Saturday, October 27, 2007

The world is at my fingertips

This new program is working out fine with being John's boss. He calls me everyday and asks me where he is supposed to be for the night. It's awesome. Here lately I've pretty much been off of work. We have some new properties coming online and it's very cool. I just received another dollar raise. That means 18.50 an hour. HOLY SHIT that is cool. I am typing this right now while I watch a pool in the middle of nowhere.

I spoke to my old good friend Rachael tonight and she is doing great and it was like no time had passed when we spoke on the phone. To cool. I am trying to rush this because the pool watch is over in 2 minutes and I have to shut down my computer. I had a flat today and this week may be a little hectic, but I think it will all iron out. I hired a guy for 2 shifts on the weekend and that was a major assache that I had. Now it is gone.

I love you all have a good weekend.


Mrs. H said...

You are a dork! That is all. Carry on. Love you!

MOVIEMAN said...

takes one to know one. So there. Now you go carry on. Love u 2.

Dakini said...

Wow man and I thought Matty had the best job when he was a tour guide.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Wow you can afford a trip to Florida again soon!!!!