Saturday, June 09, 2007

What am I doing?

Let me answer that. I'm sitting here in Kris' living room after hours of searching the internet. Did I look up what troubles was brewing in the middle east? Maybe I tried to increase my knowledge of history by looking up something on John Wilkes Boothe? NO I DID NOT!

I looked up movie trailers, boobies,,, and more boobies. This is what angers me. I think, "well I'm going to go home and watch a movie or just relax at home." Then I end up sitting here half watching Mob documentaries, forensic files, and a George Carlin stand up act while surfing the internet for porn or any other non brain stimulating thing that I can think of. It always starts out innocent just looking up regular things of interest, but then the naked pictures start. Nothing that bad just naked women. Anyway, I basically just wrote this so that you guys would read it, and as you do, look up in the corner of the screen where my picture was. OH MY GOD! What is that?

That's funny is what that is. I found a friend of mine on myspace. His name is Beau McNutt and we used to go to grade school together. I always wondered what he was up to. That is where I found the Burger King thing.

Nothing much to talk about other than I will be working on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It won't be that bad because it's at a guard house. That means that I monitor the gate and watch movies at night. Pretty cushy gig for 17.50 an hour. I like it very much. Well I must be going, as I have to get a little bit of sleep before I get woken up with any calls for work.

I love you all. Talk at you later.

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Haven't Written in Quite Awhile

This is what a child sees either in their room or outside. A child's imagination is a wonderful thing. It amazes me when I talk to a child and they tell me an amazing story that they've just made up or they are making it up as they play. Simply wonderful.

Now the above picture signifies what Rylee sees whenever we are in her room and we are playing, "The one where Wonder Woman is hurt and all the superheroes are there." She played it for the first time by herself. Then she told me about it, and now I am the one that calls all the superheroes to her room. Sometimes she asks for me to call the Power Rangers. I don't much like to do that, but it is her imagination and who am I to say no. She will mix the Marvel and DC universes or invent a new superhero.....Plastic Girl. She will tell me that I am Spiderman and she is Black Cat. Something that I showed her once while reading a Spiderman comic and she remembers. Same thing with Donna and Diana Prince. Wonder Woman's sister is Donna and Diana is Wonder Woman.

A cute story from that one was that one time after her and I had read a Wonder Woman comic, her father was on the phone with a business woman.
He said, "Thanks Diana."
Rylee, "Was that Wonder Woman?"
He said, "No it wasn't"

I've been showing her Venom from the Spiderman movie and trying to make her be okay with "The black stuff".

The other day in her room she said, "Duck Spiderman."
I ducked and she said, "That was close."
I said, "What was it?"
She said, "Venom just threw something at you."
I said, "Whoa!"
She said, "Hide here and I'll get him."
So I climbed under her bed (it's raised off the ground about 4 feet).
She then stepped out and said, "NOT TODAY!" Then she punches, kicks, and rolls on the ground wildly.
Then she said, "It's okay now. I broke him into squares."

It's so much fun to hear her make up the situations as we sit there or change the situation half way through explaining it to me.

The other day we played a game that she invented. The game belonged to Superman and we borrowed it out of his room. She grabbed all these miscellaneous toys to be the game pieces. When I asked her how to play she proceeded to read the instructions on a toy pull out bed. She made up the rules as she was pretending to read them. It was so cute and amazing. Sometimes I don't feel like playing, but then I know that someday she will be too old and not want to play with Uncle Phillip. I do love that I've got her into the superheroes and she knows alot of their names. We have several games we play.
1. She climbs up my body while holding my hands and flips over.
2. I have her sit on my hands and I swing her.
3. My hand is the plane that superman saves in Superman Returns, and her hand is superman.
4. She is Lois and I'm Superman and I save her when she falls from the helicopter in Superman the movie.
5. Pretty much the same as 4 except we swing on webs. She's Mary Jane Watson and I'm Spiderman and I save her from falling.
6. I'm Batman and she's Wonder Woman and I have to take her to the hospital after she gets beat up by the bad guys.
7. She is Black Cat or Wonder Woman and she goes up into the sky where I can't see her and then she jumps down, suprises me, and gives me a hug.
8. The one that she really loves right now is the one where all the superheroes come to her room to make sure she's okay and then she ends up saving us all.
9. The newest one that I really like right now is the one where I make a coin disappear and reappear behind her ear. She loves it. I love it to, because it makes me that uncle who does that.

We are always inventing new games to play and it's always fun. She can get cranky at times, but it's usually because she sees it a certain way in her head and I don't understand it properly.

The other day we were sitting in her room playing and she said that there was a giant pig man that ate people, but Black Cat beat him up. So then later I grabbed my sides and said that the Pig man was eating me. Then when she got close I tickled her sides and said that the Pig man was trying to eat her. I then would punch at my hands and then tickle her again. "Ah the Pig man." Sometimes I tickle her too much and she doesn't like it.

All in all we have a blast and I love her.

There is now a new baby that is coming into this world and I am afraid that I will be getting too old to lift, flip, carry, or swing it around the house. I'm sure that I will do it anyway, because I love kids.

Infact tomorrow I am wearing my FLASH t-shirt to go to an event for Rylee. What other 4 year old knows about Green Lantern, The Flash, Black Cat, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. Too cool.

Next up: Maybe I'll get her into Indian Jones.

That's all for now. Have a wonderful Sunday. Laugh, play, and be merry.

Once again, I love you all.