Thursday, August 30, 2007

There's No Place Like Home (But it sure is nice to visit)

I am sitting here at the Tampa airport writing this while my computer is plugged in and I am sitting in front of a pay phone. I mean RIGHT in front of a pay phone. I drove the car back to the rental place and then took a shuttle here. I then bought a Maxim magazine and Juicy fruit. I headed to the Chili's and was going to get my favorite Salmon, but I realized that I had better get something faster to eat. I ordered Chicken Crispers and a Margarita. Next thing I know my flight is bording. I told my waitress that I had to go because they were bording my flight. She gave me my bill and I rushed to flight. I had just seen everyone get on the flight. I was the last one. I scurry up to the gate and hand the gentleman my boarding pass. He says, "Oh you're going to Phoenix that hasn't boarded yet. You have an hour and a half." I informed him of how stupid I was and headed back to Chili's for more Alcohol. I was sat in my same seat after a slight explanation to the hostess and then I ordered a tall beer from my waitress. I informed a couple that was sitting across from me what had happened. They laughed, probably out of pity.

I then drank half my beer because I was getting a good buzz on. I went to the restroom and am now writing this. I should head over to my gate so I can be seated as soon as they call me.

As for Nina,
It is too bad that I couldn't visit you while I was here. There's always next time. Thanks for reading my blog. I didn't go on the cruise, but I did have a hell of a vacation.

As for Kris,
It was a nice breakfast even though I wasn't hungry, but it was my birthday and that was cool. I enjoyed showing you my ass. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY BABY. I'm sure you were blinded by the light. Also you are right, I was sooooooooooooooo privelaged to dance with you. The highlight of 2007 for me. Conceded much. LOL!

As for Steph,
It was a blast hanging out with and your family. I enjoyed very much. I am sorry that I didn't write in the blog that you and Kris joined us at Sharky's. You did and we all had fun. So sorry.

As for everyone else,
Too bad you weren't there.

I love you all.


Mrs. H said...

I knew you would find a way to blog at the airport. I am so glad you made it to the airport ok, and laugh that you still don't know how to travel by plane w/o supervision. Good thing they didn't let you on that flight or you would have flown to the wrong city yet again. I love you and can't wait to see you. Yes the ass show was blinding but it was fun hanging all night when all the wussies were in bed.

MOVIEMAN said...

You crack me up as always. It's so funny that I was so dependant on you when we were flying to Florida. It was very funny. I'm sure that I sound or look like an idiot most of the time I am at the airport. Yet I'm trying to be an adult.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I love you and miss you! Cannot believe it has been a week since you left us :-(