Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Annoying to some people

This is what David wants to do to me sometimes. He tells me every once in awhile that he wants to punch me in the face. Of course my best friend Kris told me that she felt that way too. She said you should blog about it and take a survey. I know that sometimes people are annoying, but I always thought that I wasn't that annoying. Well, I guess I am that annoying because my best friend not only wants to hit me sometimes, but also wants to hock a lugi on my mashed potatoes just for fun. Crazy mean woman. It would have been funny I do admit.

Anyway, sorry that I haven't written a blog for awhile now. Here's what's up with me lately. I am still working at Community Action, and that is going well. I haven't been working as hard as I had been. It is very nice. I go to a meeting during the day and do my regular scheduling and then at night John takes most of the calls and supervises the guys. I still have and love my MUSTANG. I still live with John and Yoko. They are always working on there music and making lots of noise. Some of it is regular noise, but still Yoko's a bitch. I like John Lennon, but he can get very annoying. Thinking he can leave the Beatles and start his own company is completely crazy. They all invest so much in Sean Lennon, their baby. I feel so bad for that baby, because it has them for parents. I understand that people can be so annoying that you want to hit them, because I feel that way whenever I am home. This is why I am hardly ever home. They may move to Japan which is where Yoko is from and that would be cool. They want to rent or sell the house when they leave. Mr. Lennon may become a teacher and Yoko will do her stupid shit. Either way the United States will be better off without them.

"Imagine all the people living life in peace."

Some other things are that I am still loving my itouch. I have had a couple of problems with some songs that I bought that aren't showing up on it. Kris and my friend Joe say that I am better off because the songs SUCKED. Up yours assholes.

I took my Mustang in and finally got the back lever of the driver's seat fixed, oil changed, tires rotated, and all fluids topped off. I still love her. Kris still just gives me a look when I talk about my car. Late at night when I am the only car at the intersection, I floor it and turn down the connecting road. That's when I power slide around the corner. OH WHAT FUN. Such power and speed.

One of my Nike's still has a hole in it.

I haven't bought any new porn in awhile.

There's an album that I bought off of itunes that's called Life in Cartoon Motion by a band called MIKA. They are really good.

I need a haircut. Well, I need them all cut.

I miss my friends in Florida. I miss Florida.

I haven't bought anything for Rylee's birthday yet.

I need some days off so I can take a road trip.

I need a vacation.

I am happy with my life.

Every once in awhile I miss my mom.

I love you all and hope that you have a great day.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Well it is so nice to catch up with you! I have never wanted to hit you, but I am not with you ALL THE TIME. Hold you under water till the bubbles just about stop, maybe, but not hit you. I love and miss you. I will be there for Kris's birthday and cannot wait to see you!!!!!

Mrs. H said...

OMG - that is too funny. I am so glad you finally blogged and I didn;t know that you hadn't bought any porn in awhile, so that was something new.

I love you even though I want to punch you sometimes.