Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rusty fingers and old thoughts

Gee, I don't know where to start. I can't even remember the last thing that I wrote. I think that it was about the trip with Serjio and my bonus from work.

Alot has happened since then. Work is going good although I am working almost every day, but only about 5 hours. Still it sucks sometimes. Okay it sucks all the time. I love my days off. I believe that I just got in a tight spot for a bit, but now all is well. Ya see they came to me a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I would take over Scottsdale. I had already had my schedule done with all my guys working and me off the schedule. When they asked if I would do Scottsdale I considered it a compliment because I had cleaned up my area pretty quick and now I could swoop in and take care of another area. Well it took 2 weeks, but I finally got the shifts in Scottsdale covered. Now, I know that you are asking if I got more money. No, I did not.

We haven't really talked money yet. We are going to be having a meeting here in a couple of days and then we will see. They asked me to have Chip step up and take more responsibility, but he likes his weekends off and is not helping me in any way. I am going to talk with him tonight and come to a conclusion about what he's going to do. If he doesn't step up then I will just go with my second choice. I need someone that can take my calls while I'm off on the weekends, and Chip is off on the weekends so he doesn't want to take my calls. I'm SICK of answering the phone everyday. I would like some me time. I would love to give the phone to someone and have them answer it while I'm off. Then if they had to get ahold of me in an emergency then they would call some other number. I will be working this out tonight.

Something else that happened since I wrote last was Christmas. It was a good time. I spent Christmas Eve at my OLDEST friend Joe's house. We talked, played video games, ate, and watched cartoons. Then on my way home, I checked my voice mail and one of my guys had called off. That meant that I had to go work it. I didn't get off work until 5AM and then I had to give my dad a ride home. I gave him his gifts and then I went home. I put everyones gifts in gift bags and then went to bed. I woke up at 1230 and went to Mrs. H. house. We unwrapped presents and all that good stuff. I got a digital camera from Mrs. H. (her old one), a 50 dollar gift card from a place of my choosing (Suncoast), and other things that I can't think of right now because I want to write this and go watch a movie. GO FIGURE. That was from Mrs. H. Her mom made me a lovely scrap book of my mom's pictures that I used at the memorial. I love it very much. I received a bunch of gift cards for itunes from several of my friends. I loved those as well and bought lots of music and tv shows.

I think about my mom every day and I get sad. It's just so weird that she's dead. All I keep thinking about is how the tears were rolling down her cheeks when I was talking to her and let her hear videos of Rylee. When I told her that we all loved her, she cried also. The big one is when she had regained slight consciousness and I asked her if she knew that I was there, and she nodded, then she lost consciousness. The reason that one is so hard on me is because maybe she might have miraculously gotten better. I told the doctor to turn off the assisted breathing. I know that there was nothing more that they could have done. I just think of that a little bit. I guess the biggest thing is just that she was crying. She was coherent enough to hear everything.


I have been buying alot of movies lately. So many that I don't even have time to watch them. I just bought a super duper collector's edition of E.T. Very cool. If you wanted to you could check out my dvd collection. I am treating myself well because I make enough money to do that. I am doing alot better than I used to. I at least have money left over when my next pay day comes along. Speaking of money. Mrs. H. and I are getting Lasik surgery. We are so excited and scared. They have to pull back our corneas, and that's what scares us. It's going to be so awesome to not wear glasses anymore, EVER! :) Our surgery is on Friday, January 26th.

Also Diva's birthday party was fun. I had a good time, and that's all that matters. No, I believe that we all had a pretty good time. I didn't get to get Diva anything, because I didn't want to be later than I was. I will definately be getting her something the next time I see her.

I spoke with Dakini the other day and she said that they really want to move out here. Like Mrs. H. I will believe it when I see it. I hope they do. Then I could have more little girls to spoil.

Speaking of that. Rylee now has this thing where she wants to play Batman and Wonderwoman. We then both stand up and pretend to fight bad guys and then she just drops to the floor and lays there like a sack of potatos. I then pick her limp body up (she is such a good little Meryl Streep) and carry her to the couch, then I cover her up with a blanket. I rub her feet, back, knees, legs, and shoulders and make noises like I'm fixing her. She then throws off the blanket and I say how happy I am that she's better. Then we hug and do it all over again. The downside to me buying her presents is that now she asks whenever I come over, "Did you get me anything?" So cute, and such a tyrant. She's like that Elvis song, "Devil in disguise".

I am now drinking beer that I just bought a little bit ago. I am going to watch the Protector or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beginning. I just found a movie at Fry's when I was getting my beer, that I haven't seen in a long time but I remember it. It stuck with me. It used to be on cable or late night tv alot. It's called, "The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane". It has Jodie Foster in it.

Some little girls can be murder! Thirteen-year-old Rynn (Foster) is a gifted prodigy who lives in a big old house with her reclusive father...all alone. Or does she? When Rynn's nosy landlady and a lecherous neighbor (Sheen) begin to suspect that this little girl is hiding a dark and dangerous secret, Rynn is determined to preserve her isolated existence at any cost - and stop those vicious rumors dead in their tracks!

Now I didn't really mean for that to be like that but it is. I just talked about Rylee being a tyrant and then I say oh here's this movie I just happened to find. It's about a vicious little girl named Rynn, not Rylee. I am not trying to tell Mrs. H. that she has something to look out for. I was just talking about this movie that I REALLY did find. I thought that was funny as I was writing about the movie and it made me chuckle. Anyway, it's a good movie from what I remember, but then again from what Mrs. H. remembered, "The Jazz Singer" was a good movie. I will let you guys know.

Now Dakini is going to ask me what that movie was called with Jodie Foster, John Turturro, and penguins. Well Brig, it's called 5 corners.

The other morning Mrs. H. I had a good time. We hung out for a little bit. It was cool. I know you're saying, but don't you guys always hang out? Why yes we do. JEALOUS? She also made sloppy Joes that her and I were craving. It's alway fun at the Hoil manor. Someday soon Mr. H. will snap and I will be kicked out of the Hoil compound. He hasn't been sick of me yet, but I just keep waiting.

Thanks for reading. I'm sorry if it was too long. I will try to think of more interesting-thought provoking things to write next time.

I will leave you with this:

"The Coca-Cola company purchases more sugar than any other company in the world. Besides being a liquid refreshment, Coca-Cola is commonly used to clean toilets, remove rust, baste ham, and dissolve driveway grease."

From, "So, now you know...A compendium of completely useless information"
By Harry Bright and Harlan Briscoe

I love you guys bunches like always.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I was wondering which one of us was going to be the first to post in the new year LOL I am gald things are going so well for you. You really do not need to worry about getting me anything, just the thought is nice. Well I hope to see you soon and I do love ya!

Dakini said...

PHILLIP, you know me so freekin' well! That's exactly what my mind was saying! DAMN I LOVE YOU!

Man, I really can't wait until the girls get to meet Rylee...Matty said that Rylee will end up saying a cuss word and David's will end up having a talk with me. So Matty did this imitation of David talking to me about this future scenario, it was funny because it sounded like David.

I miss you so much Phillip. I love that we've been talking lately...oh crap, that's right Willow said you called, I'm supposed to be calling you back der!

Mrs. H said...

Well, for some reason I couldn't reply to this at work on Thursday, and then I saw you Thursday night.

Of course, you'll be living in a cardboard box if hell freezes over, and the Von Stetina family actually moves here. You'll have no money for anything else w/ 4 girls to spoil. :)

Thanks for the novel, next time I have trouble falling asleep I'll have you read it to me.