Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gina not Gena

I still don't have any pictures of my car, but they are coming. Trust me.

After my last blog, Kris said, "I thought you named your car Gina after Gina Gershon. You like her and she's cool right?"

I said, "Well yeah. I didn't even think of her. She is way cooler than Gena Davis."

She said, "I know."

I said, "You bitch. Now I have to change the name and tell everyone why."

She laughed.

Anyway, the other day I asked Kris if she wanted to go drive around in my car. She said that she did. So we headed to Carefree Highway and I-17 where those pools are that I work at. I was delivering some blank report forms. On the way there I told her to open it up and go fast. She was tentative because she didn't want to get a ticket. I looked all around and told her that there were no cops in sight. She went a little fast but not much. Then we passed the turn off because she was making fun of my music on my ipod. When we were on the ramp getting onto the freeway she floored it. The motor revved up and got loud. I was getting excited because she was finally going to drive fast. Then almost as quick as it started, it stopped. She let her foot off the gas. My boner wasn't even fully erect yet and she fucking stops. I said, "What a fucking tease." She laughed and then we went to the pool to deliver the report forms.

After delivering that we got back on the freeway.

Now I want to remind you that the fastest I had gone in my car until that point was 105 mph. Well she finally opened it up on the freeway and I looked at the gauges and she was going 110 mph. I sat back in my seat and said, "You bitch." She chuckled. I looked at her face as we were defying the law and she had the biggest smile on her face. It was for several reasons.

1. She later told me that when I called her a bitch she went 5 mph faster. That made it 115 mph.

2. Maybe out of nervousness.

3. Going that fast in a mustang just makes you smile.

The next night I was heading back from the pools, and I had a stretch of highway with no cops in sight. So I floored it and did 120 mph. Now I know that Kris will be the death of me or I to her, but it was so much fun. I understand how extremely dangerous this is. For any kids reading this please don't be reckless. We are stupid and can do that.

Tonight I did 100, 110, and 118. I was on the 101 and no cops were around. I know that that's no excuse. Anyway, once again, I love my car.

David took Taylor for a ride in it the other day and Taylor loved it.

Just for Kris I made a SONGS TO DRIVE FAST TO playlist on my ipod.

Thanks for reading I have to go to bed now.



LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I just wanted to tell you I miss you and I love you! That is all!

Mrs. H said...

That is too funny, and of course, us being so in synch, I have thought of you geting in a car wreck and possibly dying, just to not let me have driven your car faster than you.

I love your car, it is the bomb, I love driving it, it is too fun, I did hate your selection of songs that night, and am glad you made a special playlist. I am sad, that the playlist probably still sucks. LOL!

Love you!