?" "Because the character cries in it. My fans have never seen me cry." James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, and others were tough men. Granted some of it was the characters they played. Cagney was the nicest and funniest guy in the world and was short. Bogart though was a drinker and I'm sure a fighter. The point is that real men have faded away. I think that that's why people look up to fire fighters because they are as close to real men as we can get in todays society. The HEROES of 9/11 are the fire fighters. You watch the movies that are out now and there are no real tough guys in them. The movie 300 was a great example of tough guy society. When you were born they would have a high priest or something look at you as a baby. If you appeared to be a good fighter,strong willed, and a good body then they would keep you and you would train to be a Spartan. THE BEST OF THE BEST. If you seemed weak they through the baby off of the cliff. Of course I am the last one that should be talking about this. You are all thinking, "Well how come Phillip's not dead at the bottom of a cliff then." I would love to be a tough guy. My father's been in bar fights and motorcycle wrecks. The thing with my father is that he is good at heart. He used to be the way I am now, but I believe he changed into who he is now when he went to the military and then Brigg. Of course I always say that men are forged in the heat of battle. Maybe if I were pushed into a situation I would be a tough guy. I don't know. I can't really explain what I mean. Then there's things like today. I was told that Mary and Kris are going for Pedicures next Monday, and I said well maybe I'll get one done. Now I am far from gay, but my grandfather had always told me that pedicures and manicures are great. They treat you like a king he said. I miss my grandfather. I miss my grandmother too. I miss my mom every day. Sorry. Anyway there aren't very many real tough guys anymore. I guess tough guys are like real boobs, very hard to find in the world today.

Don't know if any of that made sense to you, but oh well. I got it off of my chest.

I should really go home now. I've been writing this thing for awhile.

I love you guys. Sorry to bore you.

Monday, April 09, 2007

It's been too long

I could not get into my blogger account because I couldn't remember any of my sign in and password. Well now I'm in, with some help from Mrs. H. I have so much to write about. Just observations in general. I am tired now though and am going to write a little. I'll write more tomorrow.

Things I need to talk about are as follows:
The human race
Real men
and some other things that I can't think of right now.

Anyway, I finally got some days off this weekend. I am so happy. Who knows how long it will last. I am off next weekend as well. Here's to me.

I love you all and I hope that you love me.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Too Much and Not Enough

It's been awhile since I've written on here. According to Mrs. H. I'm an dumb fucking computer illiterate asshole who couldn't get into a computer if his life depended on it. I couldn't get into my account for whatever reason. Wrong password, user name, incompetence, or whatever.

Several things have happened since last you read this blog. I am now making 17.50 an hour, but working a lot. I believe I may have told you about this. I remember saying something about how I am a liaison with all of the Scottsdale properties along with Managing the West side properties. Soon maybe I won't have to work as much as I have been. I know that I say that a lot, but slowly it will happen. I've had several things happen with my guys not showing up. One of my guys, George, pushed his way into a guys house and punched him in the face. That was on Monday and he didn't show up on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now it'll be Monday again. Then I had a guy named Tim that didn't show up on Wednesday. He never returned any calls. To top it all off on Thursday a new guy named James didn't show up for his shift. I had called him at the beginning of his shift on his cell phone, but he had left it home. I assumed that he was at work, but he wasn't. He was to start at 6PM and I didn't find out that he wasn't at work until 4AM. I didn't get there to cover until 430AM. I was in fear of losing the account. So far I haven't heard anything about losing the account. I also haven't heard from James. He is fired anyway. That is the problems that I had this week.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now


Except reading glasses later in life.

Side note: I'm listening to my ipod and Sweet Transvestite is on. I really like the song (insert joke here), plus it gives me fond memories of Mrs. H., Brig, and I hanging out. If Dawn is reading this that was the first time that I saw Dawn. Except that was when I first went to Rocky with Joe back in 89 or 90. Bygones.

Back to the eyes.

Let me set the scene for you. I'm strapped to the table and a fat mad man is walking around telling me how this laser is going to cut me in half. I say, "Do you expect me to talk?" He says, "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die." Oh wait that was Goldfinger. Never mind. I remember now. Mrs. H. and I were slightly freaking out and worried that we could smell our eyes burning under the laser. We did. Smelled like chicken kabobs. I'm kidding of course. It smelled like burnt eyes. Anyway, I had a bad time with the front desk people before the surgery. Nobody was on the same page. I trusted everyone in the back of the place, but nobody at the front desk. Especially the south of the border taco eating cunt that was working that day. I was tempted to call INS or the ASPCA. Why you ask? Because this was animal cruelty. This fucking animal was cruel to me. If Steve Irwin were alive he could have slowly crouched down by her chair and told us how she eats or shits or does both out of the fucking hole under her nose. They have a basket for us to donate our glasses if we want. Well I wanted to break the fucking things and stab her in the neck with the broken pieces. I had called her the day before and tried to get my valium perscription sent to a Walgreens that was closer to my house. I was going there to pick up my eye drops, so I thought that I'd kill 2 birds with one stone. "You can pick up here at Walgreens by us.", she says in broken English. "Well it will be better for me if I can have the perscription sent over to the Walgreens by my house.", I say with my sweet charm. "No, we call it in here. Just pick up here.", she says with her English so garbled that she needs subtitles. "I wanted to pick it up before the surgery.", I say getting a bit annoyed. "Yes, you can pick it up the morning of your surgery.", she says with the subtitles becoming clearer. "Our appointment is at 1030.", I say hoping that she knows the customer is always right. "Yes, they are open at 9 I believe.", she says with her 7 kids playing by her feet. "I was just trying to make it easier on me.", I say on deaf stupid bitch spic ears. "Just come earlier.", she said not caring that she was in my country illegaly. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! "Fine." or "I guess I'll have to.", I say as I piss on the 'Mexico' page of my atlas.

Now it's the day of the surgery and Mr. and Mrs. H. and I are at the Walgreens by the Lasik place. I go to the pharmacy counter and ask, "Do you have a perscription for Phillip Duke II?" The woman checks and says, "No I don't." WHAT THE FUCK! Now I'm really pissed. It takes alot to get me really pissed. So I call Lasik, and who answers the phone? That's right, Maria Conchita Cunt Face. "This is Phillip Duke II and you said that my perscription for Valium would be here at the Walgreens.", I say with smoke coming out of my ears. "Oh. Who is this again?" she says unable to understand English. "Phillip Duke II. I spoke to you yesterday and you told me that it would be here. You told me to come early.", I say while wanting to pull a Charlie Manson by killing her and writing CUNT in her blood on the wall behind her. Manson actually wrote PIGS, but you get the point. "I'm sorry about that. Let me call them. Is there a number I can reach you at?", she says like she knows how to write. "I'm going to be there in a minute but yes here's the number, .......", I say while wanting to anal rape her mother while pouring sugar in her gas tank. "Ok, I'll call you back.", she says, while picking onions for us white people. We head over there. I'm fucking fuming. Mrs. H. gives our info and we sit down. I go to the bathroom and when I come back Mrs. H. has already been called. I'm thinking well this is very odd because our appointment is the same time. I go up and ask a blonde lady if she called me too. She says that she did not. I sit down and wait, but not too long because I've lost faith in this entire place by this point. I walk in the back and start checking the files on the inside of the door. A guy who works there asks me if he can help. I tell him that I'm wondering if I was called. He says that he doesn't know. Like he can't fucking walk the 6 steps to the front desk and check. I wasn't going to do it because that fucking brown bitch was the only one there. I go back to my chair and sit down. Not for long, because I'm pissed. I walk over to the woman at the front desk, because I figure that I better talk to her soon before her shift at Filiberto's starts. "I was just wondering if they called me yet, because we came in together.", I say while trying to push the desk over ontop of her. "She had to get her eyes rechecked and you don't.", she says while giving birth to yet another baby. "They told me last time that I was supposed to too.", I say wanting everyone to leave the room except her and I, so we can have UFC 68. "It says just her.", she says, wearing me down because I just want to hit her and not talk anymore. "Ok I guess. I'm just really annoyed because my Valium wasn't there and so I just don't know. You called it in though, right?", I say, hoping that everything is maybe going to work out. That's when she looks down at the post-it note on her desk by her keyboard, and says, "Oh, did you still want that?" "Yeah." I say with the attitude of Mrs. H. "Well, it's more for nerves. You can take Tylenol P.M. I had the surgery last week and it doesn't hurt. It's fine.", she says, as if I want to hear her fucking story. Not to mention the fact that people deal with nerves in different ways. She works in a medical type place, and should know to be accomodating to the client. "I still want it.", I say, as she trys to tell me more misinformation, but I just walk away. I sit down and try to relax and focus on the fact that I'm getting this procedure done and it will be a great thing. So now I'm really questioning whether they called me or not.

That's when Mrs. H. comes out. She's done getting her eyes rechecked and they haven't called me yet. I tell Mrs. H. the hell that I'm going through. She says that Lorie is going to call her to go through the financial stuff and that she will tell her that I am still waiting. We like Lorie. Mrs. H. gets called and goes in the back. I'm super pissed. Then Lorie comes out and says, "Phillip." The words sounded like harp music played by angels. I jumped up and went back and sat by Mrs. H. and told Lorie what was up. Valium not ready and all that. She appologized for the woman and said that I could have one of Mrs. H.'s valium. Then all was well. We then paid our money, waited a little more, and then waited in a pre-op room. We took our valium when the cyborg told us to. She wasn't really a cyborg, but she was as emotionless as one. Mrs. H. went into surgery first. Then I went. It was weird, but only took about 5 minutes or less to do. We could see right away. Very cool. At first I wasn't thinking that I could see that much better. After I woke up from my 6 hour nap, I could see better. The next day we went for our check up and the doctor said that my vision was 20/20. Maybe really close to 20/20 that's using both eyes at once. WHATEVER!

I love it.

Now for me. Well I'm trying to get off of work tonight and tomorrow. Not sure about that, but at least if I could get one of those days off that would be good. I believe that I told you guys that they told me to get a right hand man and then told me not to. They said that I could do what I was doing without giving up some of my money to bring one of my guys up. I agreed that I do like the money. One of my workers quit so I've been working moon valley patrol for the past week and a half. Like always I'm sure that it will all work out. Right now, I'm sitting here naked, drinking beer, eating chips, and thinking of you ladies. Tell Vash that one. I was sitting in his computer chair naked. I'm kidding of course. I have a towel down on the chair. NO. I'm not wearing shoes, socks, and a shirt. WOW. I guess no service for me. HAHA.

I know that you will all be pissed because this is so long. Sorry. I'll write real short ones from now on. NOT!

I'll leave you guys with what Charlie said the other day. He's an older guy that works at Circle K. I talk to him when I go in for free coffee while patrolling moon valley. Anyway he said, "I've been in the Marines. I've been to NAM. But that's nothing compared to a stay at home mother. I've done it. It's hard. You find your self talking like the kids when adults come over."

I just thought that that was cool.

Diva and Baron: Sometime during a weekend we should go drinking with my father.
Dakini: I love and miss you. I have your Nightmare Before Christmas calendar and mints.
Dawn: You looked good in your bra and underwear. Big titties.
Mrs. H.: You know. Also big titties.

Yours glassless,