Saturday, June 09, 2007

What am I doing?

Let me answer that. I'm sitting here in Kris' living room after hours of searching the internet. Did I look up what troubles was brewing in the middle east? Maybe I tried to increase my knowledge of history by looking up something on John Wilkes Boothe? NO I DID NOT!

I looked up movie trailers, boobies,,, and more boobies. This is what angers me. I think, "well I'm going to go home and watch a movie or just relax at home." Then I end up sitting here half watching Mob documentaries, forensic files, and a George Carlin stand up act while surfing the internet for porn or any other non brain stimulating thing that I can think of. It always starts out innocent just looking up regular things of interest, but then the naked pictures start. Nothing that bad just naked women. Anyway, I basically just wrote this so that you guys would read it, and as you do, look up in the corner of the screen where my picture was. OH MY GOD! What is that?

That's funny is what that is. I found a friend of mine on myspace. His name is Beau McNutt and we used to go to grade school together. I always wondered what he was up to. That is where I found the Burger King thing.

Nothing much to talk about other than I will be working on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It won't be that bad because it's at a guard house. That means that I monitor the gate and watch movies at night. Pretty cushy gig for 17.50 an hour. I like it very much. Well I must be going, as I have to get a little bit of sleep before I get woken up with any calls for work.

I love you all. Talk at you later.

Have a great day everyone.


Mrs. H said...

You forgot to mention the hours you spent bugging me w/ baby names. LOL!! I love you.
That is funny, I agree and I am so glad you found Beau McNutt, I know you always talk about him, it's quite annoying.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hi sweetie! Umm that is great you found an old friend but WHAT A NAME!!! LOL Hugs and love form Florida!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ok Movieman listen up! Consider this a formal (ok informal since it is online) invitation to come stay with Todd and I for a vacation! We would love for you to come and stay the week before the wedding. You can totally do some great adventures around here and the kids, especially Kenny would be so happy to have you! i can get my mom's queen size air mattress (like Jan sleeps on when here) and you can bunk with one of them or the living room. You can get a round trip ticket on Southwest with non stop flights for $178!!! COME ON COME PLAY!!!