Sunday, September 30, 2007

What happens in Vegas.......

So I went to Vegas. It was Keith, Gary, Brian (the other supervisor), and me. John did not go. He was going to stay back here and take care of everything while we were gone. Plus it was a little bit of punishment for him going away for the last two weekends.

We drove in Gary's Excursion. It was a nice drive. We stopped for the night in Laughlin and then went to Vegas the next morning. When we arrived in Vegas we stayed at a hotel that is Circus circus but it's next door to it. It was a nice cheap room. We went to the convention center and walked through the expo. All kinds of cool things that we saw there. GPS, Scheduling programs, and all kinds of stuff. I saw an Astin Martin Vanquish at the trade show, but I didn't have my camera. Too bad for me.

When we were done with the expo we went to our hotel room and relaxed for a bit. Then some work came up and Keith had me deal with it. I did and then we headed to the strip. First off was to find a place to eat. We headed to Mandalay Bay. Several swanky places there but then we found a place called Red, White, and Blue. It was a nice place. We ordered Steaks. The steaks that Keith, Brian, and I had cost 31 dollars, but my god was it good. THE BEST THAT I HAVE EVER HAD, or damn near close to it.

Great now I'm hungry for a steak.

After we ate, we went to a russian bar and drank. Brian, Gary and I had already been drinking at dinner. After we drank there we went walking down the strip. I saw the Luxor, Excaliber, and New York New York. We went into the Excaliber because I had to take a piss. I ran on in there only thinking of how bad I had to piss, but not thinking of how the guys were behind me and I may lose them. Which I did. When I came out, I looked all around and could not find them. I went to New York, New York across the bridge and still nothing. When I came back to the Excaliber I saw Brian walking around. Then we all went to a place in there called Dick's Last Resort. I got more beer and I was able to keep the glass. We talked about John, the company, football, and baseball. I zoned out after baseball. I can't stand baseball. I wish I could. Sometimes I wish that I knew all the players, past and present, like some guys do. Then again I guess my thing is knowing all things Hollywood.

Anyway then we went to New York, New York. We bought more beer and whatever they were drinking. We hung out in front of a bar and listened to these guys play piano and sing. Very nice. We talked about John again, and Keith gave me his phone and told me to call him. I did. I told john what a wonderful time we were having and asked if he was working hard. I'm an asshole that way. When I was done I took the phone back to Keith. Then I went with Brian to the slots because he needed more booze and was waiting for the waitress. After I went to the restroom I watched him play slots for a bit and make nothing at it but the drink in his hand. We were having a blast though. We then went to another bar. I was already pretty drunk. We all were. We watched a couple of different bands perform and laughed at the 50 year old women dancing like they were 20 year olds. Then we walked all the way back to the hotel. It was a long walk, but we bullshitted and had a good time.

Then next day we ate at a breakfast buffet and Brian and I didn't feel to good. Gary didn't drink much at all. Keith was fine, but he was pretty drunk the night before. What a trooper. Then we headed back into town.

On the drive back we talked about a whole different way for us supervisors to do things. More organized and less headaches. Plus they are talking about demoting John, or at least having him take on less responsibilities. I am up for everything, but I do feel bad about John in a way. We are having a meeting on Monday I think that that is when they will tell him. Although he has done good this week. Although, it may be too little too late.

Now I think that I was going to write this before but everything got deleted.

I am buying Kris and I an Itouch. See picture below.

I know that some of you, or one of you, is sick of hearing about my love of all things Kris. HAHA! NOT! Let me tell you a story. I know what your thinking? Oh God one of his stories again. This blog has already taken up too much of my time. Please keep reading. Well you don't have to, but I find the story semi funny. Then again I'm my own best friend. One day after or around Christmas of 2005 maybe. I had an extra 1200 dollars. Kris and I were at Target and I informed her that I was thinking of getting one of these things the hip people call an ipod. It cost 150 dollars. I said like I often do. Do you want one? She said that she would buy herself one later. I told her that I really wanted to buy one for her. She said that it was too much and that David would be pissed if she got one because she always gets new stuff and he doesn't. I said I'm not going to not be me. I'm going to buy you one. She said let's get you one and then we'll see. I'll get one later. I asked her if I should get the Video ipod or just the nano. She said are really going to use the Video ipod? I said no I don't think so. I'll just get the nano. So I did. When we got back to her house she jokingly told david that I bought her an ipod. He was angry without saying anything. Later as we are downloading stuff on this thing called an ipod nano, she asks david what is wrong. He tells her that he is upset because she got an ipod. She always gets the cool stuff. She informed him that we were joking and that she didn't let me get her one. He was still upset. The next day I guess he was better. I called or texted Kris and told her that I was going to buy her and David an ipod. He is my friend and I don't buy him as much as I buy her. She said that that was stupid. I told her that I had money and was going to spend it how I wanted. I bought them each an ipod. A black one for him (like mine) and a white one for her. I then went to their house and gave david his ipod and explained why. He informed me that he was still mad about me and her mom buying her things. I informed him that that was because we really loved her and he did not. LOL! Kris then arrived home and I gave my sister her FIRST ipod. We then went online and spent more of my money buying songs.

Cut to: A couple weeks later. I keep checking out the video ipods. I start really wanting one. They can play movies, tv shows, and more songs. I have to figure out what to do with my ipod nano. David says that he would like to give it to rob on his birthday or something. Dave pays me half of what I ask for it and we give rob the white one and kris, my black one. I then buy a video ipod. And I love it.

Cut to: A couple weeks or months after that David leaves his ipod on his desk for a second too long as he is getting ready to leave for the day. He searches high and low and never finds it. Kris and I had recently heard that apple had just came out with the new nano and it had 4 or 8 gigs of memory as opposed to the original nano that had 1 gig. The other cool thing was that they came in a variety of colors. I told Kris that I would buy her a pink one and she could give David her 1 gig black one. I ordered it and had it engraved. Something sappy I can't really remember. Maybe she knows. She loved it. (The pink nano, not the engraving) LOL! She loved both. David got his 1 gig black nano and I had my 30 gig video ipod. We all loved our ipods.

Did I say LOVED?

Cut to: One night, maybe a year later, from the previous events. I was patrolling moon valley and having kind of a busy night. I wasn't going to be able to play with Rylee. Suddenly I get a call from Kris and she's very excited. She tells me that apple has just announced several updated versions of the ipod. First the Ipod nano is now bigger and plays videos like the video ipod. I said well that's cool. She said oh you have to see them, they are so cute. I said I'll have to check them when I get home. Then she says that they have the coolest ipod EVER. She tells me it's called the iTouch. (See above picture.) It's a touch screen ipod that surfs the internet and you can buy the music from the store and have it download directly to your ipod. She said actually these words, "They have a new ipod. It's like the iphone, without the phone." I said no way. Then I said well looks like we'll have to get rid of ours some how. Then I hit her with the big question. What's David going to say when I buy you one of these. She said I don't know I will talk to him. After I hung up I could help but think of this new ipod. I wanted to see it. I pulled my laptop out and slowly drove down the street looking for a hot spot. When I found one I spent 20 minutes watching a guided tour of the itouch. I WANTED ONE SO BAD. She talked to David, and in a very clever way. "Phillip wants to buy me one of these new ipods that just came out. If he does what do you want?" He says, "Camo." She says, "really?" He informs her that he wants a whole outfit in camo. She says, "OK." Then she calls me and says, "Ok David just told me what he wants if you are going to buy me an itouch." I said, "What?" She told me just a camo outfit. I said has he seen how cool this itouch is?" She said, "No it's too late. That's what he said that he wanted. I'm going to show him right now." She did and he was like oh man, but still really wanted camo.

When I think about I believe David and Kris worked me way back in the day. I think she told david to get upset and then told me that he was so upset that she slept on the couch. So then I bought them one. What a sucker I was. LOL!

Cut to: We buy David his camo. Now I have to figure out what to do with my video ipod.

In between the time that I had bought my video ipod and the new ones came out. I was showing my friend Joe how cool it was. He thought it was cool too. So one day I said let's go get you a video ipod. He said no you don't have to buy me one. I said I want to. After awhile of talking to him he agreed and we went and bought one. I took the new one and he took the older one.

I have to buy these two cars that the bosses sold to me and my dad. So it wasn't looking like I was going to be able to afford the itouches for awhile. Then one day Jan was here and she asked me how much an ipod costs and if they play audio books. I informed her that they did. I then told Kris that when we get the itouch that we should give her mom the pink one.

About a week later she is on the phone with her mom and I jokingly ask are you going to buy us itouches. Her mom says yes. Kris and I get very excited. Her mom tells her to put it on her credit card. Kris informs her that I will pay her back and we will give the pink ipod to her. So Kris and I order them right away and we have eachothers engraved. (Nothing sappy.) Now they are supposed to arrive on Monday. We are following the tracking as if we are supervising the load ourselves.

What do I do with my video ipod? Well, I am giving that to David. David is giving his ipod nano to my father. My dad loves music. I already gave it to him full of music. He loves it. Everyone should own an ipod.

When I think about it, I think Jan used me too. All of a sudden out of the blue she's going to come up without Kris and say, "How much for an ipod? Do they play audio books?" I know what Kris' words sound like coming from her moms mouth. Then they make this elaborate thing where not only will I pay her for the itouches, but also I end up giving her a 200 dollar ipod nano. Man I'm being used. LOL

Truth of the matter is that I love buying things for people. I love my Friend/Sister more than the letters of the alphabet will let me write. You are everything to me. I know that you have David and the kids, but I only have you. You are the best and I love every quirky thing that we do. I don't know if ours is a special friendship or something totally different that nobody has ever seen. We are 98% unique.

I would hope that everyone has someone like you. I could write sappy shit all day, but I have to go to bed. I miss you and I love you, but maybe you know that.

Itouch rocks.

Stephanie I love your kitten it looks cute. Your pussy's not bad either. I would love to come down there again. I had a wonderful time. I'll have to go there to get that fried ocra. I love and miss you too. I will try to write more blogs. I've just been busy.


Don't worry be happy.


Mrs. H said...

Tis just in, the shipment left TN at 430PM this afternoon. WOOHOO!!!!

You are the bomb and I love your more than almost anything.

MOVIEMAN said...

That's very sweet. That makes me feel so good.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ya ya the big frigging love fest. I get no love...I get no fun stuff...I get fucking 2 pounds of rotting squid to make my garage smell great! WOW my friends really must love me!

Glad Vegas was fun. Come back anytime!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I was a bitchy, emotional,whiny brat yesterday. I am sorry. I love you very much and I think that rather then loving my little Fritz kitty from afar you should come and meet him! He has a great personality. I also am glad that you had such a great time in Vegas. I have not been since July 1991!!! Umm ya I would not recognize the place AND I was too young to drink then. It was for my dad and step-mom's wedding they were married at the chapel at Circus Circus. Oh well I just wanted to say sorry and I love you!