Saturday, April 21, 2007

Crazy Mixed Up World and Other Shit

The killings on Monday at Virginia Tech are being blamed on violent games and movies. That's Bullshit. I think CRAZY may have alot to do with it. Fucking fucked up. That's where it came from. Hong Kong Fuey, as Howard Stern calls him, was a lonely fucked up individual. He was a stalker and a loner. He kept to himself. The teachers knew that he was OFF because of the things that he wrote and the way he was. Nobody did a damn thing about it. Well they told somebody, but it didn't go any further than that.

I was listening to CNN last night on satellite and Glenn Beck said that FAMILY is the cause of these things and not Video games or movies. I agree, but then again I believe the Columbine killer and his family were close. He ended up killing them, but I believe that they were close. The point is that Hong Kong Fuey was crazy and it wasn't the media that made it that way. Although, I do believe that youtube is a smudge on human society. People are trying to be noticed on youtube by doing crazy stuff. Not necessarily killing people but doing crazy stunts or singing silly songs. In a way it could be a good thing because there are people with talent out there. The bad thing is that everyone is doing weird stuff to be noticed. It's mostly the Republicans that are saying it's video games and movies that are causing the violence. I heard something today about the Columbine shooters and how they had trench coats and guns and must have gotten that from the Matrix. The point was that they had the image, but not the content. Anyway, enough of that.

Today I heard a good thing on the news. A Bradley tank was going around a parked car in Bagdad and accidentally knocked over part of a brick wall. They went to the house to pay the owner for the damage, but he was gone. Turns out he was making IUDs and other bombs in his house. They found remote controls for the IUDs and several other instuments of evil. I'm glad that they found it, but the bad thing is that they accidentally found it.

Now about my life. I went to Chino Valley last weekend. It was a nice drive and a cool little town. I hung out with my aunt and uncle and then hung out with Brad and Sara (My cousin and her husband). It was so quiet up there. I really enjoyed myself alot. I played with Sinjalee and got to hold Sedona (Sara's kids). They are so cute. Sinjalee loves slides so I made a slide out of my legs and my body. She loved that. She would throw her hands in the air and clap. She even did the high five thing. Very cute. I want to go back. I am going to either buy her a little slide like Rylee has, or buy Rylee's. I think Sinjalee would love it. I have to make sure that I have someone taking my calls while I'm gone. That's what I did for the weekend that I was out of town. I looked through several photos with my aunt and heard some good stories of the family. That was nice. So quiet up there. The bad thing is that they may be moving to either Florida or Pine. That would be cool, but right now it's a nice place that I have to go to when I want to get out of town.

Now for today.

Last night I hung out with Kris and her family and watched shows. It was nice. I couldn't stay too long because I had to work at 7am. I watched an episode of the Office and a show called Thank God you're here. The office was funny, but I have to give Thank God you're here another chance. The one I watched wasn't that funny. Then I went home and was going to take a bath. It was 4am and I felt that that would be good for me to relax, take a bath, and then go to work. I made the mistake of laying down and resting. Then I got up and was going to take my bath at 5am, but didn't feel like it. I laid down and set my alarm for 6:05am. My alarm went off and I turned it off. I of course meant to get up right away, but fell back to sleep. Next thing I know it was 7:41am. I HAD OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!!! That sucked. I had to rush over here to 64th St. and Camelback. I got here at 8:15am. 1hr and 15 minutes late. Luckily there were no messages or lines of people to get into the gated community. It just sucks because now I have to tell Keith and Gary on Monday and the Officer in charge of the guardhouse when he relieves me at 3pm. Oh well. I really need to work on being on time for shit. It pisses me off. Things like this could lose us this account.

Now Kris will be gone for several days. I just don't know what to do. I'm sure I'll figure something out. The good thing for me right now is that I only work on Wednesday and Thursday for 10 hours each day. I still get paid for my 40 hours so that's nice. Kris said that I could come by today and watch some more of our shows, but then I have to go when Dave gets back home. I will be able to catch up on all my movies that I haven't watched yet. The new ones.

Speaking of movies. I just watched World Trade Center. It was very good. Of course not as good as United 93, but it was good. Before that I watched a japanese movie and some other stuff that I can't remember. As I sat here writing this I watched some I love lucys, Charlie's Angels movie, and now one of my favorites.....The Mexican. This guardhouse not only has internet but also cable t.v. That is all for now. I believe you are all caught up now.

Oh one more thing. The picture at the top of this post is from the movie Grindhouse. It is 2 movies in one and it is really cool. It's like the exploitation movies of the 70's and 80's. Very cool.

I love you all. Have a very good day and a better weekend.

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isee you left put the part about being a total jackass over a forgotten Pepsi. That's ok, I still love you even though you think such mean things of me.