Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Truth Will Set You Free

Meet Gina.

I am sorry that I lied, but I thought that it would be awhile before Kris would take a picture of my car. Unfortunately she was ready today. She told me that we couldn't lie to our friends. I told her not to steal my thunder. She told me that she wasn't stealing my thunder, but pulling the curtain back to reveal the Wizard. I asked her to let me just live in dream land a bit more. She said no. I asked her if I could at least pick the place where we would take the picture. She said, "It should be the dump, that'll make your car look better." I gave her a mean look. We then drove to a nice park that I know. I parked it in the grass and had her take a picture. The picture came out very good, as you can see.

We then came home and she uploaded the picture. I was still upset.

Not only was I upset about my fantasy being ruined, but I was upset from before Thanksgiving when I didn't get approved for the car. They sold me this wholesale. I never liked these cars, but all the windows work and it does play am/fm cassette. I have some tapes.

It's just that I always wanted a fucking Mustang. Like the ones in the movies Bullit and Gone in 60 Seconds. Kris, trying to be funny, said, "Yours looks like it came from a movie." I said, "Right." She said, "The Jetsons!" Then she laughed and ran around the house telling David and Taylor and trying to explain it to Rylee.

What a bitch my friend is.

Oh well, I guess I feel that a weight was lifted. In a way I thought that you would all see through my lie. I was going to pick a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but I knew that that was stretching it. I still felt that a Mustang was bit much, but I guess you fell for it.

I am sorry. Although, it was an interesting experiment in a way.

Sorry again. Don't hate me. Have a good day please.