Saturday, June 28, 2008

My friend and my new love and hopefully a glorious weekend

Heard a song this morning at it made me think of you.

I don't really know all the words by heart, but I am going to find them online. I thought that it matched us pretty well, but I could be totally wrong. Wouldn't be the first time would it?

Ok, I was wrong. Just read it. In case you were wondering about the song, it was We Belong by Pat Benatar.

Here's one that of course is more suitable to us.

We go together
Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong
Remembered forever
As shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom
Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop
That's the way it should be
Wah-oooh, yeah!

We're one of a kind
Like dip da-dip da-dip doo-wop da doo-bee doo
Our names are signed
Boogedy boogedy boogedy boogedy
Shooby doo-wop she-bop
Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop
We'll always be like one, wa-wa-wa-waaah

When we go out at night
And stars are shinin' bright
Up in the skies above
Or at the high school dance
Where you can find romance
Maybe it might be love

Rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong
Shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom
Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop
Dip da-dip da-dip doo-wop da doo-bee doo
Boogedy boogedy boogedy boogedy
Shoo-be doo-wop she-bop
Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na yippity dip de doom

Rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong
Shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom
Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop
Dip da-dip da-dip doo-wop da doo-bee doo
Boogedy boogedy boogedy boogedy
Shoo-be doo-wop she-bop
Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na yippity dip de doom
Wop ba-ba lu-mop and wop bam boom!

We're for each other
Like a wop ba-ba lu-bop and wop bam boom
Just like my brother is
Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na yippity dip de doom
Chang chang chanitty chang sha-bop
We'll always be together
Wha oooh, yeah!
We'll always be together
We'll always be together
We'll always be together

So there you go. That's the one that suits us for now until I find one about antenna balls.

My new love that I talk about is the Blu Ray player that is my PS3.

This picture is of course James Bond. One of my all time favorite movie characters. I watched Casino Royale the other day on Blu Ray and it was awesome. I rented Casino Royale, The Air I Breathe, Semi Pro, Sunshine, and Rambo. They look so awesome that I can't even put it into words. I traded in some DVDs and got 52 dollars in trade at Zia Record Exchange. I then bought 16 Blocks, The Departed, and Spiderman 3 on Blu Ray. I then also traded my cousin for my Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Special Edition for Close Encounters of the Third Kind on Blu Ray. Very cool. Someday you guys will have to come over and check it out. Although, Kris won't see the difference. Anyway I am very happy.

Also I still love Gina. I know, you forgot about her, didn't you? She still runs great and I don't care how high gas prices get, because I will still feed her. It's worth it.

Now for my glorious weekend. Well, so far I've had to work one day out of two days off for two weeks now. This weekend I am hoping to not have to go to work, but then again that never works. Already today I had a guy call off. I wrote an email to everyone and then I called a guy that works for us every once in awhile and he agreed to do it. So I wrote everyone back and told them that I had already covered it. So that's hopefully the only problem that I will have this weekend. Should be very good. I am just going to vegetate, play games, watch movies, and maybe hang out with some of my friends. It'll be nice.

Roscoe is doing fine as well. Keeps biting my feet, but I know he just wants to play. He grabs his rope toy, plus another rope toy that he found in the yard that probably belonged to Liddy, and walks around me while I sit on the floor. Then I try to grab it as he walks by me. We then play tug until I let go and then he walks around me again. That's when we start the whole thing all over. So cute.

Well I'm going to go make some Ramen and grab a TODD.

Todd: noun. 1. The Baron. 2. A nice guy that has the pleasure of being Phillip's friend. 3. A beer. (Named after the man that always has one in his hand.)

Now of course I can say that I am going to grab a Todd, but I would never say that I am going to suck a Todd down my throat. That would be wrong. That's Steph's job.

I love all three of you and sometimes there are four of you. That's not the beer talking, that meant Brigitte.

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Work and Blu Ray

Here lately I have been really hating work. I am hoping that it will all pass, but I am unsure. My days off are supposed to be Saturday and Sunday. Well last week I had to work on Sunday for 6 hours, and now tonight I have to work for 8 hours. It just pisses me off. I try and get things covered and then other stuff pops up and fucks the whole plan up. It could be worse I guess. I am only working at the ballroom. That is very easy. I just sit in a ballroom and watch equipment, and movies on my laptop. No ditches to dig, or angry callers to deal with. Very simple.

I am still loving living by myself and having a dog.

This is the new HDTV that I bought yesterday. Well actually my friend Shawn put it on his credit card and I will make the payments. It's a 46 inch Sony. It was a Hell of an ordeal just to get some help and then find the best price. Although, it was all worth it after I hooked it up and played a PS3 game on it and then played a BLU RAY movie on it. The BLU RAY movies look so AWESOME on the tv. Very cool. 1893.21 is what I owe. Mrs. H. is worried that none of my bills will get paid, but they will. I just have to organize the days that my bills will be paid. I have figured it out and I do have enough money it's just the organization that needs work.

I love you all and wish you the best. I have to know go and figure out who I can call in to work for me tonight. I haven't seen my sister/friend Kris since last Saturday night. Talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just watched this movie again. Hadn't seen it in awhile. Very good. I recorded off of Turner Classic Movies. It was directed by the late Sydney Pollack. If any of you have a chance and want to see a good movie, I highly recommend it. The first 15 minutes sets up everything and is very good for reasons that I will let you see for yourself.

Roscoe's been waking me up the early the past couple days. Cute, Funny, and Annoying. HAHA! He is playing right now and barking at me every once in awhile. So cute.

I am now watching Hell's Kitchen, which is Kris and I's new favorite show. I am then going to take a bath and head off to work. The new program at work is working pretty good. John and I are both working on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We have been doing well together like always. This new program should be good for the company.

That is all for today. I will let you all go now. Please watch Three Days of the Condor.


Have a great day and a wonderful night.

Love you.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Honesty is the Best Policy?

I've heard that I am not honest. Well, as far as I know, most of the people I know find me honest. Then again that's a matter of opinion. If I were in a relationship, I would never buy a key stroke program to spy on my girlfriend. I would trust her or speak to her if I had any kind of problems. HONESTLY. If I ever then got married, I would never use that key stoke program to check my wife's very own bank account. If she did not want to tell me about a bank account she has then I would not secretly find out about it behind her back. If she did not want to tell me about money she has in an account then I'm sure that there would be a good reason for it. When my wife went out of town, I would never then check on my ex-girlfriend's blog to see what she was up to. My wife and I would be honest with each other. WIFE? Who am I kidding, I'm a 12 year old bigot who can't even be trusted with children.

That is the last that will be said on the subject of my past residence.

On the lighter side.

3 horses walked down my street tonight. It was a peculiar sight, but it held mine and my dog's interest. Then they went to my neighbor's house and walked in the back yard. So weird. Another weird thing that happened today was a car lost control while driving by the house 2 houses down. It crashed into the concrete mailbox. 3 cop cars showed up almost immediately. Very odd.

Today I worked at a nice place for 3 hours. It was a graduation party and they had finger foods. The company was paid 100 dollars plus the client gave me a 20 dollar tip. More money to blow on stupid shit and high tech gadgets.

I was off this weekend and I will be off every weekend from now on. Very cool.

That's about it. I am tired and going to bed.

Have a lovely day everyone.

I'm still loving my dog. He's very cute, when he's not pooping and pissing on my floor. Talk at ya later.

Oh and the other day I was at Fry's electronics and on all the HD tvs they had videos of different insects. That's where I saw the beautiful butterfly.

So there.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bygones, Hate, Schedules, and butterflies

I read over some old blogs of mine and boy are they hateful, and some could consider racist. I am in no means a racist, but I am not going to come on here and try to defend some comment of a previous posting. First things first, this is where I write all the things that bother me, annoy me, make me happy, or whatever. If you read all the fine print that is all over my blog it says things like, "some things are true and somethings not so true" it also says, "SUCK IT!"

Now when I moved in with the Visus owner and operator, I enjoyed that he was a creative person. It was going to be a very cool place to live. I would have an office to do Scriptwriting and we would work on animation and making movies. SO I THOUGHT! Soon Connie Chung was moving in and I was told that the office was for her. That really sucked because one of the main reasons that I moved in was for that creative atmosphere. So that sucked, and it took me awhile to get over it. I explained to several people how bummed I was. Then it came time for us to ALL share in the chores. I didn't really agree with that, because I was hardly ever there. When I was, I would sleep and take a bath. That is all I would do there for the most part. Granted I never cleaned the tub. That was me being lazy. I was not going to do the other chores because I didn't eat any food there, so why should I do dishes or clean the kitchen. I used the restroom once a day, therefore I was not going to clean the bathroom. As for the living room, I walked through it to go out the front door. I don't think that I needed to clean that, nor was I going to. I paid 475 a month to live in a bedroom. Utilities were included, but still there mortgage was around 800. I think they got a good deal. If they hated what I was ranting about and wanted to hospitalize me then why did he call me in the backyard at the end of February and ask if I wanted to rent the house. Makes no sense. I crumbled there dreams of Hong Kong and I understand that. Oh well, SHIT HAPPENS. It was the environment not the way I was treated to my face. I was as quiet as a mouse when I came home late at night, but then during the day they were loud. They didn't have to be completely quiet, but at least have a little respect. None of this matters to me, yet I still write. I am done with all of that and that is a great thing. I live in 3 bedroom house with no roommates and I love it. Over in Chinatown they are probably hurting for money. Karma's a bitch.

I have to go now and eat some mexican food. I will write more on this tonight.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Roscoe P. Coltrane

This is how my dog Roscoe and I sleep in South Phoenix.

No matter what, it's better than the Rheaume's house. I love my dog, he is so cute. I have never had a dog before that was all my own. He's an Queensland Healer mixed with a American Bulldog. I always wanted to go camping with a dog. I always wanted to be that guy. Very cool.

As for what Rob did with my car, FUCK HIM RIGHT IN HIS DICK NOSE. I am now done with him. I was going to get my hair cut today, but there was a Chinese lady that would have maybe done it, so I chose not to have it cut there. Bad feelings.

Everything else is going great.

What I also like is that Roscoe is Zoey's brother and I can bring him over for them to play together. Very cool.

I know have to go and take Roscoe home. He wants to play.

I love you guys and will see you later.