Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Something's wrong with the world today. I don't know what it is.

Where to start. I finally had some days off which I told you guys about. That has been real nice. I will probably go out of town next weekend to see my aunt and cousin. My cousin just had another baby. I can't wait to just get out of town. It will be so nice. I work this week on Wednesday and Thursday. I will be meeting with my clients tomorrow. Regular supervisor type of stuff. Right now I'm relaxing at Kris' house with a beer and I'm writing this. I will then go home and either watch a movie or go to bed. So now here's what I've wanted to talk about.

The other day on satellite radio on CNN Headline news they were talking about the way Rosie O'Donell is talking bad about the way the government is ran. She says these things on a show called the View. Now the view is a show where women talk about their views on things. She talks about how Bush isn't doing a good job or how Guantanimo Bay isn't being ran right. She tells how she feels about these subjects. I happen to agree with most of the things that she says. Now on the radio a guy was calling her a traitor for saying what she says. Oh excuse me mister head in your ass, but we live in the United States of America. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave. If you don't like it then move. The problem is that most people are so into their own political group that it can't be any other way. The man speaking was a Republican and Rosie obviously is a Democrat. Maybe you don't believe in any of the things she says, but still I would hope that you would fight for her right to say it. There is never a middle of the road type person that can say that they believe in one group or the other. One bashes the other and vice versa. It's crazy shit. We should be able to say what we want, when we want. We don't live in a repressed society that governs what we think. Fuck these people who don't believe we should go against the grain, but HOORAY for them for having the right to say it. Although, words are nothing without the actions behind them to do something.

The other thing is religion. I am not a "religious man", but I am spiritual. I believe that we are living creatures. Do onto others as you would have done to you. If you are good of heart then you are a good man. What I don't like is that you can't talk to one religious group about another, because they will shoot down their ideals and stand by their own. They are always the right and proper way to think. I am more of a Buddhist at heart. I think that if you have a faith, it can not be shook. Your convictions should be so great that you will never faulter from what you believe. Therefore you could go into another groups church or have a theological discussion with somebody of the other faith and all would be fine. That is not the case. Fucking ridiculous. When my mom died I had a memorial service. One of my good friends could not show up because she is Johova Witness. She was not allowed to step foot in a church, or whatever. That was fine and I knew that she cared and sent her love. The next thing that happened was that that persons father died and a friend of both of ours came to the memorial service, but he couldn't come inside because he is Jewish and is some sort of high priest and is not allowed to see any dead bodies unless they are his parents or something. We met him outside and he shared his love and that he cared as well. My thought on the subject is this. If GOD all caring, all knowing, and all loving then I think that he would allow you to pay your respects to the deceased by going into any type of denominations church or building. WWJD? From what I've read and heard, Jesus was a caring and kind man. If you were to ask Jesus what to do, I believe that he would say to go and care for the grieving person. You would all have great hearts and be at one with faith. That is the way that I see it. This is why I do not care for organized religion. I am still on that search in my life for the one that speaks to me. Don't know if I believe in GOD, but somethings really make me wonder. Such beautiful things that in a way, could not be created by a big bang. WHO KNOWS?

Here's the other thing.

Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, and our fathers. These are, and were, real men. There was just something about the way things were. The 50's, 60's, 70's, and from forever men were men. Now I'm all for equality, but somethings may be melting into eachtother. Hence the Metrosexual. It's ridiculous. A few months ago I was talking to my dad about how I wanted to watch this movie called Brokeback Mountain. I said that I hadn't seen it but heard that it was good. He said, "that movie about the faggots?" I said that it was suppose to be good. He then said, "John Wayne would have never done a movie where he played a faggot." I asked, "Well what if it was real good script and a good part?" He said, "John Wayne would never play a faggot. Nobody would go to see that movie." I agreed that John Wayne would have never done that movie. The movie sucked anyway. Another story that I heard on a making of Close Encounters of the Third Kind was Steven Speilberg saying that he wanted to have Steve McQueen in the part that was played by Richard Dreyfuss. He sat down and talked about the movie to Steve McQueen. McQueen read the script. After reading the script, McQueen said, "I can't do this movie." Speilberg asked, "Why not?" "Because the character cries in it. My fans have never seen me cry." James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, and others were tough men. Granted some of it was the characters they played. Cagney was the nicest and funniest guy in the world and was short. Bogart though was a drinker and I'm sure a fighter. The point is that real men have faded away. I think that that's why people look up to fire fighters because they are as close to real men as we can get in todays society. The HEROES of 9/11 are the fire fighters. You watch the movies that are out now and there are no real tough guys in them. The movie 300 was a great example of tough guy society. When you were born they would have a high priest or something look at you as a baby. If you appeared to be a good fighter,strong willed, and a good body then they would keep you and you would train to be a Spartan. THE BEST OF THE BEST. If you seemed weak they through the baby off of the cliff. Of course I am the last one that should be talking about this. You are all thinking, "Well how come Phillip's not dead at the bottom of a cliff then." I would love to be a tough guy. My father's been in bar fights and motorcycle wrecks. The thing with my father is that he is good at heart. He used to be the way I am now, but I believe he changed into who he is now when he went to the military and then Brigg. Of course I always say that men are forged in the heat of battle. Maybe if I were pushed into a situation I would be a tough guy. I don't know. I can't really explain what I mean. Then there's things like today. I was told that Mary and Kris are going for Pedicures next Monday, and I said well maybe I'll get one done. Now I am far from gay, but my grandfather had always told me that pedicures and manicures are great. They treat you like a king he said. I miss my grandfather. I miss my grandmother too. I miss my mom every day. Sorry. Anyway there aren't very many real tough guys anymore. I guess tough guys are like real boobs, very hard to find in the world today.

Don't know if any of that made sense to you, but oh well. I got it off of my chest.

I should really go home now. I've been writing this thing for awhile.

I love you guys. Sorry to bore you.


Mrs. H said...

You are silly. I miss your Grandpa too, he was always so sweet.
I love you and not saying you are gay and not a real man but I really don't want you getting in a bar fight. I think you could possibly hold your own. You are definitely stronger than you appear, but still, don't want a bar fight to happen.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I agree with Mrs H no bar fights! I love you. I do believe in God and I love being a member of the Catholic Church. I think most of my friends can appreciate my faith because I am not an off my rocker Christian/Jew?whatever telling my friends they are going to hell or their beliefs are wrong. I try to live a good honest life, treat others as I want to be treated and if anyone wants to discuss Jesus with me I am more then happy to pull up a chair and chat. I am not going to push my beliefs on anyone else. If I feel a friend is doing smething I would not consider "right" by my religious beliefs I would not tell them that. I would pray for them, that is it. Easy as that. I pray for all my friends all the time anyways, that includes you. Oh well I have rambled long enough and I also think it is nouts to have a religion say that you cannot go into another church, or to a funeral of someone that is not in your chucrh etc etc but to each their own! Love you honey!

MOVIEMAN said...

Thanks. That is cool of you to be that way. I love you gus too.