Friday, August 24, 2007

Vacation Starts Now

I don't have the pictures downloaded yet, but this is about what it's like.

It all started when Kris, David and I flew here. I love flying, but dave hates it. Kris and I watched Will and Grace episodes while david slept. Then after we landed we went to the rental car place. I had a hell of a time there. It was a bad time, but it was because I didn't have enough money on my cards. That really sucked because I thought that I had enough money in the account. I had asked the woman at the counter about getting a special car for my vacation. Like a sports car or convertable. Turned out she told me to pick whatever convertable I wanted. She worked it out after awhile and I got a good deal. I am driving a 2006 Volkswagen Bug right now. Very cool. I love it.

After we got our rental cars we headed to Todd and Steph's house. That night we just hung out and talked. The next morning David, Todd, and I headed to Venice, Florida to fish for sharks. David actually did the fishing I just watched, but then again I am on vacation. Some other guy caught a shark, but still David had fun trying. I relaxed and enjoyed my vacation. After that we went to the beach and had a beer. Then we went to Sharky's and had lunch. After that we went back to the beach and just relaxed. At least I did. It was very nice. Then we headed to Steph and Todd's house.

I took a bath and then we watched some television. I watched t.v. and then went to bed. It was very nice to rest without having to answer the phone whenever it rings.

I woke up and had some coffee. I enjoyed that, while watching T.V. Shortly after that we all headed to the wedding rehearsal. That was nice and then we had a toga party. Very cool. I met some new people and had a few beers. Shortly after that they revealed to people that it was my birthday. Very cool. Every one sang, "Happy Birthday". I then went to a bar with Todd and David. It was very nice.

Now I am here in the Hotel writing this and hoping that you all understand what I am writing. Todd and I stayed at the bar. It was a very nice time.

I will write more tomorrow. I am on vacation and I fucking love it. Really cool. I have to figure out where I am going to go after the wedding. I haven't decided where to go after the wedding. There are some cool places but I don't know which one I will go too.

I will write more soon. I love you all.

Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying your vacation and your birthday Phillip. I'm just sorry that your friends live on the wrong side of Florida! Enjoy your cruise. I want to hear all about it! Luv ya, hey, by the way, Ronnie Delong is on myspace!

Mrs. H said...

Well thanks for breakfast this morning. It was tasty, until it all came back up. I need to not drink ever again - yeah right. LOL. I miss you and Steph already, but at least I get to see you this week. Love you man and I'm glad you got to dance w/ me at the wedding, must have been the highlight for you. LOL!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Well I am glad you are having fun but I am really bummed you never mentioned the fact that Kris and I came to the beach and had lunch with you guys at Sharky's, guess we are chopped liver!!!!

I love you and it is fun having you here!