Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bygones, Hate, Schedules, and butterflies

I read over some old blogs of mine and boy are they hateful, and some could consider racist. I am in no means a racist, but I am not going to come on here and try to defend some comment of a previous posting. First things first, this is where I write all the things that bother me, annoy me, make me happy, or whatever. If you read all the fine print that is all over my blog it says things like, "some things are true and somethings not so true" it also says, "SUCK IT!"

Now when I moved in with the Visus owner and operator, I enjoyed that he was a creative person. It was going to be a very cool place to live. I would have an office to do Scriptwriting and we would work on animation and making movies. SO I THOUGHT! Soon Connie Chung was moving in and I was told that the office was for her. That really sucked because one of the main reasons that I moved in was for that creative atmosphere. So that sucked, and it took me awhile to get over it. I explained to several people how bummed I was. Then it came time for us to ALL share in the chores. I didn't really agree with that, because I was hardly ever there. When I was, I would sleep and take a bath. That is all I would do there for the most part. Granted I never cleaned the tub. That was me being lazy. I was not going to do the other chores because I didn't eat any food there, so why should I do dishes or clean the kitchen. I used the restroom once a day, therefore I was not going to clean the bathroom. As for the living room, I walked through it to go out the front door. I don't think that I needed to clean that, nor was I going to. I paid 475 a month to live in a bedroom. Utilities were included, but still there mortgage was around 800. I think they got a good deal. If they hated what I was ranting about and wanted to hospitalize me then why did he call me in the backyard at the end of February and ask if I wanted to rent the house. Makes no sense. I crumbled there dreams of Hong Kong and I understand that. Oh well, SHIT HAPPENS. It was the environment not the way I was treated to my face. I was as quiet as a mouse when I came home late at night, but then during the day they were loud. They didn't have to be completely quiet, but at least have a little respect. None of this matters to me, yet I still write. I am done with all of that and that is a great thing. I live in 3 bedroom house with no roommates and I love it. Over in Chinatown they are probably hurting for money. Karma's a bitch.

I have to go now and eat some mexican food. I will write more on this tonight.


Anonymous said...

I heard it said many times...Give a man, if anyone could call you that, enough rope and he will hang himself.

Once again you missed the point so I will have to make it another way.

Enjoy the ride...I know I will.

Mrs. H said...

I just read through all that waiting to hear about butterflies....