Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good times

Here I go again. I can't explain how cool my car is. Everyday I love it. Everytime that I walk to it, get in it, and turn it on it makes me smile. The picture above is a Shelby Cobra Mustang GT 500 next to a Mustang GT. I love my car, but I do love the looks of the one on the left a little more. It is 500 horsepower and mine is 300 horsepower. Oh well. I am seriously thinking about putting cold air intake on mine and making it 320 horsepower. Plus I would like to change the hood if I did that. The big question is will my car sound as good as it does now if I change the intake and outtake? Who knows. I want to do something a little more personalized on my car. I still need to put satellite radio in it. Unsure about stripes just yet. I took some pictures with Kris's camera, and I will put those up maybe tonight. Enough about my car right now.

Work is going well. I have worked myself out of the schedule and am now working on not having to take so many calls. It is working really well. I am in charge of John and he takes all the calls at night. I love that I enjoy what I do and I get paid 18.50 to do it. Way cool. It's payday today, and that's a good thing also. I am now going to watch 3:10 to Yuma and then go to bed. I have a meeting tomorrow at 2pm. Everyone have a good day.

To Diva,
GREENBAY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on.



Mrs. H said...

You don't even know how to post the pictures. You will have to wait for me to do it for you. Maybe if you aren't a jackhole tonight I will do it for you.

Still think your car is great as is, but it's your money.

MOVIEMAN said...

Of course I need your help Neo. I like it to but I do like the other hoods.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Even better yet THE COWBOYS LOST!!!! ROFLMAO should be some good games this weekend. Hey by the way my brother does customizing for a living I will ask about how that will affect the sound of your car. Love ya!