Monday, June 09, 2008

Honesty is the Best Policy?

I've heard that I am not honest. Well, as far as I know, most of the people I know find me honest. Then again that's a matter of opinion. If I were in a relationship, I would never buy a key stroke program to spy on my girlfriend. I would trust her or speak to her if I had any kind of problems. HONESTLY. If I ever then got married, I would never use that key stoke program to check my wife's very own bank account. If she did not want to tell me about a bank account she has then I would not secretly find out about it behind her back. If she did not want to tell me about money she has in an account then I'm sure that there would be a good reason for it. When my wife went out of town, I would never then check on my ex-girlfriend's blog to see what she was up to. My wife and I would be honest with each other. WIFE? Who am I kidding, I'm a 12 year old bigot who can't even be trusted with children.

That is the last that will be said on the subject of my past residence.

On the lighter side.

3 horses walked down my street tonight. It was a peculiar sight, but it held mine and my dog's interest. Then they went to my neighbor's house and walked in the back yard. So weird. Another weird thing that happened today was a car lost control while driving by the house 2 houses down. It crashed into the concrete mailbox. 3 cop cars showed up almost immediately. Very odd.

Today I worked at a nice place for 3 hours. It was a graduation party and they had finger foods. The company was paid 100 dollars plus the client gave me a 20 dollar tip. More money to blow on stupid shit and high tech gadgets.

I was off this weekend and I will be off every weekend from now on. Very cool.

That's about it. I am tired and going to bed.

Have a lovely day everyone.

I'm still loving my dog. He's very cute, when he's not pooping and pissing on my floor. Talk at ya later.

Oh and the other day I was at Fry's electronics and on all the HD tvs they had videos of different insects. That's where I saw the beautiful butterfly.

So there.


Mrs. H said...

Good I was going to be upset if you didn't blog about butterflies this time.

Your bosses change your days off more than you probably change your underwear, so I wouldn't get too excited about having weekends off if I were you. LOL

MOVIEMAN said...

I know, but I can hope.

Dakini said...

do you kennel your pup at night? How do you train him for poddy time. Also i read some interesting facts on feeding dogs and their poddy schedule. I wish that I had the website bookmarked because it was awesome! Something about a puppy needing to go out immediately after eating and then four hours later, every four hours. I can't focus, Willow's eating apples next to me and you know I don't like the sound of food chewing it grosses me out so I'll comment more later.