Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Hard Cock on a Warm Summer's Day

Did I get your attention? I thought that I would. Anyway, my asshole was sweating as I beat my dick like it owed me money.


No, I'm kidding. Well as the 3 people that read this know, a sad thing happened recently. I was very sad and wanted to do whatever I could to make it better for my friend. I am here for her whenever she needs me. It really fucking sucked what happened, but I feel that nature or GOD intervened for a reason.

Now for those of you who think that GOD or some supreme Burrito of a being would come down and put life into a baby that has been deceased for a month. YOU ARE CRAZY, with a side of NUTS! Today when I was taking a bath I saw a dead moth on the floor. Now according to this rationale, that if we wait nature will find a way, I should be able to wait a month and the moth will miraculously spring to life and fly out the window. In that same argument you could say that if we wait a month then all the dead American soldiers will be alive again. THANK YOU JESUS! Come to think of it how come my mom hasn't called me yet? It's been more than a month. Oh, I know, because she's DEAD. There are two things that are guaranteed in life, DEATH and TAXES. If someone dies you have a chance of bringing them back to life. RIGHT THEN. Not a month later. If my kidney fails, I am not going to leave it in my body and hope for a miracle. I will have it taken out. I will not keep it, and I will not think, "What if I would've waited just a little bit longer? Maybe it would have started working." NO! I would know that my kidney was as dead as my mother. They say 'death is finite' for a reason. I rest my case.

America is a great country because we are free to make choices. If someone chooses to make a certain decision, that is all there is to it. As humans we are free to do whatever we want to our own bodies. Just because someones decision is not the one that you would make, don't get angry or upset. Be glad that they are at peace with the choice that they have made.

As for me, I stick behind my friend on her decision. YOU GO GIRL!

Ok, now for an update on what's up in my life. Well I am working kind of alot right now, but not that hard. I am planning on going to Florida for my friends wedding and then I am going to go on a cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. I am excited. That will be my birthday present to myself.

Right now I am driving my dad's 1983 Chevy Cavalier while he uses my 1999 Nissan Altima to go to Colorado. Well it broke down on him while he was in the Rockies. Turns out there's a problem with the heads. Now he and I may have to pay between 1200 and 1500 dollars to fix it. We will go halves on it. So it won't be that bad.

Other than that things are good in my life. I am alive and well. I am kicking around a new script idea that will incorporate all of my different story ideas that I've had through the years. I am happy and in a good place in my life. No girlfriend, but I'm extremely happy.

Thank you for listening.