Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Can't get it out of my head!!

No not the constant Chinese that is spoken at my house while on speakerphone with Hong Kong or to the baby, but the 1973 Ford Mustang that is sitting just outside of Chino Valley.

Man, that was such a cool car. If I could only get that money from Keith, I would be so happy. I can't explain it. I've just always wanted to work on a car and restore it. The car is in good shape as it is, and wouldn't take that much to get it going. It would be so cool.

There was half a day that I was thinking of not getting it, but then I keep thinking that I really want it.

Now I know that Kris will say that I don't have any money right now, so why would I want to owe the bosses money. Plus I will be paying 700 dollars for rent and I will paying utilities on top of that.

This is a dream that I have and I really want to make it come true. I'm thinking that I will go tomorrow and perhaps take my dad to look at the car.

Like I said, it could be so cool.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hi honey! Well rationally no, it would not be a good idea but hell live like there is no tomorrow! I would if I was single with no kids. Anyways I love you and cannot wait to see you when I come out! WooHoo I will actually be able to have a beer with you this time!

Mrs. H said...

Fucking alcolholics, I swear, all they care about is beer. LOL

I do think you should wait and see how your budget is going to work, but what the hell does it matter what I think? I didn't think you should get Gina either and I'd be very sad w/o her in my life.

You should pay my Mom back though, I could really use that money. LOL