Thursday, November 29, 2007

Her Name Is Gena

Well, I got it. This is not my ACTUAL car, but it is the exact color, model, and year that I got. The wheels are different. This looks like it's got those skinny racing tires on it or something.

Anyway that beautiful beast is mine.

I am so fucking happy about my car that I can barely contain myself. There's so much to try an explain. Let me start with the excitement in the middle and then I will go to the beginning.

It's 3:40 A.M. on Saturday morning. Nobody is on Interstate 143, except a little 4 door Honda that's way ahead of me. I look around to check for any police. I check the entrance ramp, my rearview mirror, my blindspots, and I look for any photo radar cameras. There is nothing. Just me and this guy. Like Jerry Reed said in the song East Bound and Down, I "put that hammer down and gave it hell" In no time at all I was doing 105 mph. That's where I slowed it down. I had caught up to the guy and was approaching the end of the interstate in about a mile. TOO FUN. I know that you are all saying JESUS be careful. I am all the time. This now is my car, that I am making payments on, and I don't own it out right. The difference is incredible. I am so careful with this car. I park far away from anybody else. I am one of those assholes. Ok now back to the story.

I was supposed to be getting money from my bosses for the firewatch that I had done and they owed me for. Well they took the prices of both cars that they sold my dad and I, and then gave me the remainder. Plus I had asked for my Christmas bonus early. After they taxed all that and cut me a check. I got 1277 dollars. That is not bad, but not what I was expecting. I had told the dealership 2000 dollars down. Gary one of the owners of my company asked me about my financing and all these numbers that I didn't know. He was just trying to look out for my best interests. I however didn't care. It was getting late. I had already put the MUSTANG on my insurance, and was going to get this car no matter what. Gary told me not to sign anything, because they may screw you, or something like that I wasn't listening. LOL!

I arrived at the Saturn dealer and walked by my car to speak to my dealer Ed Hartman. As I walked by the car it was like something out of a movie in slow motion. I smiled big and shook hands with Ed. He led me inside to the finance office and asked me what I wanted to drink. Wow, I am a big wig now. Look at me getting drinks brought to me. I ordered everything on the beverage menu. No I asked for a Pepsi. I informed them immediately that I did not have the 2000 dollars down, but I did have 1477. The manager asked if I could come up with 700 dollars in 2 weeks. I said that I could. Everyone was happy, especially me. That meant that I would get the car right then and they would take the money later. I made sure to get a receipt for that. I signed several papers and put down references. It all took about 15 minutes, and here Gary and Keith said it would take all night to do the paperwork. Ed took the TRP and put it on the back of my car. I was so close I could taste it. Then he pulled it around for me. I shook hands with the manager and then went out to talk to Ed and get MY car. We spoke about my Warranty and how I can get all the things fixed that aren't working right now. He informed me that I could leave my POS by the building and pick it up later that night. I left it, but dad didn't pick it up until Friday morning. I bought the car Wednesday night. When I got in the car and was talking to Ed, I looked at the guages and they were purple. I said that I really liked different color guages and he said that he liked it to. To set this up I have to explain two things. One is that Ed is a Saturn dealer and doesn't sell Fords. Two is that the owner's manual was not in the car, I had to order it. Now I leave Ed and head to Kris and Dave's house. On route John, the supervisor that's below me, calls and I tell him that I just picked up MY MUSTANG. I tell about the dash lights and he says, "Oh yeah, they change colors." NO FUCKING WAY, I say. I hang up with him and am extremely excited because I have always liked different dash lights like I said. I get to Kris and Dave's and check it out before I tell them that I am there. They turn Green, blue, purple, white, orange, red, and mycolor. That means that you can make your own color. Is that fucking awesome or what?

Anyway, I figure that I will let everyone drive my car once and that's it. So I let Kris drive my car, and then Dave drives with Kris. They love it. Then I head over to the bar to show my dad. HE LOVES IT. He said that he always wanted a mustang, and now his son has one. The whole thing about my dad is that usually if I have a car of some sort, he will say that he wants to borrow it. "I'm you father god damnit. I've done alot for you." I usually say fine just be careful, but not this time. Although I was waiting for him to say that he wanted to borrow it on his weekend off. He didn't ask. He kept patting me on the back and saying what a good job I did. He was not drunk, just very excited about my car. Then as I was ready to leave I said, "Now you know nobody drives this car, but me. You can drive it once, but that's it." He said, "That's what I figured. I totally understand." I about fainted. I've known my dad for 36 years and he has never been that way. It was a great day. I had bought myself a muscle car like I have always dreamed of and my dad treated me like a man. Very cool.

Oh don't think that you guys are out of the woods yet. My story is not done.

I left dad and went to work. All I could think of at work while I was driving the security vehicle was how much I wanted to drive my Mustang. After work, which was Thanksgiving, I went to the Saturn dealer to take my Sirius radio off the cradle so that nobody would steal it. No rear passenger window in the POS, remember. As I was walking back to my car, I just stood and admired it for a bit. I was so proud and happy. Then I thought about whether I wanted to meet my dad after work at a bar in Scottsdale. I thought, "What the hell. I will be able to drive my car again, before I go to bed." So I went and met him. He got to see the car in the daylight and he still loved it. He hadn't drank anything yet so I asked him if he wanted to drive it. He got very excited and said that he did. We drove down the road and dad opened it up pretty good. That's when we noticed how smooth it shifts. We hung out there for awhile and I had a beer or a beer and a half. He told the barmaid about my car and he took her out to start it up and let her hear how powerful it was. He liked her, but also enjoyed showing off my car. She came back in and talked about how cool it was. Then she asked dad and I about my mother. Dad and I told her that my mom had died a year ago. I then explained what happened that caused her death and we talked about life and things of that nature.

Then in a very sad moment dad turned to me and said, "You ever think of what your mom would think about your car?" I said, "No I didn't, but she'd love it." He said, "Yes she would."

Then we just sat there for a bit in silence.

After that I left to show Yvette and Serjio the car. They loved it. Serjio drove it, and got it up to 100 mph. That was before I could. RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! They both told me how proud they were of me. Then Yvette asked what I was going to name the car. I told her that I wasn't sure if that was stupid or not. I asked what they thought. Yvette told me that the name would come to me. As I was stuck in traffic on the way home, the name came to me. I thought who's a strong female person or persona or whatever, and I thought of Gena Davis. She is a strong female, she kicked ass in The Long Kiss Goodnight, she's in Mensa, and she is a champion archer.

So her name is Gena.

Some very cool things are......
1. I fucking smile everytime I start the car. Such power. That V8 roaring to life is amazing.
2. A friend of Shawn's said that there was no way that I could have bought a 2006 Mustang GT for 19,999. It was sure that it had to be a V6. He searched online and found cars like mine for 25,000 and 28,000. I got a great deal. Shawn explained to him that I don't lie and that I am usually the one who gets screwed.
3. I am so into this car I can not explain it. I'm sure that it's a regular man type thing, but I have never had a new car like this. So much fun. Not only that it's new, but it's just so much fun to drive.

I'm sure that you are all tired of hearing about my car. Well I'm happy.

I took her in today to get the horn, the loose trunk light housing, and a squeaky lumbar driver's seat fixed. It was under warranty and they fixed it all for free. Very cool.

I love and miss you all and am sure that I will see you soon.

I am going to have Kris take pictures of me with my new car and i will post them here.
Thanks for reading, sorry so long.


Mrs. H said...

The car does rock, and I am very happy for you. Also fo rme, as I have already driven it 3 times now. I must rock too!

MOVIEMAN said...

I definately need to take a picture of me with it. I think that you are right, it does look better than the ones that I've posted. You do rock. If it doesn't rain today I am going to wash it again. This time though I will have a chamie to dry it with. You are very privilaged to have driven it 3 times. My dad has driven it twice. Joe and Shawn haven't even seen it yet. Ok I'm going to bed.

Dakini said...

I'm proud of you too Phillip! You've come a long way from the Christmas with jars of olives and playboys. Seriously, that comment now that I look at it sounds fucked up, but that's not how it's meant to be. You've done really great for yourself! :D

MOVIEMAN said...

I understand what you mean. I have come along way. I am watching 2006 Mustang GTs on youtube right now. Very cool. I so love my car. I miss you.