Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Travels and Tribulations

As most of you know I have been working alot with no real days off. Well about a week ago my boss told me to take Sunday and Monday off. He didn't have to tell me twice. I gave him my phone and I headed north. Where should I go? Should I stay at home and vegetate? Should I take a road trip?

That's what I'll do, I thought, take a road trip.

I had seen a thing on you tube about Route 66. I had always wanted to take some kind of a road trip on it, but with a better car then the peace of shits that I've had.

Now was my time. A 2006 Ford Mustang GT and Route 66. What's more American than that?

I almost just wanted to rest in bed on my days off, but then I woke up at around 10am and headed out.

First I went to QT and filled my tank. Then I headed to Walmart for a disposable camera and some sun glasses. I was so happy. Just me, myself, and I on the road. I headed up the I-17 until I got to the turn off for Prescott. After arriving in Prescott I tried to find my Godfather. I didn't try that hard. I looked for his truck and asked the clerk at Circle K if she knew where or who he was. She didn't, and that was that. I headed north again to Chino Valley. It's a very nice little town. Just north of Chino Valley is when I found a 70's muscle car. It had writing on the window and I knew that it was for sale. I pulled in to see what it was. It looked familiar. It was a 1973 Convertable Mustang. It was in good shape and I really wanted it. Especially since I will be moving in to Mary and Cameron's old house, and can work on it there. Granted I don't know that much about motors or fixing up a car, but I can learn. The guy wants 4,500 dollars for the 73 Mustang and a 72 Mercury Cougar that I can take the 351 Cleavland motor out of and put in the Mustang. My bosses said that they may lend me the money for the cars. That would be too cool. I need to take my dad back there and have him look at the Mustang and tell me what he thinks. Here is what a 73 Convertable Mustang looks like. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it.

Except the one I saw is blue with the black stripes.

Anyway, after I left there, I headed for Route 66.

It is getting late and I will add more pictures tomorrow. I worked on slideshow, but I can't get it to come up on my blog. All the photos I am going to have to resize and make fit. Please go to my myspace page to see my slideshow.

Thank you. Everyone take care. Squeeze your breast for peace, oh and me.


Mrs. H said...

If by working alot, you mean meeting w/ the bosses and bitching, I guess so.

I am glad you got your roadtrip.

I am glad you are going to be living on your own again.

I am not so glad that it is so far away from me.

MOVIEMAN said...

I try not to bitch so much.

The trip was fun and relaxing.

I am so glad to soon be living on my own too.

That will be sad. I am sure that we will get by.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Did you know if you take the 17 to the 10 east to the 75 south you can get off at exit 176 in North Port?

MOVIEMAN said...

No I didn't know that, but I have been thinking about it.